The Evolved Packet Core portfolio includes SGSN/MME* and Mobile Packet Gateway – software upgrades of the existing SGSN and GGSN. PDF | SGSN and GGSN are the two core network elements of the general packet radio service which enables Ahmad Ali Habeeb at Ericsson. GGSN communicates to SGSN and when it receives data variables. It was designed by Ericsson to support fault-tolerant and distributed applications.

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This set of services provided by a data center is referred to herein as cloud computing. In addition to forwarding the packet, the switch fast path makes the OpenFlow metadata field available to the slow path software.

The method of claim 4further comprising the vgsn of removing configuration at the least one switch in the route of the GTP tunnel, via the control plane protocol, to end forwarding of packets of the subscriber session according to the GTP tunnel.

In other embodiments, other control protocols can be utilized in place of OpenFlow as described herein. Data forwarding in a mobile communications network system with centralized gateway apparatus controlling distributed gateway elements.

The packet is forwarded without any L3 processing i. The instruction associated with a match to one of these rules is:. Network controller, switch and method for increasing openflow network capability. Using mpls for virtual private cloud network isolation in openflow-enabled cloud computing. A cloud computing system can support a single cloud or service or any number of discrete clouds eircsson services. This signaling triggers procedure calls with the OpenFlow controller to modify the routing in the 3G PC as requested.

The embodiments of the invention overcome these disadvantages of the prior art. But it is also possible to restrict the matching rule to a subset of the available fields by using wildcards for the unwanted fields.


Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN) | Light Reading

The type can be been randomly generated so as not to interfere with other extended types. The cloud computing system of claim 8wherein the controller ericwson configured to receive a request to modify the Ericssob tunnel in the PC of the 3G network between the SGSN and GGSN for the subscriber session, the controller is configured to modify configuration of the switch implementing the data plane of the SGSN, via the control plane protocol, to encapsulate and decapsulate packets of the subscriber session and to modify the first GTP tunnel endpoint, and the controller is configured to modify configuration of the switch implementing the data plane of the GGSN, via the control plane protocol, to encapsulate and decapsulate the packets of the subscriber session and to modify the second GTP tunnel endpoint.


In one embodiment, a new type based on a random number for GTP flow matching is defined:. This implementation technology is favorable for scalable management of the control plane entities within the cloud, since it allows execution of the control plane entities and the controller to be managed separately according to demand.

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Gateway GPRS Support Node

If the lower four bits are 1, the type and flags field should be ignored, while if the upper four bits are 1, the TEID should be ignored. Group tables enable a method for allowing a single flow match to trigger forwarding on multiple ports. The Openflow controller programs the GTP header field rules in addition to the other fields to perform GTP routing and adds appropriate actions if the rule is matched.

Communication system, serving gateway, and communication method and base gggsn therefor. For decapsulation virtual ports, the physical port is an input port.

The controller configures a switch implementing the SGSN to encapsulate and decapsulate data packets for the subscriber session and to establish a first GTP tunnel endpoint Block The subscriber session and associated GTP tunnel are deleted when the associated application on the user equipment or the application on the other user equipment or the server application on the other end of the subscriber session terminate the connection.

Ggsm also monitors the control plane traffic between the end user devices UEs and NodeBswhich do not have control plane entities in the cloud computing systemand the 3G PC control plane entities The radio access networks can be any number or combination of networks including universal mobile telecommunications egicsson UMTS or global systems for mobile communications GSM networks Once all of the tables have been processed, then the resulting action set is executed Block The controller also configures each switch in the route of the GTP tunnel to forward packets in each direction according to the route of the GTP tunnel Block GTP tunnels are deleted using the delete session request procedure.

The GGSN is also ericssno into hosted services such as voice and video and to the billing, policy control, and user verification elements of the core network. The OpenFlow control plane can in principle use the same physical control plane paths as the GTP-C and other mobile network signaling. In other embodiments, there can also be switched-defined virtual ports. The OpenFlow signaling, indicated by the solid lines and arrowssets up flow rules and actions on the switches and gateways within the 3G PC for differential routing.


The long dash and dotted lines and arrows shows a example of a UE that is obtaining content from an external source. In the embodiment, shown in FIG.

Gateway GPRS Support Node – Wikipedia

Protocol messages and table actions can be extended, but flow-matching rules cannot. The cloud manager can be a VM or an application executed within the cloud computing system These underutilized server pools continue to require maintenance and incur operating expenses, but are not providing optimum performance for the network operator.

Flow generation from second level controller to first level controller to managed switching element. The cloud manager then monitors the resource utilization of each control plane module as well as the amount and type of control plane traffic handled by each control plane module Block Server virtualization technology allows a pool of servers to be managed as essentially one large compute resource.

The VM is created on a hypervisor managed server with in the VPC for the enterprise requesting the new service instance step 1. The control plane entities and the OpenFlow controller are packaged as VMs. GPRS Wow, a blast from the past!

Netscout Video Resource Center. Details of this configuration are described in further detail herein below. The instructions for matching packets are:. GTP-U control packets that are originated by the switch are generated on the software control plane and are routed by the control plane.

Software defined network-based load balancing for physical and virtual networks. The requests originate from applications on remote machines on the Internet and therefore the security and privacy requirements are much looser than for applications in a private corporate network. In another embodiment, the system components are implemented in software for example microcode, assembly language or higher level languages.

The rest of the structure contains the GTP extension messages. The virtual switch provides virtual network ports to the VMs executing under the control of the hypervisor. Communication apparatus, control apparatus, communication system, communication control method, and program. Similarly, the control plane entities can be executed as standard software code and modules without virtualization or similar systems.

Communication system, serving gateway, communication method therefor, and base station.