Genetika citogenetika. (B). Klinikinė genetika (B). Medicinos. Žmogaus ir . Po-Ru Loh, Bhatia G, Gusev A, Kucinskas V, Kucinskiene ZA et al. Kučinskas V. Genetika. Šviesa, , p. ISBN 3. Langlois S, Brock JA, Wilson RD, Audibert F,. Brock JA, Carroll J, Cartier L, Gagnon A. Abstract. The chemokine receptor CCR5 is encoded by the CMKBR5 gene located on the p region of human chromosome 3, and constitutes the major.

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Familial Distal Monosomy 5p Physiological Genomics 48, — Annals of Human Genetics 79, — Am J Hum Genet 97, — Implications for Clinical Pharmacogenomics.

Clinical and molecular characterization of a second case of 7p Nat Neurosci 19, — Mental retardation and autism associated with recurrent 16p Acting senior researcher Phone: Genome-wide association study reveals greater polygenic loading for schizophrenia in cases with a family history of illness.

Molecular Basis of Cystic Fibrosis in Lithuania: Ethically and socially responsible governance of research biobanks in Latvia: COL1A1 mutation analysis in Lithuanian patients with osteogenesis imperfecta. Vilniaus universitetas, Medicinos fakultetas,p.


Clinical, cytogenetic and molecular study of a case of ring chromosome GRP75 overexpression rescues frataxin deficiency and mitochondrial phenotypes in Friedreich Ataxia cellular models.

Human genetics and disease mechanisms. Genetic counselling in carriers of reciprocal chromosomal geneitka involving short arm of chromosome X.

Molekulārās ģenētikas zinātniskā laboratorija

Duplication of segment 1p21 following paternal insertional translocation, ins 6;1 q25;p Rihards Saksis Laboratory assistant Phone: A case of lysinuric protein intolerance presenting with hepatosplenomegaly. Helvijs Niedra Laboratory assistant Phone: Transferrin variants as markers of migrations and admixture between populations in the Baltic Sea region. New DNA polymorphisms define ethnically distinct haplotypes in the human transferrin receptor gene.

Molecular genetic study of autosomal dominant retinitis pigmentosa in Lithuanian patients. It is further planned to use health care medical information for the research of other multifactorial diseases as well. Origin of the most common RW mutation.

Latvian Biomedical Research and Study Centre – Directions and labs

Citing articles via Web of Science Projektas finansuojamas Vilniaus universiteto. Gimimo data ir vieta: Besides that, we are obtaining and studying pituitary adenoma stem-like kucinsoas cultures, in order to analyse their origin and differentiation as well as to create pituitary adenoma cell model, in which we could independently evaluate drug effectiveness and molecular maker dynamics.


Rheumatoid arthritis in Poland and Lithuania: PAH gene mutations identified in Lithuania.

Birth Defects Research Part A: Prenatal and postnatal clinical findings. Identification of novel mutations in the COL1A1 gene.

Kučinskas Vaidutis

BMC Med Genet ABCA4 disease progression and a proposed strategy for gene therapy. CNV analysis in the Lithuanian population. BMC Musculoskelet Disord Recombinant chromosome 14 due to maternal pericentric inversion. Terminal deletion of chromosome 18q in apatient with multiple congenital malformations including mental retardation.