One of the fundamentals of Reiki is to connect with one’s self spiritually, or to one’s soul. Dr. Usui taught his students Hatsurei Ho: Hatsu. Vajragoni: I’d like to conclude our Sessions with a closing comment on Dhyana Technique # 10, Hatsurei Ho. Essentially this technique. The first of these is a cleansing technique called Kenyoku Hô. Following that is Instead, an original version of Hatsurei Hô, written by a student of Usui called.

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Still in the Gassho position with mind and soul gathered, breath in white Reiki energy passing through your hands to your tanden. Reiki Detoxification Symptoms Previous post: With natural breathing, feel the white lighted Reiki energy flow from your mind into your center.

The heat created and the wave of rei are what constitute spiritual energy. Thanks for reminding me again this beautiful techniques I almost forgotten. Repeat this procedure with your left hand placed on your right hk fingers touching the joint between the end of the collar bone and shoulder.

Thanks for the suggestion! In modern times it is practiced simply as a combination of hatsudei three aforementioned techniques. In this process, the negative aura is brushed off either by an actual physical touch or just superficially. Randall Hall December 18,6: Palm facing your body, exhale while brushing down diagonally across your chest to your left hip.

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Reiki Meditations and Techniques

Below is a translation of this technique from that book which is much simpler than what is practised in Japan and the West today. Gassho, meaning joined hands requires you to hold your hands together as if you were praying in front of your chest.


With your mind clear, now feel the Reiki energy or white aura flowing down from above through your arms and into your body. Usui taught his students Hatsurei Ho: Hold the hands together without using force from the arms or the shoulders. Hatsurei Ho consists of nine stages, each stage helps in clearing and opening the energy levels in the process.

Techniques of one kind or another have always been used in conjunction with the system of Reiki. Repeat this process with your right arm, completing the cycle three times. This was exactly what I needed as I am studying Kundalini Reiki and this method was mentioned but there was no explanation given. Joshin ho Mind purification method The aim of Joshin-ho is to unify and purify the mind.

Even if the sensations are weak at first, they should become stronger as you keep concentrating. Ania November 12, Reiki meditations and techniques are one of the five main elements of the system of Reiki. Start by relaxing your breathing by inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Good article but the pop-ups on this site are a huge distraction. Hatsu meaning to bring forth, Rei meaning spirit and Ho meaning method. Amazing… Gotta re start doing this meditation, thanks for the reminder….

If possible plz send guided audio podcast of this meditation technique.

Lorinda May 13, Hatsurei-ho is one of the early techniques. You can buy it here.

Hatsurei Ho: Reiki Meditation Technique

How to Send Travel Reiki. Gokai Sansho consists of five fundamentals for the day that are spoken out loud and repeated three times. Thanks for filling in the blank for me! After trying this meditation for the first time I felt must say this Love. Choose a quiet place or somewhere hatsurek where you can relax.


Hatsurei Ho: Reiki Meditation Technique – Reiki Rays

There are three major techniques taught in the first level of the system that lie at its foundation. It is transformational and grounded.

Alix August 11,8: Some of these techniques made their way to America in the late s while others did not. Please seek professional care if you believe you may have a condition. Asamidori sumiwataritaru ohzorano hiroki onoga kokoro to mogana As a great sky in clear light green I wish my heart would be as vast.

Kim November 13,3: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Included in the text are 2 different readings of the word seiza.

We know this for certain as it exists in a go by Kaiji Tomita, a student of Usui Mikao. When practiced in a group, hatsureu is called Shuyo ho. Click the image below to subscribe and download the PDF:. Hatsurei Ho If you have followed the previous steps and stayed focused on the palms of your hands they start to become warm. A Ja to oczyszczanie juz znalam wczwsniej z tym ze pod nazwa Anielskie ; jest super ….

Once you sense the Reiki energy, slowly lower your hands. It can be practiced either individually or in a group. With the palm flattened, move your right hand down along the side of your left arm while exhaling.