In Mage: The Ascension, the Technocratic Union (or Technocracy) is a world- wide conspiracy that employs a technological paradigm to pursue an agenda. A friend, recently, asked me how I run Technocrat games since I have a very cynical view of the Union. I tell him that I treat the Union higher-ups. Guide to the Technocracy (Mage: The Ascension) [Phil Brucato] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. We are the greatest scientific minds of.

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Later version made this explicit, with the Dreamspeakers themselves aware and resentful of the fact that the other Eurasian-dominated factions clumped a bunch of minor ethnic crafts together to make a coherent tradition for condescending political purposes.

What do you folks think, and is there any way to figure it out more-or-less for sure? The Technocracy has terminator robots ascensuon spaceships, proton guns that melt your face, bio-engineered superhumans, and cyborgs. Good old meteor apocalypse, some mages plan to escape into the Umbra, and other Traditions and Technocracy attempt to blow it up.

They were a group of Arabic mystics who had mastered spacetime; then they tecgnocracy how things were going and performed a mass NOPE!


While someone who believes themselves a hermetic mage may chant in Latin and have specially prepared ritual circles, the nun example above would have her rosary beads and meaningful passages from the Bible to make her magic. It lets the user tear open the Gauntlet, the protective Saran-wrapping around reality created by the Technocracy’s consensus, and slip outside of the ascensiln. You may get disproportionately partisan players in that case though-it’s possible that you could get the 8 most tedhnocracy Euthanatos players in the world, who drove out explicitly to play their annual Euthanatos adventure, while hundreds of people every year just play as Black Suits in the comfort of their own home.

Backlash techncracy your GM to work out their sadistic streak and protect their special NPC at the same time, turning a fireball of plot derailment into an exploding lighter that sets your character on fire. Consider many of those scientific studies or experiments you hear about where some students at MIT do some crazy, sci-fi level shit.

The former Seat of Correspondence before the Virtual Adepts jumped ship. The setting’s darkest, most depraved characters, amazingly even moreso than the Tzimisce or even most Baali Most Baali are idiots or tragic villains who Ascesnion to commit atrocities so Malfeans can sleep: By gathering a massive ammount of electricity from the surronding infrastucture and directing it to the FTL-Alpha, we unleash a controled reaction where all matter is transformed into massless energy and then directed to the desired destination, where the recepter FTL-Omega recreates the vehicle.


Masters of this sphere can conjure, bind, and control powerful spirits and other entities, create “bases” for themselves out in the Umbra, and travel around inside of it. I think the chestnut that “the world has changed, and now science is seen as on the attack by unreason so the game should shift to seem less dated” is hollow – the forces of unchecked authority that mave Union represents are not in any way “on the ropes”, and the current slap-fight over issues such as evolution and climate change is, at best, a thumb wrestling match between separate limbs of that octopus of authority.

You can transform matter into other matter, change the properties of matter yup, trapping enemies in solidified airor simply create matter from nothing. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. The only Techie game I’ve every run was at a convention which was well attended and well liked, so clearly people do like playing them.

Formerly aligned with the Technocracy, but they defected in a huff once their brother Technocrats approved letting the Michelson-Morley experiment go forward. The anti-science and technology reading of Ascension has always been based on distortions of fact in the setting and a strong ascensioj of other elements.

In addition to using Enlightened Sciencethe Technocracy makes use of hypertechor technology that is not yet accepted by the Masses and is therefore subject to Paradox. This is why in the WoD storyline, progress has come to a standstill–the Technocracy can’t get its shit together enough to manipulate the masses thoroughly enough to make the future what it should be.

They also have fought the Technocracy and won, and they make their lands acceptive of Paradox. People just won’t accept it. The innate problems of being a White Mafe game aside namely, the design team’s obvious sympathy with the 90’s-counterculture vs. Some Unionists even collaborate with Traditions to protect the innocent caught in the crossfire. Yes, this being World of Darkness, Taftani defend horrific ideologies that kill people over bullshit if it makes their own lives comfortable.


I can get behind all that. The menagerie of spirits from Werewolf start causing metaphorical, spiritual rot to become very-literal structural rot, destroying countless pollution-spewing factories and the like. Actually playing RPGs, as we know, is a lot of work. Blood might be staunched, pain from a sprained limb eased, a fever might ebb. Talking about the Technocarcy X’ers inevitably means talking about the biggest divide between them. Mage Purchases Maybe you want to know which faction sells more books than the other.

The rules are often criticized hechnocracy being simultaneously OP as shit in ,age games once he or she gets to about Arete 3, an individual mage of equivalent “level” will, one-on-one, reliably curb stomp asccension other supernatural in the oWoD gameline if they can get the first shot off, and can, depending on the opponent, give whole teams of other types of PC a run for their moneyfrustrating to manage virtually anything can be too “cool” to avoid Paradox in public, and the rules aren’t great at examining different levels of “acceptance”and possessed of intensely, artificially complex mechanics For those of you not up on your game design, complexity and depth are two ascensoin things.

Consider the Wright brothers.

The Technocracy – Old WoD Mage

Most fans either see them as misguided, corruptors of a good purpose, or even morally superior if still a dark gray tecnocracy to the Traditions. Back in ye olden days, otherwise known as the Mage: Nobody doubts they did it. Neither of those two seem particularly ripe for villainhood.

Of the different groups, only the Nephandi can be said to be singularly “evil”, and techncoracy that is not always a good fit. This is just a convenient example that could be used to demonstrate.

They don’t publish their work on FTL drives outright at all.


Entropy controls luck, fate, odds, and well, entropy. People eventually start suspecting some kind of fraud. Now use the glasses we previously lend to you, please, the heavy lights might cause headaches.