In a series of largely untranslated articles from the s, Yuri Lotman, the leading figure of the Moscow-Tartu school, proposes the model of the semiosphere. Iurii Mikhailovich Lotman founded the Tartu school of semiotics and was the Texto/Memoria/Cultura: El pensamiento de Iuri Lotman (C√≥rdoba, Argentina. The purpose of the article is to examine Yuri Lotman’s models of the semiosphere and of semiotic spaces in literature and culture in the context of the spatial.

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Yuri Lotman – Monoskop

Art’s effect is due to the tension resulting from the clash of the collocation of elements of two or more systems of interpretation. This conflict has the function iurl breaking down automatism of perception and occurs simultaneously on the many levels of a work of art All levels may carry meaning.


Artistic simplicity is more complex than artistic complexity for it arises via the simplification of the latter and against its backdrop or system. Certain supplementary restrictions imposed on the text compel us to perceive it as poetry.

Lotman, Iurii Mikhailovich

As soon as one assigns a given text to the category of poetry, the number of meaningful elements in it acquires the capacity to grow and the system of their combinations also becomes more complex.

A statue of Apollo in a museum does not seem naked, but attach a tie to its neck and it will strike us as indecent The text is one of the components of an artistic work, albeit an extremely important component But the artistic effect as a whole arises from comparisons of the text with a complex set of ontological and ideological esthetic ideas.

Poetic language features an iconic rather than a predominantly conventional relationship of form and content in which all language and cultural elements, variant as well as invariant, may be involved in the expression of the content.


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