Overview. For sure, Accuphase is not a brand that will wet everyone’s appetite. That is only because we are no longer dealing with audio gears that are priced. Accuphase C Preamplifiers user reviews: 5 out of 5 – 1 reviews – Find great deals for Accuphase C Precision Stereo Preamplifier Japan Audio. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Accuphase C Preamplifier – Preamplifiers –

This is as good as anything to come out from the land of the rising sun! Because this is very important I will repeat it once again: The volume knob is c-280 to a conventional potentiometer with a motor. The differences were not big, but at such a high general level we have to define very well what we are looking for.

In short — we deal with an element that controls the volume, but not in the analog domain, like potentiometers or resistor ladder discrete and in form of ICs. It is not as vivid as the C or as precise as the CV from the same company, but nothing comes free. And the mentioned bass. Acchphase built a big and slightly warm sound, but was a departure from neutrality.

And both are splendid. Krell Evolution Preamplifier. How did they do it — I do not know. Very much like a scalpel used f-2810 surgery. The insides is packed with PCBs.

Bass did not go as far down accupyase with the Leben, it was also not as fleshy, but its saturation was good, and tightness even better. Be the First to Know. There is also a 6. Enter your e-mail Address Submit.

Accuphase Laboratory, Inc. C

We have the balanced audio path and universality of the Accuphase that becomes a kind of a nerve center. Everythin besides that — super. This is the reason why after hearing the first few sounds of the Pyramid I immediately knew, that the Accu draws a bigger, deeper and better defined stage. Details For sale is a gorgeous Accuphase C preamplifier. The C is one preamp that you either like or dislike.


Built quality is World class as always. Even keeping avcuphase high level, inside a brand we find better and worse products. The first thing is that the Accuphase sounds a acckphase more conservative.

Home Preamplifiers Accuphase C Preamplifier. During the direct comparison with my Leben a few things are immediately audible. It is shielded together with the motor.

Feed any kind music from your source unit and it dissects the music unforgivingly. The simplest explanation would be that there is progress between each and every model, everything is being improved, and every new model is better. BuyBack Policy For all our orders we offer a 5 years BuyBack policy so all our customers can apply for a buyback and can upgrade their current order with newer equipment.

Accuphase C-2810 Preamplifiers

In terms of building the image as a whole one could speak about the assets of one or the other preamplifier, accuphasr in terms of the sound stage in new recordings the C was clearly better.

Previously owned in NYC. Obviously the Japanese made something so well, that they even did not expect that.

It does not bother me that it does not have a remote, that it has limited controls, etc. Loudspeakers — Harpia Acousticsor Von Schweikert and it will be fine. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

Accuphase C-2810 : new preamplifier with resistor-free volume control!

Before aaccuphase get inside we have to go through a complicated, massive enclosure. And if your do dislike it, its also the very same reason why the next person likes it so much. In none of the mentioned domains it is as accu;hase as the mentioned references, but it combines the best assets. This list shows how advanced is the C You have to listen to it. Accuphase plays with a slightly rounded, really slightly, but very well controlled, short, dense and at the same time naturally warm bass.


To those who dislike it, you might grumble at its lack of coloration and clinical sound but if you want your music as honest as possible and you accupnase top notch components both upstream and downstream, you definitely need to audition the C Because I love my preamplifier RSCX Lebena so I do not look at the troublesome handling and absolutely accuphzse functionality it offers.

The C preamplifier from Accuphase is a big, full size device. It should not be like that here, and the C is in some aspects more mature than the C and shows its supremacy. The Krell EVO power amplifier only profited from this, and the set was phenomenal, but only Accuphase showed, accuphade you can sound with a slightly warmed sound by a trace without emphasizing any of the subranges. We have three slots for extension cards, five line RCA inputs, a tape loop, two RCA outputs and input for an external device like a home cinema processor.

This is pinnacle territory and when you are dealing at the top of the food chain, it is a ground that few have footholds on and the difference between each brands are as polarizing as the likes of summer and winter. Accuphase is different — it enjoys the even, slightly softens the attack, but not in an easy way, because there is no lack of precision, but the whole transmission is a bit softer, and even more vivid.

Very good cabinet with the high gloss finish intact. All the PCBs in this device have gilded traces. But if one deals with a product as complete as the C then one can get angry, that hi-end is so user un-friendly sometimes.