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I get some voltage on the primary like 10vbut nothing on the secondary. I’ll post when I get them and try it out. The Sonos lives and is revived. SMPS with minimal external components. The best way to get it off was keep cracking at it with desoldering braid.

Can you tell me where you purchased your part from?

I 5m02655r found a site with some pretty good directions datassheet building the dim bulb tester: Total cost for replacement parts: They show nothing using a 60W bulb. LED Drive smps circuit diagram Abstract: Not sure how to test a PWM I will be opening the unit when it arrives and will update this thread once I do. Basically, the SMPS is a power source whichwasted in the regulat ed supply.

Savings to fix it myself: Briefly stated, if all three types of regulation canwithin prespecified limits.


Is that with or without the PWM attached? During ‘inhibit SMPS ‘ the AO output is fixed to zero charge current forthat the circuit switches over to normal charging.

The SMPS does, however, suffer significantly in the ripple regulation it. Also, the dim bulb was brilliant. I’m reading 44V at 1 and 3 with a dim bulb as well. I replaced them and just as I thought, the PWM pulls down the voltage. Im wondering with the PWM attached, it may pull some of that voltage down.

It is critical for testing any sort of power supply to keep datashheet from blowing more components. He has a nice chapter on a dim bulb tester.

From my readings, the hot part is almost always the culprit for a failed component. Bob is your Uncle! Sonos Beam playing by itself icon 25 minutes ago. That is the unit I am working currently.

The auction description says it does not power on and I am hoping to use datashheet thread to troubleshoot and fix it. I am pretty good with soldering and have already checked out some possible part replacements on eBay. From the circuit diagram above, it indicates that the grounding for the.

Fairchild Power Switch(FPS)

Community Advanced setups Repair ZP I pulled the inductor and its good The PWM is not switching therefore no secondary voltages will show datasjeet. This helped me trace the hot part. I was dreading pulling that component. I tried to short those too, but got nothing. Keep in mind it was DMM tested on board and I have not removed it.


Great work documenting your troubleshooting and thought process. Replace the blown fuse with a V light bulb. In order to get it to melt, I had to get my Hakko iron up to degrees. Figure shows a detailed block diagram. That 5m065r with the dim bulb installed so it is probably a little bit higher. Waited a few minutes and opened the iPhone Sonos app.

5MR Datasheet, PDF – Qdatasheet

In continuity mode with a DMM you just get a short since it just sees a wire. Active topics Beam Music Quality 4 minutes ago ZP80 cuts out when grouped with Sonos 1’s icon 5 minutes ago Playback stops all the time!! So I am wondering if that is what may be blowing that? Walter Karppinen earned the badge Meet and greet.

One of my amp ICs was a short.