The work of Littlejohn and Domenici deals with dialogue as attending to human relationships and then moves on to consider it as a strategy for producing results . practice. Kathy Domenici & Stephen W. Littlejohn authors Domenici and Littlejohn successfully uphold the dialogue skills, storytelling, and reframing are. Authors Kathy Domenici and Stephen W. Littlejohn illustrate how facework is a in Domenici Littlejohn, Inc. and a project consultant for the Public Dialogue.

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Book reviews Book reviews Facework: Part I presents a social construction per- spective on facework theory and practice. Chapter 1 articulates the relationship between a coherent, personal identity, and the diaalogue lying values of facework.

A social construction view on facework implies that people cocon- struct and coordinate their movements, meanings, and patterns of facework in an interdependent social world.

According to the authors, to engage in positive littleejohn, individuals need to intentionally create a communication environment that facilitates collaboration, empowerment, constructive processes, and safety. A matrix model of facework, namely, the rela- tionship between facework focus and scope of action, is presented in a compelling fashion. Chapter 2 covers the connection between facework theory and facework practice.


Facework: Bridging Theory and Practice – Kathy Domenici, Stephen W. Littlejohn – Google B√łker

To develop facework competence in diverse are- nas, communicators must tend to three foci: Conjointly, the application of the facework matrix model centers on skillful expression and Facework: Bridging theory and listening during communication acts, conver- practice sations, interaction episodes, and lifescripts, which help induce collaboration and safety.

With so many useful ideas on building positive facework in fascinating facework cases in the interper- diverse contexts. Particular facework skills sonal and family contexts, the authors can such as identity reflections, effective listening, flush out some of the relational paradoxes in dialogue skills, storytelling, and reframing are complex, blended family situations and illus- consistently reinforced.

Throughout the text, trate how the practical theory of facework boxed features offer a wealth of relevant might offer insights for family mediators or quotes, exercises and activities, reflective therapists.

Book Reviews | Journal of Communication | Oxford Academic

Donenici, focal theoreti- communication, and communication theory. Taken together, this facework expression themes are supported concisely written text offers a fresh and orig- with culture-sensitive community facilita- inal perspective in the mindful management tion examples. Ethnic-specific issues such communication. However, a more Stella Ting-Toomey thoughtful probe into how hurtful facework California State University at Fullerton emotions can be demoralizing to personal and workplace diversity systems would add depth to the discussion.


The book ends with two chapters to round off the notion of the facework matrix as a prac- tical theory in action.

In chapter 7, the authors reinforce their belief in the practical utility of a workable facework theory, introducing cri- teria for judging the effectiveness of a practical theory.

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Book Reviews

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