Know more about Eirenaeus Philalethes | News and views about people around the world | Our first look at a New World alchemist. We look at Eirenaeus Philalethes and the person behind the name, George Starkey. He’s one of the. Philalethes, Eirenaeus: Collectanea Chymica: A Collection of Ten Several Treatises in Chymistry, Concerning The Liquor Alkahest, The Mercury of Philosophers.

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Starkey, Boyle, and the Fate of Helmontian Chymistry. The chemical reaction by which the reduction of antimony is carried out is given by Mellor 71and it will not be amiss to repeat it here: Let us now return to Chapter II of the Introitus. But it had already been solved as early asby the Moravian physician Johann Hertodt von Todtenfeldt, without 20 Eirenaeus Philalethes and Carl Jung the use of any documents but the printed corpus of Philalethes Sometimes relying on his friend John Winthrop, Jr.

Press, Alchemical writers delighted in announcing that they were going to explain a riddle — only to give the answer in the form of a conundrum.

George Starkey |

Brock, unlike Beretta, makes a serious — and largely successful — attempt to deal with alchemical literature. Assuming that our putative alchemist had the Introitus before him, he would probably now turn to Chapter II of that work, where Philalethes describes the composition of the philosophical mercury, the first beginning of the work:. The inference lies at hand that. Nonetheless, under the guise of Eire-naeus Philalethes, Starkey exercised a remarkable influence on Newton over a period of some thirty years.


He finds them performing myriad operations on sulfur, salts, and strong waters, calcining lead, tin, copper, and iron, distilling vinegar, rectifying spirit of wine, and subliming lead.

The somber figure of Juno pictured earlier is also intended to convey the idea of death and mourning. But what exactly would the product of that marriage be?

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Hertodt and Philalethes shared a common language of images, allowing them to communicate their processes. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty.

All English works of Philalethes have been recently compiled in one volume. Although she is tiny at first, she soon grows bigger, consuming all the water as she expands.

This is the stage or regimen usually called putrefactio Moreover, this wondrous body composed of the fiery dragon and saturnia was to be mixed, after its production, with mercury.

The Preparation of the Sophic Mercury: Comparing her own dominion to his, she relates the following: Eirenaeuss Ship Orders Internationally.

George Starkey – Wikipedia

It is ;hilalethes, therefore, that we dispense with gratuitous assumptions drawn from the realm of analytical psychology and approach the historiography of alchemy from a truly historical perspective. The Introitus allocates fifty days philaethes the regimen of mercury, during which time the substance is supposed to boil and change color continually, until.

Brill,et passim. To anyone familiar with classical mythology, this could only mean Ares, or in the Latin form, Mars. We have therefore solved the riddle of Saturnia without recourse to any material unavailable to the seventeenth century reader of Philalethes.



The primary way of assuming the mantle of authority was two-fold. He frequently resorted to print to combat fellow chemical practitioners, both to secure priority for his own medicines and to condemn those whose preparations invited censure of the chemical cause.

Moreover, a full-blown exposition and apology for the Jungian model may be found in Betty Jo Teeter Dobbs’ Foundations of Newton’s alchemy, which, though published inis still widely influential 8. Leiden, Netherlands and New York: It is a Chaos or Spirit, because our fiery Pnilalethes, which conquers all things, is penetrated all the same by the philalehhes of the vegetable Saturnia, whose blood congeals with the juice of Saturnia into one marvellous body.

With the doves of Diana we meet a new level of interpretative difficulty, for Philalethes is as chary in describing them as he is prolix in his synonyms for antimony. Starkey earned his A.

Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia. Despite these unflattering and misleading comments, Starkey clearly deserves to be accorded a high position among the seventeenth-century practitioners of chymistry.

Most alchemical texts were commentaries on older authors who were assumed by the exegete to have been adepti.