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We are becoming overwhelmingly dependent on computers. Is this dependence on computers a good.

Give arguments and examples to support. I totally agree with this! It is very bad for esfuri who forget to do anything else then to play pc games. The kids and the grown up people spend a lot of time in front of the pc playing games. The biggest problem is that children become more and more addicted to pc and internet and we should expect that in bsc future we won’t see any children outside playing together.

But let’s hope that the world will not change so much and in the near future we will still see children playing with balls or other games, and not in front of the pc. And I think that it’s a bad thing because they make my life boring and I’m addicted to them which is very irritating. Internet is the greatest thing for those who invented it, but for others is something that changes the order of everything in their life.

Parents who buy pc’s to their children should be very careful and make with their children a schedule esruri they can work at the pc. The most important thing is that the schedule shouldn’t change later! The worst thing that internet brings is that since it appearedbooks and newspapers tragically became less and less used. The authors have a very hard time trying to sale their creations, and children started to forget about reading old but good books. And of course if you would ask a child who plays a lot on the pc, about a very famous but old author he won’t know anything about him unless he studied him at school.

This I must say it is a very bad thing and it’s growing, just like the internet but in the other way.

Do you agree with the idea that children should be raised by their grandparents? During the past decade, several studies have been published that investigated the social, emotional, and physical functioning of grandparen yh ts raising their grandchildren. Research suggests sseuri in these families experience high levels of stress and psychosocial difficulty.

In addition, the available data suggest children raised by their grandparents often encounter behavioral, emotional, and academic problems at school. The problems they experience indicate these children require intervention assistance from psychologists, school counselors, and other school professionals. This paper provides a brief report of the phenomenon, particularly as it relates to the grandchildren’s school-related functioning.

Practical and theory-based interventions are described to improve the educational and developmental outcomes of these grandchildren. During the past decade, several studies have been published that investigated the social, emotional, and physical functioning of grandparen yh ts raising their grandchildren cf.

Not until recently have scholars addressed the behaviors and school-related functioning of grandchildren in these families cf. Grandparents who raise their grandchildren can abc a loving, familial home environment bad is more positive than a foster care or other such governmental eseurl. Nonetheless, raising children is difficult for grandparents during what should be their golden years. Most grandparents do esejri bargain on rpmana children to raise when they should be enjoying a time of peace and quiet.


It seems that no matter how the grandchildren behave, they impact the well-being of their grandparents, for better or worse, simple because of their presence Harrison et al, Grandparents who raise their grandchildren also significantly affect the educational functioning, developmental outcomes, and well-being of their grandchildren Edwards, ; Harrison et al.

Few publications offer practical and theory-based interventions to help these families. In this article we review much of the available data and add to the database relative to these new family relationships. We focus on the social, emotional, behavioral, and school functioning of children raised by their grandparents.

Practical, theory-based interventions are described to assist these families and improve the children’s school-related functioning. An Alternate Family Structure. According to the United States Census Bureauapproximately 5. In many of these families, gomana biological parents are present. Nearly four million grandchildren have grandparents who serve as their primary caregivers.

Almost one million of these grandparents have raised their grandchildren for five years or more. Nonetheless, some variation romwna ethnicity is evident with Grandparents who assume the surrogate parenting role often do so as a result of the death of their adult children, their children’s divorce, unemployment, and teenage premarital childbearing. Parental rromana as a result of violence and AIDS particularly contribute to the increase in these alternate families.

Additionally, physical and emotional child abuse as Damage of the environment is an inevitable consequence of worldwide improvements in the standard. Granted, advanced technologies improved our living. However, our economic growth is still undoubtly linked to the main causes of environmental wseuri The former is due to the big industrial companies’ ezeuri in the market and it leads to a shortage of the raw materials, especially oil and coal, which are non-renewable resources.

The latter can be attributed directly to the rapidly increasing number of private cars in use. Together with the industrial burning of fossil fuels like oil, coal and gas for energy, they release Carbon Dioxide CO2 rseuri causes global warming, disruption in the ozone layer and acid rain that destroys plant and animal life. At last, but not the least, waste and residual substances poison water and land environments. Therefore, alternative renewable sources of energy such as wind, solar and geothermal power and recycling of the waste are ultimately the only real ways to stop this environmental crisis.

Eseuri Limba si Literatura Romana BAC (2016-2017)

Some people prefer to live in a small town. Others prefer to live in a big city.

Which place would you. Use specific reasons and details to eseudi your answer. I grew up in a small town and then moved to a big city, so I have experienced the good and bad sides of both. I never thought that I would like living in a big city, but I was wrong.

After ten years of living in one, I can’t imagine ever living in a small town again. Small towns and big cities both have some problems in terms of transportation. In a small town, you have to own a car to ensure a comfortable living.

Big cities generally have heavy traffic romzna expensive parking, but there you have a choice of taking public transportation. It’s not free, but it’s often cheaper than driving when you consider gas and time, especially if you don’t have a car, you’re better off in the city. I love the excitement of big cities. Small towns have a slow pace. Large cities mean you have to adapt to a variety of situations, like finding a new route to work or trving a new restaurant.


I enjoy that challenge very much. Another part of the excitement of city living is the variety of cultural activities available.

Grup de wapp pentru bac : robac

There is a wild assortment of theatre music and dance performances available in big cities. These things are rare in fomana ones.

The final thing I think about large cities is the diversity of the people. However, you seldom find such a variety of people in a small town. I think that living in an area where everyone was just like me would quickly become boring. Of course, security is a concern, and that one area where small towns are exeuri to big cities. Still, I would rather be a bit more cautions and live in a large city than to feel secure but bored.

How do movies or television influence people’s behaviour? Use reasons and specific examples to. I strongly believe that movies and television have a great influence in people’s behaviour. It is an undeniable fact that most people in the world have access to either a televison or a cinema theatre and do make use of them at a regular basis. Some of the ways in which such media can affect people are stated below.

Firstly, The main group of people who are attracted to the television and movies are the the teenagers. This is the group that is most susceptible to change. They often try to emulate what they see on screen and in order to be a hero themselves.

It is not uncommon to see young people try to mimic the stunts and heroic deeds performed by their idols or role-models on screens. Sometimes, this will have a deleterious effect as young people try to display some violent and aggressive behaviour that they visualize in the screen.

Secondly, Each country or region has its own culture and it is necessary to preserve them in order to exhibit cultural bzc to the future generations.


There are a lot of programs and scenes that are being broadcasted in televisions and movies that might not confirm to the mindset of the local society. Esejri sometimes young people get influenced by these scenes. They get a false impression that they too should live their life the way people live in foreign movies.

They tend to change themseves according to what they see. This might destroy the native practces and customs which is highly undesired. Lastly, Some of the programs that appear in movies and televisions contain a lot of adult content which is inappropriate for young children. Some of these programs are broadcasted without appropriate warnings. This might pose a threat to the children. They might get attracted to such inappropriate material thereby indulge themselves in wrong practices. These are some of the ways in which people’s behaviour can be afftected by mass media such as television and movies.

So there is a need to look into this matter and to obtain a suitable solutions to such problems. If you could change one important thing about your hometown, what would you change? I live in a very beautiful town, placed at the shore of the Black Sea. Bav can find almost everything in my town: