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Posted by entdinglichung – Studierende und ihre Furcht vor der Freiheit hier als pdf-Download, kb. Die achte Ausgabe der englischsprachigen iranischen linken Zeitschrift The Bridge ist erschienen, weitere Ausgaben hier:. Le renouvellement des pratiques militantes de la S. Alle origini del socialismo italianopdf-Datei.

Die Zelle ist anrideutscher. United Irishman incorporating ResistanceNovember The Cobra Fields The Irish Election Literature Blog:. The Principal of Organization to the Light of Anarchism 19?? Socialism and society Feminism and Marxism Weder Elektrifizierung noch Sowjets A Lead to Word Socialism. Il y a cent ans, kztechismus naissance de la SFIO Service international de presse, 5. Forward to Socialist Revolution. Statement on National Situation.

Capitalist Exploitation in Indian Agriculture, pt. Indian Mill-Owners Cry Halt! Is There a Third Way? New Political Strategies for the Millennium Mid-Point in the Middle East? The fall of Stalinism in Eastern Europeneu ediert Finding Hope After Seattle: Your Face is So Mysteriously Kind Landmarks of scientific socialism: Instead of a book: Socialism; promise or menace? Proposed roads to freedom; socialism, anarchism, and syndicalism Links — International Journal of Socialist Renewal:.

Teori Revolusi Permanen Trotsky: Suatu perdebatan panjang yang masih relevan The Making of an Anarchist? Il faut renverser la bureaucratie stalinienne! Mehr antigewerkschaftliche Repression in Guatemala Quelle: The women trade union leaders had gone to the Labour Ministry to denounce the constant human and trade union rights violations committed by large multinational fruit companies operating in Guatemala.

The women were held against their will in the entrance of the Labour Ministry when security guards were ordered to lock the door to the building and the gates giving onto the street, trapping the women inside. During their illegal detention, staff at the ministry photographed and filmed the women trade unionists without their consent, as well as insulting and mistreating them.

Reflexion berichtet, dass einige Knallpfeifen am 3. Quellen der beiden nachfolgend dokumentierten Artikel: Two union officers, president Ali Nejati and communications officer Reza Rakhshan, both of whom face lengthy prison sentences, were still awaiting the outcome of their appeal when the court in the city of Dezful sentenced them on the similar charges.


Mohammad Heydari Mehr received a 4-month term, 8 months suspended. Ali Nejati must serve his suspended sentence as prison time, meaning he faces an immediate one-year prison term.

Should he lose his appeal on the conviction, his sentence could stretch to over 2 years. Previously we had reported that Nejat Dehli was among those sentenced. Recent information has established that Dehli, alone among the 6, was acquitted by the Court.

Reza Rakhshan is still awaiting the final sentencing in his case.

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Haft Tapeh workers in recent years have repeatedly had to resort to strikes and other actions to claim huge wage arrears and protest deteriorating working conditions.

The union was officially founded in June following a day strike to demand long-standing arrears. The regime is clearly determined to crush the union by putting its entire leadership behind bars. The IUF urges all defenders of democratic and trade union rights to mobilize in their defense. Please note that some messages may bounce katechisjus — do not be discouraged!

Server overload is a common condition in Iran — some messages will get through, making the point that the persecuted trade unionists enjoy international support. The Haft Tapeh union leaders are katechhismus supported by Amnesty International. You can also send a message to the Iranian embassy or diplomatic representation in your country — or pay them a visit!

Ernst Moritz Arndt

Pedram was released on bail earlier this year April 6 from prison in Sanandaj, the capital of the Iranian province of Kurdistan. It is necessary that all labour activists take action quickly for the unconditional release of this labour activist as soon as possible.

Obviously, in order to continue exploiting and plundering the wages of us workers, the katecismus system will do anything. Only our unity in this proletarian fight can force the onslaught of repression and arrests of activists into a retreat. Guesdisme et culture politique: Bureau de Paris et bureau de Londres: This Is Not Socialism,pdf-Datei.

Freeze—profits grow, wages lose.

Antideutscher Katechismus. Herausgegeben von der // Neology

Antideutschr Prinsipyo sa Organisasyong Pampartido Dodge Truck June ? Anatomy of an Industrial Struggle: Spartakism to National Bolshevism — the K. Useful Work versus Useless Katechimsus Patterns of Betrayal — the flight from Socialism: The Korean Working Class: From Mass Strike to Casualization and Retreat, Russia in revolution antideutscheg We Only Want the Earth! Women Turning the World Upside Down: Christopher Hill and His Legacy? Antideutscheg the Stalinist bureaucracy! Die Geschichte von den sieben Gehenkten The anttideutscher cutters went on strike at 11am on November 9 and continued their strike the next by gathering at the cane cutting camp of the company.


The workers demanded the immediate payment of the annual productivity bonus. Most of the cane cutters are seasonal workers from the nearby Lorestan province, working for the company for five or six months a year. The workers ended the strike on November 12 once their bonuses were paid. For further news on Haft Tapeh and how you can help see the special section.

It led to the destruction of much of the productive forces of the USSR, to the impoverishment of a large segment of the population of the country. Splintered Sunrise berichtet von der irisch-nationalistischen Instrumentalisierung protestantisch-unionistischer Schafe in Nordirland.

Posted by entdinglichung – 7. The strike made government officials, particularly the Governor of Sanandaj, to go to bakeries in the early hours of the morning and try various methods to stop the bakers from going on strike. The strike took place after a collective decision and careful preparation by the workers.

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They announced that if they did not receive higher wages then they would strikes in several stages. After the strike, the workers had a number of meetings with the Sanandaj Governor and other officials. By the end of office hours on that day the bakers had won higher wages. A list detailing the pay rises of the five different grades of bakery workers was published.

The pay rises range between aktechismus Posted by entdinglichung – 6. Die Geschichte meines Zeitgenossen — Zweiter Band Retour sur le sionisme et la question juive Inleiding in de macro-economie.

The Colonial Policy of the L. After the May Upsurge: