Get Dymo LabelPOINT Label Maker User Manual. Get all Dymo manuals!. LabelPOINT Supplies & LabelPOINT SKU. Weight: g excl. batteries & cassette. Box Contents: LabelPOINT Manual. Tape range. An adhesive-label maker manufactured in by DYMO. DYMO LabelPOINT troubleshooting, repair, and service manuals.

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Dymo LabelPOINT 100 Instructions For Use Manual

If you are looking for the instruction manual: On this page you can download it for free. For details about manual, see the info below. The file is available in a few seconds as the connection speed of your internet. We believe that our webpage help you and we will be glad if you visit us in the future. PDF Click to preview. Maunal this manual helpful? Please click us here: Dymo tape casettes are available in a wide range of labelpoiny If necessary, turn spool Lagelpoint clockwise to tighten ribbon.

When the tape cassette is pushed firmly into place, the unit automatically adjusts the tension of the tape. You will hear a slight noise as the tape is being tightened. The unit turns off automatically, after 2 minutes of inactivity.


Learn more about formatting in the following pages. Use or to move along the text.

You’ve printed your first label! Let’s go on to learn more about creating and formatting labels. The last label created will remain in memory and displayed when next turned on.


Any stored last label settings will also be retained. If the batteries are removed for more than a few seconds, all text and settings will be lost. When power is restored, the display will show a flashing cursor no text and the settings will be full height, standard width text with H and all other settings off.

Also use to exit or clear certain function key operations. The cursor will be positioned under the current selection. To return to unboxed text select the first menu option.

Allows you to start a new label after stored labels. You may store as many labels as you like until the memory is full when an error flash warning is given. To make space in the memory you can edit any stored label. Extended memory allows you to store your favorite labels in the memory.

You can store up to 70 characters in as many labels as you like.

Dymo LabelPOINT : Label Maker User Manual

lzbelpoint Each label can have its own characteristics such as bold, underline, To make space in the memory, simply edit any label. Move the cursor with the or buttons or to jump between labels, use or. Once it is deleted adjoining labels are merged into one. The or will move the cursor under the preferred option. To select your option, press to enter. This manyal confirmed by the VERT indicator on the display. Vertical text is not available on two lines.

The two lines will be printed half-height and ranged left, e. Once it is deleted, the label will now print in one line versus two.


The display will automatically move up a digit to the next number. The length is normally calculated automatically, according to the length of the text on the label. The display will flash if you try to make the label shorter than the text.

Upon power-up, these will be restored and displayed.

Dymo LabelPOINT 100 display

Removal of the batteries for more than a few seconds will cause this information to be lost. The display will show: A-Z Llabelpoint letter selects a line of symbol characters, as shown in the table on page 2. Press to place the symbol in the label. To increase the number of copies required press.

By pressing you can work backwards from A row of vertical dots will print between each label as a cutting guide.

This product is CE marked in accordance with EMC directive and the low voltage directive and is designed to conform with the following international standards: The contrast level will revert to the mid-setting when the unit is turned off and on again. This function enables you to adjust the print quality under extreme temperature conditions.

Release cutter lever E. Press any key to return to normal display. Open the cassette compartment and free the jam.