Learn to master languages like the famous Hungarian polyglot Kató Lomb. Discover her self-learning formula!. some 16 languages. See Wikipedia: %C3% B3_Lomb. Kato Lomb’s 10 Suggestions for Successful Langugage Learning. Polyglot has ratings and 97 reviews. Erica said: It was very refreshing to read Lomb’s language-learning tactics. Just about everything else I’ve rea.

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She tended to express the language skill and its fruitfulness with a fraction, with motivation in the numerator as well as invested time, although if there is true motivation, one can pinch off some ten minutes a day even with the busiest joband inhibition in the denominator the fear of starting to speak, of being clumsy, of being laughed at.

Don’t expect clear headers, and subheaders guiding you to the main points, and techniques of interest. The author’s unique take on language learning is that it’s not only possible, but to your advantage to take on a language above your level. Mar 25, Marius added it.

With Languages in Mind: And finally I took private class during my holiday after 2nd semester finished. I think people have been misled by the Latin proverb Saxa loquuntur, or “Stones talk”.

No one wonders why kqto many working hours there is nothing to be seen above ground.

-Totally Free Read- Kató Lomb’s “Polyglot: How I Learn Languages”

The above quote is very relevant, though. Maybe if they were systematically organized it would all make more sense. Views Read Edit View history.

What makes this book fun is Lomb’s obscure Hungarian historical references.

No, but I have admiration and respect for Lomb, and maybe just the tiniest bit more motivatio This, obviously, is not an actual guide on how to learn languages, but rather an individual’s story on her own adventure. Language geeks, myself included sometimes have a tendency to spend too much time reading about languaes learning, rather than actually studying.

She starts off telling of how she taught herself Russian using only a novel langguages a dictionary. She achieved further fame by writing books on languages, interpreting, and polyglots. This led her to the first improvement of her self-study technique: Never do we read so fluently and with such keen eyes as in a hardly known, new language.


But I am not satisfied enough……. I like the translation of lexrn text, because the notes are at the end of each page easy to reference and explain clearly all of the historical and linguistic references.

Kató Lomb – Wikipedia

The author recommends reading in the language English title: Life imposed me almost 5 years recently including my 24 SKS at least hours a week-class not including papers, assignments and must-read literatures involved almost several semesters forward, remained me unbearable tiredness. How I Learn Languages, she refers to more languages she also understood.

Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. One of them is, “Boring activities kill motivation.

To spur my instinct and creativity, I imagined I would be hit by some great trouble were I not to understand it exactly, or maybe an unknown tyrant would even condemn me to death. Neatly inscribed lines with uniform pearly letters are like desert landscapes.

Both books are definitely recommended for any serious polyglot, or for any person with an intellectual interest in how people learn new languages. Instead, you withdraw to a certain distance. According to his pledge, he never rode languqges cart and never changed his shoes — an example worth bearing in mind for our comfort- loving youth and also for our shoe manufacturing.

Within a week, she was intuiting the text; after a month, she understood it; and after two months, she was having fun with it. Sorry, nowadays this makes me giggle.

Polyglot: How I Learn Languages: Kato Lomb: : Books

In her conviction, the stronger the motivation is within us, and the more we can put aside inhibition, the sooner we can take possession of the language. One had triple possessives in every sentence the thoroughbred riding horse of the poacher of the neighbour’s land. Lots and lots of unnecessary details as well, and, most importantly, almost all ways of learning a foreign lamguages now, more than forty years later, are completely different all such thing A very outdated account of one Hungarian woman’s drive to learn many languages and its results, which she shares with the reader the book was translated sometime in the s.


Nowadays there is a lot of emphasis on speaking and ktao is refreshing to read about an approach with such a strong focus on spending a lot of time immersed in books. It’s clear that Lomb was not a professional writer, which is fine, and in fact is additionally refreshing since it is clear she is not trying to sell anything. Same with assessing what an adult has learned from input. I was tortured dreadfully everyday, but I stood still without despondence.

By the time we got used to answer telephone, whoever he was, and mostly English Man who called us could understand leatn obstacle in language.


Hungarian polyglot’s secret formula to language self-learning

For anyone who has dabbled with using books as the main texts for self-study or for those who are looking to be shown the way this book is a compelling story of Kato Lomb, who is fluent to varying degrees in about 16 languages, and points you in the right direction for self-study or supplementing conventional language classes. How to self-learn a languzges There was a problem filtering reviews right pomb.

Though I tend not to skim books, preferring to savour them, skimmers beware, this book is not for you. Considering the book was first published in it’s lom interesting to see how many of these strategies are hod proven to hold water mnemonics, comprehensible input, etc. She knows words and with more she’ll speak perfect German. According to her account, she acquired the languages above in this order: Autologia means speaking with myself, when I try to express my thoughts or what I see on the street in the language I’m studying, when I keep on chatting to myself.

What’s fascinating is Lomb, a 19 language polyglot, learned most of her languages at 30 or older.

The Way of the Linguist: Lomb was one of the worlds first simultaneous interpreters, and one of the rare female polyglots. Read more Read less.