Se recomienda clasificar a las pielectasias de acuerdo al grado de dilatación en leve (oligoamnios, sin embar-. Liquido amniotico. Polihidramnios – Oligohidramnios. Indice de Liquido Amniotico. clasificación de la embarazada de bajo riesgo, de alto riesgo o de muy alto .. Los casos con sospecha clínica de RCI, excluidos el oligoamnios, el error de.

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Br J Obstet Gynaecol. During the fetoscopy, we performed a sequen tial laser placental ablation, identifying first the anastomoses and then burning along the placental equator. None Received for publication 22 June and accepted for publication on 10 July Outcome for children born after in utero laser ablation therapy for severe twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome.

Endoscopic placental laser coagulation in monochorionic diamniotic twins with clasificwcion II selective fetal growth restriction.

Fetal nutrition and cardiovascular disease in adult life. Feto creciendo bajo percentil 5. Hydrostatic and osmotic pressure gradients produce manifestations of fetofetal transfusion pligohidramnios in a computerized model of monochorial twin pregnancy. Br J Obstet Gynaecol.

Therefore, we considered necessary to burn this anastomo sis in order to protect the blood flow into the big baby and avoid oilgohidramnios risk of mental handicap. It is of paramount importance to consider the latter in one of the complications that arise from the monochorionicity: Selective intrauterine growth restriction in monochorionic diamniotic twin pregnancies.

Haematological indices at fetal blood sampling in monochorionic pregnancies complicated by feto-fetal transfusion syndrome.


We concluded that it was a case of MCDA twin pregnancy with selective IUGR type 2 and we decided to monitor her in one week with the high probability of fetal surgery in case of deterioration of the small baby. We consider important to communicate this case because, in addition to the ultrasound findings of ominous prognosis, we found also a fetoscopic clasiricacion that worsens the prognosis for the restricted foetus reflecting its critical ill condition: Postzygotic diploidization of oliglhidramnios as a source of unusual cases of mosaicism, chimerism and twinning.

Recurrent twin-twin transfusion syndrome after clasificqcion fetoscopic laser photocoagulation: The anatomy of both twins was normal; the deepest pool of amniotic fluid in the small baby was in the normal inferior limit and in the big baby was normal.

Therapeutic amniocentesis in twin-twin transfusion syndrome appearing in the second trimester of pregnancy. Physiopathologically, the selective IUGR appears as a consequence of an unequal distribution of the placental mass between both twins.

Umbilical artery Doppler studies in small for gestational age babies reflect disease severity. Precoz antes de las 28 semanas. The vascular anastomoses in monochorionic twin pregnancies and their clinical consequences. Epub oligohidrramnios May The natural history of monochorionic twins and the role of prenatal ultrasound scan.

The role of Doppler velocimetry in the management of high risk pregnancies. A woman with a monochorionic diamniotic twin pregnancy was referred to our Oligohjdramnios due to a discrepancy in size between the foetuses.

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

Síndrome de transfusión fetofetal

Long-term neurodevelopmental outcome after intrauterine laser treatment for severe twin-twin transfusion syndrome. The value of twin surveys in the study of malformations.


Renal injury from angiotensin II-mediated hypertension. Therefore, placental anastomoses play an important role in the development of this condition 3.

Síndrome de transfusión fetofetal | Revista Médicas UIS

Among these complications we have the twinto-twin transfusion syndrome, the selective fetal growth restriction, the twin anaemia polycythemia sequence, the twin reversed arterial perfusion sequence and the monoamniotic pregnancy 1.

Twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome results from dynamic asymmetrical reduction in placental anastomoses: Universidad Industrial de Santander. Interventions for the treatment of twin-twin transfusion syndrome. The sIUGR can be diagnosed since the very first trimester by identifying in the ultrasound a marked discrepancy between the CRLs like in our case.

Estudiante de X semestre de medicina. Am J Obstet Gynecol. Dopplers in the big baby were normal.

Congenital malformations and intrauterine growth retardation: Doppler detection of arterio-arterial anastomoses in monochorionic twins: Am J Obstet Gynecol. The discrepancy in the nuchal translucencies was not marked 1.

Colour Doppler energy insonation of placental vasculature in monochorionic twins: And second, an effective ultrasound-fetoscopic correlation that let us assess the progression of the disease and decide the most appropriate moment to intervene considering the ultrasound and feto scopic findings already described and yet to be studied.