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Radiation Safety

One plaque is awarded eachfiscal year in each of four categories as follows: Nominations will include the following: When children are younger the plan should include who is responsiblefor assisting the younger children in evacuation. The Defense 385-42 Amendments and Base Closure and Realignment Act and The Defense BaseClosure and Realignment Act of require that the DOD and the DA for Army installations perform remediation,if required, of the bases prior to transfer to other Government agencies or private entities, unless it is pan theremediation may take place after transfer.

ProceduresAwards will be made to individuals and units based on their overall safety achievements.

Contact Information The mission of the Safety Office is to preserve the resources of the OHARNG by ultimately eliminating losses due to injury or illness to personnel or damage to equipment, through the ppam of accidents.

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Accidents to the public on military facilities may place facilities out of operation during causality recovery,accident investigation and corrective action time.

Ifthis official finds that corrective action is inadequate, appropriate measures will be taken to prevent employee exposureto the hazard. Approved nominations may be electronically sent to safetyawards crc. The materiel developer will— 1 Design, develop, produce, and field a system that is safe to operate and maintain.


Standing operating procedure requirementsA well-written SOP provides detailed procedures. Army leadership willensure hazards are eliminated or reduced to the lowest possible risk level. The appointment will be confirmed in orders designating the unit safety officer byname. The worker performing the task must be knowledgeableof what ea required.

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Theyadvise their commander on safety issues and policy and have the staff function of ensuring that policy is implementedwithin the command. The goal is totransition facilities that the Army does not need quickly, cost-effectively, efficiently, and safely in support of approveduses of the facility.

Within the command, the safety office will— 1 Coordinate with other organizations in the development of command safety goals and program. PurposeThis chapter establishes a requirement for SOPs and describes a method for ensuring that hazardous operations areperformed in an efficient, effective, and safe manner based on collective experience and knowledge.

Organization commander or representative will be the initiator.

A decommissioning plan will be developed for the facility that provides a comprehensive plan for addressing asrequired hazardous wastes. If the appeal is rejected, the reply will advise the originator oftheir right to further appeal according to 29 CFR to the Pak occupational safety and health official.

Organizations below Army Headquarters level to battalion level will be the recipients of the award. The DASAF or a designated representative will convene a panel to make recommendations forrecipients of this award.

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The analysis will be reviewed and signed off by a competent person when required by OSHA or a safety and occupational health professional. When an energy isolating device cannot accept multiple locks or tags, a multiple lockout or tagout device hasp may be used.


Personnelwill be required to wear the PFDs when near, on, or in the water.

The remediation of these bases may range from the disposal, removal, andremediation of— 1 Trash. Through the implementation of this pamphlet, the safety andhealth of Army personnel, dependents and surrounding community will be improved.

Nominations should be prepared in accordance with proceduresset-forth in Sa 25— When evaluating the safety program of an organization it isnecessary to involve the members of that organization in the process. Other courses, such as Hospital Safety, are being developed. Army military personnel, DA civilian, and Army contracted employees who perform aerialflights as aircrewmembers will be the recipients.

Demonstrations of merit may be made usingboth subjective and objective criteria. Name of office submitting SOP. Alcohol use by participants in any recreational activity should bemonitored. Safety programs, like all Army programs, will have controls established to ensure implementation of regulatoryand statutory rules. Criteria that may be used to support the nominationinclude, but are not limited to: Personnel charged with remediation will have safety training on a regular basis thatincorporates information on the type of UXO and the known hazards of removing or destroying the UXO.

The cover sheet with the draft and final version of the SOP will contain the following information: A plaque is the award. The SOH inspection, when conducted by professionals in the SOH 385-42, will apply accepted analysis and datagathering techniques to ensure unbiased and accurate information.

Copies of the report will be submitted within 60 days following the accident to SDDC, withapplicable information addressees listed in paragraph 11—2.