2N from Fairchild Semiconductor. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. 2N Datasheet PDF Download – NPN Transistoor, 2N data sheet. 2N datasheet, 2N pdf, 2N data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Central Semiconductor, Leaded Small Signal Transistor General Purpose.

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Micro-circuits offer the advantages of low cost, de- sign simplicity, size, weight and power reductions. For technical data on any member of the J-Series, write to: PD is sold in minimum mill quantities of lbs. AJ, ge pnp,AJ,ge npn. Oxide Surface Passivation — Prevents contamination of the junction by external agents.

Newcomers to the industry ask why. RF in FM rec. Write today for full information Transistor Test equipment.

Full text of “Electronic Design 11th Annual Transistor Data Chart May 24, “

For PNP devices, planar tech- niques proved inadequate since any attempt to increase voltage ratings be- yond approximately 20 volts through increasing collector material resistivity induced a phenomenon, called chan- neling, which actually increased leak- age current far beyond tolerable levels. The tests may be pro- grammed in any order through an easy-to- use punch card system.

Just write Phelps Dodge at the address below. Proven stability with inverse working voltages to volts. As added benefits you’ll enjoy device uniformity, fewer rejects and simplified purchasing. Offer many out- standing features: P9, 2N All 2N A Kemet is your assurance of maximum reliability, since Kemet controls the char- acteristics of tantalum powder from mine to finished product! Add a Type 1 75 Adapter and you extend the range of col- lector displays 1 0 times and the range of base supply 5 times.


Standard Metal Package Rectifiers Available at ratings of 6, 12, 20 and 35 amps. Glass-to-metal seals are said to be eliminated by the package, whose lower beryllia surface provides a direct path from the semiconductor material to a chassis or heat sink.

Over 5 megawatts of 30 ampere transistors are now serving in military and industrial applica- tions. Inversive working voltages to volts. Either V CE o or Vcbo is listed as a maximum voltage rating. In fact, you can design 99 per cent of devices today with Merck materials. Pushbuttons are provided for multiply- ing each current step by 2 and dividing by 10, increas- ing the current range to 0. Oxide-coated surface passivated units with working inverse voltages up to 1, volts.

AJ ,si pnp,AJ,ge pnp. Developed with an oxygen free copper base, PD is controlled by Phelps Dodge throughout every step of casting, and fabrication into rod, bar, wire, and strip forms. The major diameter is 0. Electronic Design Transistors Potver switching Switching up to w in fxsecs is afforded by these amp, dif- fused alloy, power transistors.

This performance stems from advanced dataxheet design and refined photolithographic techniques plus Sylvania’s exclusive skills in epitaxial technology. It has a major diameter of 0. The new double-ended transistor, 2N series, comes in voltage ratings to volts, current rat- ings to 30 amperes, and a variety of gain classes. The Annular manufactur- ing process provides a new degree of freedom from surface effects for semiconductor products. FET’s provide circuit simplicity, tiny size.


Baird-Atomic offers the most complete line of Engineers and Scientists: Canadian General Electric, Dufferin St. Since the interconnections are always the same, other functions count- ing, decoding, accumulating, etc. Old-timers know Merck is a basic manufacturer of polycrystalline silicon, dataaheet the largest research budget in the industry during the past half decade. A3, for example, means daasheet type can be found in the third block of the Datashret section. Individual plug-in units provide frequencies of 20 me, me, and me.

Merck makes it awfully easy to be a customer. Collector saturation voltage is 0. These triple-duty resistors come in seven sizes— 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 15 and 20 watts.


It can be used as an rf amplifier to Me and as an oscillator to 1. Inter- national Datahseet Electric, Madison Ave. South Minneapolis 8, Minn. V C eo is related to collector- emitter diode breakdown and V C bo to col- lector-base diode breakdown. Leland Airborne Products Div. Noise lev- els as low as 0. Mil lliii mu i 1 2N 2N 2N 2N ill! Test conditions are determined in a digital manner by prepunched cards.