Trait data. population trend, Stable. habitat, protected area terrestrial biome terrestrial habitat. conservation status, least concern. primary diet, fruit fruit plants. Chiroptera · Phyllostomidae · Carollia sowelli Carollia sowelli. Sowell’s Short- tailed Bat. Order: Chiroptera Family: Phyllostomidae. SpeciesCarollia sowelliSowell’s short-tailed bat. ADW Pocket Guides on the iOS App Store! The Animal Diversity Web team is excited to announce ADW Pocket.

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Sign In or Create an Account. Historical climate modelling predicts patterns of current biodiversity in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest.

Extant species of family Phyllostomidae. Red fruit bat S. Comparative phylogeography of short-tailed bats Carollia: Tomes’s sword-nosed bat L.

Carollia – Wikipedia

The Eponym Dictionary of Mammals. Little white-shouldered bat A.

Carollia subrufa has a short brain case and sowellj hemispheres. Because the neutrality tests suggest that C. These differences, however, can be attributed to the reduced sampling.

Sowell’s short-tailed bat

To cite this page: Subclass Theria Therian mammals. Greater round-eared bat T. Sowell’s short-tailed bat Conservation status. Great stripe-faced bat V. Carollia Short-tailed leaf-nosed bats Benkeith’s short-tailed bat C.


Bayesian Phylogenetic tree showing the intraspecific lineages of C. Stylar shelf is high. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. This page was last edited on 22 Marchat C ontext and C ontent. Consequently, bats may show markedly different phylogeographic patterns for their haplotype lineages compared to rodents and soselli Ditchfield, The neutrality test result, however, showed distinct values for each species, indicating a cadollia of recent expansion in population size only for C.

Black arrows show C.

Sowell’s short-tailed bat (Carollia sowelli) | ZooChat

Sequences from 65 individuals, each of them presenting a different haplotype, were submitted to GenBank, under accession numbers FJ—FJ Species Carollia sowelli Sowell’s short-tailed bat. Feeding strategy and activity budget of the frugivorous sowe,li Carollia perspicillata Chiroptera: Ega long-tongued bat S. On the basis on this topology, it was soweli that South America would have been the original area of diversification for the species, probably along the Atlantic coastal forest of Brazil where the basal haplotype is located.

Vieira’s long-tongued bat X. Bokermann’s nectar bat L.

A recent phylogeographic study proposed a hypothesis of origin and subsequent diversification for C. They predicted the existence of a large and stable forest refuge in the state of Bahia, in the northeast of Brazil, and smaller refuges located along the Brazilian coast: In other projects Wikispecies. Phyllostomidae in French guiana.


Email alerts New issue alert. It is important to highlight that these lineages found for C. Carollia subrufa roosts in caves, empty wells, culverts, hollow trees, and buildings Reid Carollia subrufa is a small phyllostomid bat Fig. Big-eared woolly bat C. Rivers, refuges and ridges: Retrieved from ” https: Phylloderma Pale-faced bat P.

Sowell’s short-tailed bat (Carollia sowelli)

Brosset’s big-eared bat M. Calcar is shorter than the cxrollia. All of the estimates of time fall within the Pleistocene epoch 0. If so, can we date such an event and correlate it with geological and historical events in South America? Carollia subrufa is a common species in tropical dry deciduous forest and 2nd-growth woodland. Tajima’s D neutrality test Tajima,using intraspecific genetic variability, was performed to verify population expansions, using the software packages DNAsp, version 4.

Underwood’s long-tongued bat H.

Jamaican flower bat P. The first study presenting the phylogeographic pattern for C. Carollia subrufa breeds all year Felten ; Wilson