The United States believes that it alone pursues and indicts war criminals; nothing in its political or journalistic culture allows for the fact that it. The Trial of Henry Kissinger has ratings and reviews. Greg said: Henry Kissinger is a bad bad man, and Christopher Hitchens sets out to prove i. Christopher Hitchens and The Trial of Henry Kissinger: A Response to. Lawrence Douglas. BY RONALD EDSFORTH. Christopher Hitchens begins TheTrial of.

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A book that I could hardly stop reading at times and a book I wanted to stop reading at times. If the courts and lawyers of this country will not do their duty, we shall watch as the victims and survivors of this man pursue justice and vindication in their own dignified and painstaking way, and at their own expense, and we shall be put to shame.

That christophef everything from hijacking peace talks in to extend the Vietnam War as a civilian, when the Johnson administration was still in office by opening a secret back channel with South Vietnam to win the presidential election to secretly and illegally bombing a neutral country, Cambodia, during that same extended Vietnam War, creating the conditions which allowed the Khmer Rouge to rise there.

The Trial of Henry Kissinger

Its a shock that no action was taken despite the many evidences which this books presents, plus the ones that are locked away in the Library of Congress. I am just not willing to go that far even when the actions, on their face appear to lack a moral center.

The book is interesting, and it’s more than a little sad that the one thing that was chriwtopher hoped for by this book was for Kissinger to sue Verso chrishopher Hitchens for libel, an act that would have forced him to open up some of his sealed documents and let the world see what an even bigger douche bag he is.

Nixon was taken out of the christtopher loop at this time and Dr K was effectively in control. Christopher Hitchens turns his forensic eye on the political career of one of the 20th century’s most powerful, most murderous, most duplicitous psychopaths, Dr. One chapter also guesses at Kissinger’s motives beyond political advancement, pointing to numerous financial conflicts of interest or “harmonies of interest”, as Hitchens states sardonically from Kissinger’s perspective.

But Hitchens is determined that the malevolent career of this monster should not be erased from historical memory, and he draws some satisfaction from the possibility that Kissinger will at least not be sleeping too easily these days, recent developments in international law meaning that even he may not be completely beyond the reach of justice. As good as Inve This book is simply a must read specifically for every american and generally for all humanity, in order to come to grips with reality.


I’m glad Hitchens had the guts to write this book and I hope that one day, justice will rightfully be administered onto the slime that is Henry Kissinger. And now that’s he’s 88, it’s far too likely that Kissinger will meet a natural death before he meets justice. Better writers and reporters had dedicated their time and energies to this effect and done a better job than I ever could.

That excessive violence happened. That said, even though the incident certainly confirms the commonly held opinion of Kissenger as a cold, calculating practitioner of realpolitikif Kissenger’s actions in that matter constitute war crimes then you would likely have to include many other U.

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With that caveat stated, a rigorous and pragmatic legal analysis is not really what we want from Hitchens. Hitchens was an anti-theist, and he described himself as a believer in the Enlightenment values of secularism, humanism, and reason. Hitchens delivers once again, but that is not a surprise.

And if you really are pressed: Verso — via Amazon. Conversely, George Jonas of The Daily Telegraph accused Hitchens of using devices improper to nonfiction, noting that in one passage the author “admits he is guessing, but this does not prevent him from starting the paragraph by placing ‘a tremor of anxiety’ – ie, a consciousness of guilt – into Dr Kissinger’s mind. Quotes from The Trial of Henr One of the worst people in the world is called out by the late great Christopher Hitchens.

The mass casualties and deaths in places like East Timor, Bangladesh and Cambodia, and the knowledge of and covering up of assassination plots, successful or not, of great men such as Makarios and Rene Schneider, all under the watchful eyes of Kissinger, should implicate him and see him correctly arrested.

If the reader would like to read my entire review they can follow the link to my site White Tower Musings below: Hitchens’s fame and reputation as a contrarian guarantee that his indictment will receive media attention it’s already been serialized in Harper’sand leftists will delight in his skewering of Kissinger. An exhilarating read, though one that makes you so angry, not only at Dr K’s total amorality but at the fact that this highly intelligent, extremely powerf A marvelous evisceration of the loathsome Dr K by Christopher Hitchens, convincingly making the case that said Dr should be indicted for war crimes and indeed there are warrants out for his arrest in some European countries.


Kissinger was outraged at the time the book released but, tellingly, never did take Christopher Hitchens to court—afraid, perhaps, of what the subpoenas would reveal. Hitchens chronicles Kissinger’s life of crime all over the world from Chile to Vietnam to East Timor.

The Trial of Henry Kissinger by Christopher Hitchens

Acting in the role of the prosecution, Hitchens presents Kissinger’s involvement in a series of alleged war crimes in VietnamBangladeshChileCyprus and East Timor. Inhe was negotiating a Vietnam peace treaty in Paris for President Johnson. Extended the Vietnam War, illegally, kissinge non-combatant nations; and 5. Oct 24, Friedrich Mencken rated it it was ok Shelves: Jan 07, Ivana rated it it was amazing. To ask other readers questions about The Trial of Henry Kissingerplease sign up.


The East Timor chapter was the best one I thought, but the book was dry and not the “wrapped up, slam-dunk trial” that I think Hitch was aiming for. In hindsight it’s all too clear, the point at which not-being-Trump starts to yield diminishing returns https: An international lawyer would exhaustively go into the elements needed to establish a war crime, before applying the law to the case of Kissinger. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. If America does not act promptly, Hitchens warns, others will, further eroding our claims to moral leadership.

A compelling polemic that makes Hitler seem like a straightforward kinda guy, and will leave Augusto Pinochet and Slobodan Milosevic hoping they get to do their time in solitary.

In my opinion, the one exception to this lack of “closing the logical argument” occurred in Chapter 8 dealing with the invasion of East Timor by Indonesia. The Trial of Henry Kissinger received positive reviews. Refresh and try again. This narrative-shaping means that Richard Nixon is best remembered for Watergate and Gerald Ford for pardoning him.