Johannes Calvijn’s Institutie, of Onderwijzing in de christelijke , Volume 1. By Johannes Calvijn. About this book. Terms of Service. Johannes Calvijn’s Institutie, of Onderwijzing in de christelijke , Volume 3. By Johannes Calvijn. About this book. Terms of Service. Offered in Catawiki’s Book Auction (Pre): Johannes Calvijn – Institutie ofte Onderwijsinge inde Christelicke Religie – Theology.

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Acknowledgements Competing interests The author declares that she has no financial or personal relationships which may have inappropriately influenced her in writing this article.

In the same vein, Jonker mentions a decision concerning the standard of church membership at the General Synod of of the DRC that keeps the latter within the holy general Christian church. Often, this supervision requires the faith and individual choice of the person who takes communion because the DRC has practically removed its church councils from its supervision and control in this regard Strauss Dordt endorses the Three Formularies because the formulated faith concurs with Scripture Strauss In the emotional approach, people want to feel Reformational.

Reformation implies that man takes God and his Word seriously; that man through the Word and Spirit of God learned to know Christ as the resurrection and life. God the Father decides and rules over man’s salvation and obedience; salvation is mediated by Christ as the mediator and Redeemer who as God also becomes man, calvijj and resurrects, and God the Holy Spirit effects redemption and new life in Christ isntitutie the Word cf.

This would later cause problems and schism in the church De Jong Indeed, a reformed church must always reform most profoundly on the basis of the Word of God. This imbalance between congregations as structural equivalent individuals is transferred, by implication, to the General Synod where half of a synod’s deputies are determined by the number of confessed members in their congregations.

The five solaswhich include these three as well as sola gratia and solus Christusare widely accepted as a key expression of the spiritual legacy of the Reformation: Like article 84 of the DCO Pont This is also not about the number of believers that determine numbers clavijn the church, but adult, confessing voters.

SciELO South Africa –

The sola scriptura is reflected in the Three Formularies’ attempt to base their formulations on Scripture alone NG Kerk-Uitgewers The reformational churches in South and southern Africa possess this treasure in clay pots, a treasure that influences all spheres of life in a convalescent and healing, as well as inspiring and securing manner.


The Three Formularies formulate Christian faith as their main objective and, in doing so, they are authoritative and Scriptural NGK This formulary indicated an agreement with the doctrine formulated ‘ begrepen in ‘ in the confessions of faith as Scriptural or bound to the sola scriptura Kuyper s. Firstly, all ministers of congregations and an equal number of vestrymen thus an unequal number of elders and deacons are normally deputised to circuits presbyteries and synods in instittutie DRC.

For him, the Scriptures as used by the Holy Spirit determine human life and highlight God’s will for the life of his people. Commonscat met lokaal zelfde link als op Wikidata.

In addition, the DRC is also a practising church – a characteristic of both the church of the Reformation and the Dordt tradition Jonker Authors interpret this attitude as being Dordt-like De Gier Examples of these are legion. In addition, faith, as the means whereby the believer accepts God’s salvation out of grace and not a worthy task, plays a key role in all three – a reflection of sola gratia and sola fide. In his discussion of the variegated interpretation and variation of Reformational influence, Smit finds the 20th-century theologian Karl Barth’s view useful.

Institutie (calvinisme)

Five hundred years on: Father, son and Holy Spirit and the solas. The relation election-proclamation-faith, which distinguishes between the believers the church and the non-believers, is also evident cslvijn the DCO’s arrangements for communion. The reason why the three ecumenical confessions are not mentioned is that they are already quoted in article 9 of the CB while the Apostles’ Creed is addressed in the HC NGK For Spoelstra, the signing of the confessions of faith is also the signing of the correct ‘ leer ‘ [doctrine].

Faithfulness to the confessions implies maintaining sola scriptura as the essence of Reformation.

In doing so and in order to prevent too broad an approach, we limit this study to the essence of Calvin on two solasthe Church Order of the Reformed Synod of Dordt which was instrumental in it and two South African Reformed Churches in their reflection of it. It valvijn the successive topics.

For Calvin, the Word was more than simply the living Word of sermons. As formulated by the DCO, this is not specified and open to every member, church council or classis. Traces of the Reformation?

Institutie (calvinisme) – Wikipedia

The Bible is the first and the confessions the second norm of the DRC – a second norm which should be based on the Bible. The procedure or order is not spelled out in the case of differences of decisions. These constants direct the approach of both church orders and result in keeping to sola scriptura and sola fide – the Reformational aspects to which this article briefly pays attention.


Once again, the sola scriptura and sola fide are obvious. Typical of the Reformation, sola scriptura and sola fide are implied on the basis of sola gratia. The Three Formularies reflect the solas in the expression of the soteriology of the Reformation Jonker Although not necessarily in the same terms, the content of the solas are also found in the thought of Calvin.

The latter is often used for any change without thinking Strauss True to the title of this article ‘some traces’the search for these traces is restricted to two aspects: Reformed confessions of faith and reformed church orders sought their direction by following the constants of the Reformation.

The traces of the Reformation of years ago are recognised at present from the cherishing of, or using the solas of that time Strauss For the RCSA the acceptance of the DCO, as adapted to contemporary circumstances, means that it follows in the footsteps of the Reformation and Calvin as far as church orders are concerned. Hij schreef daarom als inleiding op de Institutie een brief gericht aan koning Frans I.

In doing so he distinguishes four kinds of approaches to the legacy of the Reformation: The Dordt Synod decides on a formulary at the signing of the confessions of faith. This entailed listening to God’s Word and reacting thereto with a public confession of faith in word and deed Smit He uses the words ‘ in alles met Gods Woord ooreenkom ‘ [agree in everything with God’s Word] as an indication of the quia point of view Spoelstra Emden amended this agreement to a signing of the Formularies Strauss This article describes public worship as a meeting between God and his congregation, in which the offices take the lead in preaching the Word.

He thus operates with sola scriptura, sola gratia, sola fide and solus Christus. At baptism, it is about a covenant baptism of the children of Christians or believing adults who are not yet baptised – their incorporation into the covenant.