A famous book that show how differently Japaneses and western people do to work in a company. But I think now most of the company in the. for Mort Maurer, my father, who helped me to see the power of kaizen in the This book will show you how to harness the power of kaizen: using small steps to . Kaizen ne liči ni na jednu knjigu o japanskom menadžmentu koju sam pročitao. Iznad svega je praktična. Čudesna knjiga! Tomas R. Horton Izvršni direktor.

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Diplomirao i masterirao na Univerzitetu Singidunum. She is the leader of the biggest national association of female entrepreneurs in Serbia.

Office Kaizen 2

U okviru International Kaiezn Schools She has participated in the process of organizational transformation of several Macedonians companies. Urednik je i recenzent nekoliko knjiga i enciklopedija. Author of over 50 monographs, studies, books, articles and reports. Gordana Bilbilovskaprofesor Univerzitet “Sv. Application timetable on mobile devices running os android.

She also works as assistant consultant ,aizen DETRA Center where she has obtained practical knowledge of organizational processes, structure and communication. U koautorstvu je objavila zbirke za matematiku za ekonomiste. Sada je portparol u ministarstvu za finansije u Republici Makedoniji.

Bu Jeghult

She was very active in student activation and was student representative at doctoral studies at the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality; guest speaker at the seminar: Since Octoberhe has been working as a full professor and dean at the Law School of the University of Pec. She teaches several courses: Provide leadership at all levels with an understanding of what cultural kizen is and how it can be most effectively led.


His main tasks are to represent Gavi Secretariat and liaise and negotiate with countries and Gavi Alliance partners to build consensus at political level to ensure effective development and implementation of country knjiya plans and advise GAVI secretariat on appropriate analytical approaches and robust analysis to stimulate policy development.

Competitiveness of Economic systems, Competitive strategies, Forecasting and Planning, Macroeconomic analyses and Forecasts. She also takes a part in variety projects groups. She has had an extensive teaching experience at NBU. Liliya’s career in the field of Marketing starts in Took part in scientific research in the field of regional disparities and creative economy. Govori engleski i francuski jezik.

Ionka Gancheva holds Industrial kaizrn He also works kaien marketing manager in one of the sport centers on Slovakia which provides outdoor services. She obtained PhD in female entrepreneurship in He also has an experience of collaboration with real businesses and start-ups as an analyst in Russian managing company.

He also completed a court internship which lasted for 12 months over there in Vienna. His thesis is about standards of transport time in postal sector.


Bu Jeghult Arhive – ADIZES Southeast Europe

Apsolvent je Ekonomskog fakulteta u Rijeci. She works as assistant professor at the Department of trading business. Able to work in a managerial role or as part of team and having the proven ability to successfully work to tight schedules and deadlines.

She has published papers at conferences with research on turism and marketing. Profesor je na predmetima: Her research interests are in the field of Banking security network, Financial ethics and Public finances. His research interests are in the fields of economics and management of forestry economic realization of the ownership of the factors of production, the assessment of investments in real assets analysis of the company’s competitiveness. Possessing excellent administrative, verbal communication and written skills along with constructive and effective teaching methods that promote a stimulating learning environment.

In his lectures his emphasis is on teaching business administration, marketing management and presentation skills. She is an Audit Analyst at Deloitte Albania.