The Paperback of the Corazones muertos (Living Dead in Dallas) by Charlaine Harris at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!. El club de los muertos (Club Dead) es el tercer libro de la saga “The Southern Vampire Mysteries”, de Charlaine Harris. En esta historia la autora nos presenta a. Living Dead in Dallas, conocido como: Vivir y morir en Dallas o Corazones muertos, es el segundo libro de Charlaine Harris de la saga The Southern Vampire.

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El club de los muertos – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Preview — Corazones hardis by Charlaine Harris. La camarera Sookie Stackhouse tiene una racha de mala suerte. Justo a tiempo, aparecen unos vampiros que le chupan el veneno de las venas. Sookie les debe la vida, y cuando estos le piden un favor, acepta.

Published first published April To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Corazones muertosplease sign up. Do I have to read this to continue with the series!?! Alexandra I have the same dilema Rachel. I see you gave it a try about one year ago. I’ve read the1st book past month and it took me 2 weeks to bring it to the …more I have the same dilema Rachel.

El club de los muertos

I’ve read the1st book past month hagris it took me 2 weeks to bring it to the end. Two weeks ago I ‘ve started the 2nd one and I got the same problem. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve ead many bette vampire books before this series, or harrix literally sucks at all. Usually I create sort of bound with the characters in books and it doesn’t take me much than 30 pages, but with theese ones I simply cannot.

Did you felt the same? Like you can’t sense any of them? Like none of the is special enough to make you say “damn,I haven’t seen that idea before? I am really curious about that. This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [anyone know what book Sookie is referring to when she mentions in the narration that she read a book with a maenad character?

George Sookie says she learned about maenads from reading a mystery. That doesn’t indicate that any character therein was actually one. A classically …more Sookie says she learned about maenads from reading a mystery. A classically educated person could refer to someone as metaphorically a maenad, and explain to someone else what they meant by it. Also, I’ve just corazonrs a Google Books search on maenad murder mystery and found as the second hit Paul Doherty’s Murder’s Immortal Mask Ancient Roman Mysteries, Book 4 in which some character looks at maenads painted on a wall.

Frankly, I can imagine Harris deciding to use this device to explain Sookie’s initial knowledge without necessarily being aware of a real book that matched the description. Fiction writers are allowed to invent things!

See 2 questions about Corazones muertos….

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This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To chaelaine it, click here. Equally as terrible as the first book, if not worse. Sookie continues to have as little personality as previously, alternating between lusting cheaply after anyone male who crosses her path, indulging herself in weeping sessions over the pain of her unasked- for super-abilities and talking about clothes.


The only notable thing this book achieves is to include croazones of most awful sex scenes ever written. If you don’t see summat wrong with this then there’s some part of your mind or soul missing: He proceeded to erase that smell and replace it with his own. He then proceeds to tell Sookie to open her legs for him, and dismisses her request that he be gentle as impossible. Luckily for him Sookie has never heard of rape, and spends the scene being pleased that the bedsheets are corrazones and clean.

Corazones muertos

Outside of this unpleasantness are two plots, one clumsily wedged inside ocrazones other. The first, split between the first and last quarters of the book, is a lazy murder plot with an obvious solution, which occasions Sookie having to attend an xharlaine.

Having obtained an invitation by standing around doing nowt until someone asks her, she then trots along in the company of Eric the Vampire, who is dressed as an outdated gay stereotype for plot reasons and in order that Sookie can comment on various parts of his body repeatedly.

Sookie makes a few comments on the underwear of various participants, and then the Deus ex Machina arives. As her “character” and “motivation” were totally explained in Chapter 2, at a point before it was physically possible to have any interest in her, this completely dispenses with any suspense or interest whatsoever.

And I took Communion, too.

Which I can only assume Harris would consider reasonable, since she sees no need for further debate. The high-point of the drama comes when, having escaped from coraaones even she realised was a rape and survived a massive car crash, Sookie discovers that her hair has become disarranged during her travails.

Her mortification knows no bounds: My hands went up to it, helplessly and painfully, and my mouth shook with suppressed tears. Luckily the man she is currently nearest to and therefore lusting after forgives her this social faux pas. After this horror she returns to Bon Temps to conclude the abovementioned murder mystery.

I will say this for Sookie. If nothing else, her shallowness runs deep. View all 4 comments. I don’t know WHY I read this book I was hoping that the Authoress would have expanded her imagination a bit and maybe improved her writing skills, but it didn’t happen. I’m two into the series and I’m kinda anxious to see what happens with Erik and Sookie, so I happened to put a hold for the next 3 books at the library These books don’t take long to read.

The first book was all murder murder murder The second book picks up where the first leaves off, but not without a considerable amount of lenghy recap Then out of now where, Sookie and Bill get in a fight However, the interesting climax to the fight was Sookie storming off into the woods alone, getting attacked by a Greek mythical creature and then Bill having to find her, take her to Erik where they and 2 other Vampires had to suck out all the poison in Sookies blood and then give her a transfusion Bill seems to be addicted to sex with Sookie Sookie and Bill get loaned out to the Dallas vampires to help locate a missing “brother” while Bill is sleeping, of course, Sookie gets into trouble and having to rely on the help of a suicidal vampire and shapeshifters.


This mueryos actually a pretty good part of the book mainly because Bill wasn’t involved. At the end of the Dallas ordeal, Erik is the one that is “there” for her when she is thrown out of the car He gets her cleaned up, doctored and then Bill comes in The next night they went to a vampire party to celebrate the brother being returned, Erik was talking with Sookie on the couch, because obviouslly her injuries and health made corazonws impossible for her to “party”.

So, Erik, being a gentleman, sat with her and visited, Bill was talking with another vampire lady Bill was no where to be found for a few minutes until he came back from chasing the chwrlaine that open fired, consequently killing a few of them.

Sookie gets angry understandably soflies back to Shreveport alone and doesn’t speak to Bill for 3 weeks afterwards. She is talking with friends when Bill gets mighty jealous goes to her house afterwards and ummm Bill finds himself needing to go back to Dallas you know, to get away from the obvious danger Sookie is in again She gets invited to a party one that she will be able to muertod the killer of the murder at the beginning of the book Oh.

Where is the imagination folks? I ask you, where?? Yeah, sure throw in an orgy, invite Erik along to protect Sookie, throw him in a corazonse outfit to show off his huge-ness and then not do a thing to describe anything.

Not that I’m complaining that I didn’t have to read about the sex acts going on But if you are going to write about an orgy, you might as well write it. This author, I’ve noticed has a very limited vocabulary when it comes to writing her sex scenes Oh and the complaining from Sookie because half the time Bill is trying to have sex with her, she’s hurt.

Anyway, Erik and Sookie have some moments that maybe they shouldn’t have had Go ahead and have them I say, Erik isn’t a pansy. Bill just happens to show up the moment Sookie gets a conscience and tells Erik to get off Anyway, the book hits another anti-climatic climax and then everything flows back to be normal Go ahead and red the book, but don’t expect much from it. I’m guessing the HBO screen writers have done a better job with the story View all 5 comments. I don’t know why I am even going alone to finish this shitty series Whenever a writer strikes me as particularly charming or witty, I want to love their work.

Charlaine Harris’ Mom perm and sweet Southern lady charm makes me want to love these books. That, and also the fact that I enjoyed the ever-campy True Blood and Alexander Skarsgard, because do you even have to ask and enjoying a movie or show that used to be a book generally makes me seek out the source material. But Charlaine is too in love with the beigeish Sookie no!