Posts about Mad Monks of Kwantoom written by Dyson Logos. Mad Monks of Kwantoom [Kabuki Kaiser] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Random DM-less solo campaign generator, DM’s aid, and. I have Black Hack and Labyrinth Lord, bith of which are recommended to play it, but I’m not a big fan of OSR styled classes. Are there other.

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Don’t have it yet, but this looks really cool http: Demons all of them, they fled to remote places where they had palaces built in which they could dwell and kad in the glittering shadows, and that among these places, the Pagodas of Doom of the Yellow Springs Island are supreme, sheltering countless horrors and ghosts.

Frugal GM Review: Mad Monks of Kwantoom – Frugal GM

A Chinese-style monster manual with a twist? A tome collecting a hundred brand new mundane magic items?

  E3Z R81 PDF

An Asian-themed urban setting? A game aid to help you fill in the gaps when improvising?

An endless campaign that you can play wkantoom or with your family and friends without a DM? IN A NUTSHELL In a nutshell, Mad Monks of Kwantoom features a wondrous Asian setting with new character races and classes, crazy unique creatures inspired by matchbox pictures coming straight from ancient China, alternative petty magic items, tables for random dungeongeneration and simple house rules for all of this to run smoothly.

Since these systems emulate the Basic and Advanced editions of the original Old School rules, you can play it with them or with any Old School Renaissance gaming system instead. Don’t miss the cover pic.

OSR News and Reviews: Mad Monks of Kwantoom Review

Ov, I’m not a fan of oriental adventures, but this sounds really cool. All these weird fiends are described herein with their powers and a rough Gygaxian “ecology”.


Now with a review from Dark Corners of Roleplaying. I like it a lot and it tells what’s Mad Monks of Kwantoom is about — spot on.

I must be the only occidental that doesn’t have a jones for oriental adventures. Is there a Bryce Lynch review of this? Wkantoom time there’s a nice coupon for Lulu I’ll probably pick it up.

OA used to be one of my favorite books back in the day, and having a version for LL sounds sweet. This might be your chance. We are moving east and having a birthday, all on the verge of launching a new, massive collection of OSR supplements.