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Incorporating. Corrigendum No. 1. Seamless circular steel tubes for mechanical and general engineering purposes – Technical. DIN EN Seamless circular steel tubes for mechanical and general engineering purposes – Technical delivery conditions – Part 1. DIN EN Seamless circular steel tubes for mechanical and general engineering purposes – Technical delivery conditions – Part 1: Non-alloy and.

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Tube size Technical information Steel grade Test description. Steel tube specifications and steel grades Steel tube sizes acc.

Tubes for mechanical engineering, parts of machines and general use

Tubes are made by using the hot rolling process. Specifications, dimensions and the types of steel are shown in a separate overview.

Tube dimensions and tolerances for 1029-71 engineering Range for the tube dimensions and tolerances for mechanical engineering is between The tube dimensions meet the requirements of the following standards: Means of tubes production — hot rolling or cold forming besides its own precision tubes depends upon the standards, tube dimensions vin the agreement when ordering the tubes.

The tube tolerances meet the appropriate standards requirements. Orientation data is shown in the dimensional tables.


The tube tolerances for mechanical engineering correspond to condition after the tube production. Dni for tubes which are destined for mechanical engineering The tubes are manufactured from the following steels, in conformity with EN Grade A, Grade B.

Tubes length for mechanical engineering Usually the tubes are supplied in the production length 5 to 6 meters.

A precise length may be supplied upon request. For tubes that are going to be mechanically machined the required straightness is 1: The tubes ends The ends of the tubes are vertical to the longitudinal axis and are without burrs.

The condition, delivery and surface of the tubes for mechanical engineering Hot rolled tubes made out of carbon steel do not go through further heat treatment and their condition is the same as the condition of normally annealed tubes. After forming, the cold drawn tubes are heat treated in such way 10927-1 they would meet the requirements of the appropriate standards as far as the condition of delivery and the mechanical values are concerned.

Mechanical tubes

The inner and outer surface of the tubes corresponds to the manufacturing means. Marking of the tubes and tube bundles The tubes for the parts of machines or for mechanical engineering are marked based on the requirements of the appropriate standards and Upon request when ordering the tubes and they may be as follows: Bundles of tubes are marked either with one or more labels with the required data.


Tubes surface protection While ordering, it is necessary to agree upon the way and means of temporary protecting the surface of the tubes during transportation and storing.

The tubes may be supplied without temporary preservation of the surface, or with the preservation of the surface with an agreed upon preservative. Packaging of tubes for mechanical engineering and the parts of machine. Tubes testing According to EN — 1 Standards the tubes are tested with specific testing which consists of: The mandatory tests for nonspecified testing are in concurrence with the ENthe optional tests are shown in the standards.

DIN EN 10297-1 30crmo4 grade 1.7216 seamless steel pipe

Certified test reports Certified test reports are issued according to the appropriate TDC standards: ENfor EN — 1 certificate 3. B, for EN — 1 Certified test reports: Search in products database.

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