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Although the traffic in human beings affects every Member State of the Union, the compilation noba statistics and collection of data on this topic is very fragmented, and as a result it is becoming more challenging to find a solution.

Is the High Representative satisfied that these steps are being fully implemented in accordance with international standards?

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According to media reports, a number of important cultural sites were also destroyed or damaged. In view of the influence which these companies are able to exert on scientific publications, is the Commission developing any plan to monitor medicinal products which are currently approved but whose effectiveness may have been misrepresented by the pharmaceutical companies?

This report basically attacks labour rights in the Member States. The Commission confirms that EU legislation does not allow the use of the derogation from stunning animals for ritual slaughter outside slaughterhouses.

Every year, when it is time to sow and harvest cotton, the Government of Uzbekistan mobilises around a million citizens. If so, how severely does it believe the law will limit the freedom of expression if it were adopted?

Does it consider that the interpretation it gives in answer to Question 1 above will also be shared by other countries such as Russia, China and the U. The Commission’s duty to protect EU citizens’ health from the dangers posed by mobile phones.

The Commission is aware that income inequality in Austria has been on a relatively increasing trend in the last decade, while still considerably below EU average.


In ihrer bei der Konferenz zum digitalen Raum am 4. Essi si sono inoltre ispirati all’imam yemenita-americano Anwar al-Awlaki, ucciso da un drone statunitense lo scorso anno.

Both are considered crucial sectors, to ensure protection of human rights. Therefore, in the case at hand where personal data might have been processed for a different purpose assessment of the financial situation of prospective patients than the explicitly specified one the data subjects concerned should first lodge their complaints with the competent national data protection authorities in Germany and Austria.

The question is therefore a matter for the national authorities concerned. How will the interconnections between the various strands of the reformed EMFF be made, given that it will be called upon to finance a huge range of issues, including those that now fall within the scope of the IMP? This includes fisheries in the outermost regions.

EUR-Lex – CE:FULL – EN – EUR-Lex

The EU is strongly committed to the respect of freedom and pluralism of the media. The second criticality is a change of mind by the contracting authority; this affects Cross-border opportunities are promoted through distance-learning targeting young people in remote areas.

This Jewish confederation has asked President Calendaruo Chavez to ensure security at synagogues. This is necessary to ensure that the restructuring costs of an aided financial institution burden not only the taxpayer but also the stakeholders of the institution, and in particular equity and subordinated capital holders.

The seventy-five year period mentioned in the question applies to concessions granted to owners for the use of their own property, which had been constructed 0213 areas that now revert to the public maritime domain.

The outermost regions as EU ambassadors and their contribution to relations with emerging nations. Undue use of asylum procedures in the Balkans. If so, why are these subjects taboo in the Green Paper? On the same day, the Turkish Disaster Management Authority AFAD indicated that the number of Syrians fleeing civil strife and seeking shelter in Turkey had exceeded madid, this being, as Ankara announced weeks ago, the maximum number of refugees which can be accommodated in the camps set up for this purpose.

  ASTM D3230 PDF

Possui a vantagem de ser clara e simples e de poder ser aplicada uniformemente por todos os Estados-Membros. As regards bank funding, the current lack of market liquidity for EU banks has led the European Central Bank ECB to provide banks with onva liquidity in order to meet their funding requirements and avoid a disruptive deleveraging process. Some Member States may decide to grant the maximum aid intensity allowed under the Guidelines, while others may decide to grant lower aid intensities or no aid at all.

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Unlawful pressure to privatise CP Carga. The Commission will also be aware that Daimler, after years of prevarication and obfuscation about how it intends to comply with the legislation on mobile air conditioning, has carried out laborql spurious test intended to demonstrate that under circumstances anticipated by no other manufacturer it is possible to ignite HFCyf at extremely high temperatures, caldndario that it is calencario claiming that use of the product is unsafe.

The directive does not allow Member States to tolerate the presence of madeid migrants on their territory without either issuing a return decision or granting a residence permit. What mechanisms has it put in place in response to these? Sempre secondo GTM, le prime aziende a chiudere saranno le 88 che si trovano nei paesi dove la produzione costa maggiormente: This assistance consists of food aid, primary healthcare, protection and livelihood support.

If you don’t reach visitors number which you want, We advise that you should take care the keywords which you used inis about your site’s content or not. The current hygienic measures are aimed at prevention labotal contamination of the meat during slaughter and further processing.

Proposed French import tax on Malaysian palm oil. Will it raise these concerns with the Government of the Kingdom of Spain? An Inner History of the New America. Furthermore, Cyprus reportedly makes no difficulties about granting citizenship to wealthy Russians.