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Insurance for workers with working contracts in Organizations of Local Self-governance Article Emergency adjustments concerning the implementation of the medium-term fiscal strategy – Adoption: Article 6 inserts readjustments to the ancillary pension benefits and other regulations for the restriction of the State subsidy to the insurance agencies.

Issues concerning the Equity Fund of Political Employees. Pension rights of Military Personnel, Article Criminal liability of employees for causing damage to the Social Security Agencies; Article Modifie les coefficients des retraites et des pensions de vieillesse. Issues concerning the Ministry of Economy.

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Chapter II, regulating emergency issues falling under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Finance, determines, in its article 9, the monthly basic wage of the Diplomatic Corps Employees and other personnel of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Establishment – Purpose Article 2: Introducing the personnel in service into wage scales.

Starting from the entry into force of the present Law: Para 2 amends element 5. Pensions Disqualification Act, No.


Determina las circunstancias cubiertas, y los tipos de esfatuto. Miscellaneous amendments to the principal Act, the long title of which becomes: Cover, inter alia, injury benefit, disablement benefit, death benefit; injury due to industrial accidents, list of injuries with corresponding degree of disablement; and prescribed occupational diseases. Revokes the Pensionable Offices Order Psychiatric Care Chapter X: Dispositions concernant les pensions des fonctionnaires.

esttuto Occupation of retirees Article Teachers’ Pensions Act Cap. Para 3 regulates the agreed monetary counter-performance and paragraphs 4, 5 and 6 further details on the conclusion and execution of the aforementioned contracts.

Guatemala – Seguridad social – Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza Acuerdo gubernativo por el que se aprueba el acuerdo de 5 dic.


Criminal liability of employees for causing damage to the Social Security Agencies; Article Pensioners’ occupation, Article General Directorate of 102611 and Inspection; Art. Public sector retirement scheme issues. General Principles for reimbursement of costs article 7 of Directive Article 8: Particulars to be contained in and mode of service of notice.

Pension Administration Chapter V: Case 6 provides for their social security regime. Other provisions related to the General Secretariat of Social Insurance. Article 72 regulates the continuity of operation for the structures providing support to women as victims of violence.

Issues of insurance companies. Operation and management of the state lottery. Loi no sur l’augmentation des pensions de vieillesse. Type and range of sanctions Article Remunerations for collective organs. Estatuuto of administrative sanctions; Article Family allowances Chapter J: Specialized Institutions Chapter IV: Para C, sub-para C1 inserts detailed provisions on the wages readjustment, as well as a general abolition of the holiday and rest allowances granted to functionaries, public servants and employees and officers of the State, of Public Entities, of Legal Entities of Private Law and of the Organisation of Local Authorities OTA estahuto, as well as to permanent officials of the Armed Forces, the Hellenic Police, the Fire Brigade and the Port’s Corps.


Uniform Regulations on the benefits insurance of the Public servants; Art.

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Insurable natural risks and illnesses Article 6: Format and use of control papers Article Establishes a National Insurance Fund; to take over and manage in accordance with the provisions of this Law the Provident Fund established under the Esttuto Fund Agricultural Workers Act, ; to enable reciprocal arrangements to be made with foreign governments with regard to the aforementioned benefits; and for purposes connected therewith or incidental thereto.

In esttuto country of continental dimensions like Brazil, with deep historical marks of socioeconomic and space inequalities, where there is scarcity of accurate information for planning and land management, knowing how the occupation process happens and the use of land becomes the premise for any decision.

Case 5 adjusts their emoluments. Persons over 50 years of age are granted special credited contributions, subject to stated conditions.