Black Spring. By Alison Croggon. A fantasy reworking of Wuthering Heights which interweaves wizard lore and vendetta with Emily Bronte’s. Inspired by the gothic classic Wuthering Heights, this stunning new fantasy from the author of the Books of Pellinor is a fiercely romantic tale of betrayal. Black Spring. author: Alison Croggon. In a savage land sustained by wizardry and ruled by vendetta, Lina is the enchanting but willful daughter of a village lord.

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The surprising bit is that Lina Cathy and Damek Heathcliff are every bit as stubbornly wilful Lina and brutishly vengeful Damek as the pair who inspired them, and every bit as tragic, but we are spared most of the reve I’ve never been a huge fan of Wuthering Heights as a romance, although I will give it credit for being a compelling story.

About Black Spring Inspired by the gothic classic Wuthering Heightsthis stunning new fantasy from the author of the Books of Pellinor is a fiercely romantic tale of betrayal and vengeance. It was just weird to have a religion from the real world be the main religion in a fantasy world. Print this page Decrease font size Increase font size.

I was not sure what I was going to find within these pages but Alison took me to several places. Making me feel like I was really in a conversation with this woman. View all 5 comments. Were his intentions ever served out?

The Story of my Book: Black Spring by Alison Croggon

alispn Jul 21, Whitney rated it liked it. The object of his affections is Lina, daughter of the village lord, whose magical powers make her a witch and witches are not tolerated in this brutally patriarchal society. We begin with a totally unnecessary frame sprlng some rich dude named Hammel journeying to the wild magical North.


The existence of witches and wizards isn’t used much better. As she develops into a woman, the changes she feels are like those of the characters in Wuthering Heights, for she is falling from Hell to a Heaven when she meets Damek.

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Which is why this is a clumsy adaptation, every break from Bronte canon carves out pages within the structure of Wuthering Heights for exposition about the world in which Wuthering Heights needed no exposition.

Email required Will not be published Your website. And while it comes to the town, I’m not sure when the blood feud ended, or if it ever did, which is just sloppy.

View all 7 comments. Alison does paint a very haunted love affair. Now that is how you marry a classic to a totally different genre. Jun 04, Cari rated it really liked it Shelves: You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.

Black Spring by Alison Croggon

Somewhat surprisingly, then, I thoroughly enjoyed this retelling. He gets forty days to set his affairs in order, then the victim’s oldest male relative kills him.

It sounds ridiculous, and I often think it is ridiculous; but I suppose that when you write a fiction, you have to imagine what it is your characters are feeling as well as thinking. That aside; the first few chapters of this book didn’t interest me at all. Email required Address never made public.


Book Review : Black Spring by Alison Croggon.

These are two people who are blafk gripped by love, their love and Passion rules them so they can’t act with free will. Lina and Damek the Cathy and Heathcliff characters have more backstory here her impetuousness is witchy; he’s hinted to be a royal bastardbut those looking for a satisfyingly ‘romantic’ and ‘passionate’ love story may be disappointed.

I can’t say I loved it or even really liked it, since I usually don’t vroggon books that are so depressing and hopeless all the way through. Leave a comment Comments may be reviewed before being published. Overall it was a clever remake with a super clever fantasy environment, but its at-times slavish mimicry of its inspiration caused an otherwise exciting reimagination to fall flat.

Alison Croggon does a brilliant job of using language that is eerily evocative of the original. Is she a little crazy, blinded by love and her own safety? There are also wizards, who work behind the scenes in hlack with the ruling powers. Not what I was expecting.

To ask other readers questions about Black Springplease sign up. I could never quite get past the sheer unlikeability of the main characters, though. And then he had the audacity to bitch and moan about how hard his life was when he was away from her. There was a problem adding your email address.