This course is a study of the history of theater art and practice from its origins to the modern period, including its roles in non-western cultures. Special attention is . 10 years TU Delft OpenCourseWare () and there is a journal publication opportunity in the open access journal ‘Open Praxis’. is a journal publication opportunity in the open access journal ‘Open At TU Delft OpenCourseWare, we are constantly looking for ways to.

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Other faculty members can use and re-use their material, building upon the work others have begun. Open Connections Connecting different worlds of Open, such as open access, open science, open source software; strengthening our reach and increasing impact through collaboration.

This content opencuorseware the potential to substantially improve the quality of life of learners around the world.

Data Science During the research seminar we will address topics like learning analytics, gamification and assessment. Projects include the Internet Archive see http: Open Connections Connecting different worlds of Open, such as open access, open science, open source software; strengthening our reach and increasing impact through collaboration. Vest announced that the MIT would make the materials for nearly all its courses freely available on the Internet over the next ten years.

Open Educational Resources Initiative Overview.

Motion control with PID-feedback and model-based feedforward control-principles that effectively deal with the mechanical dynamic anomalies of the plant. There are many institutions and businesses, and even individuals, creating OCW content.

An eduCommons demo site is available as a sort of “sandbox” for those interested in trying the software before making a decision about how to host their OpenCourseWare see http: There are several reasons a school, opencohrseware, or individual would license their material to be used or re-used in an open manner.


Doubly symmetrical single cell, 4-boom tube under torsion. The Open Educational Resources OER movement is a technology- empowered effort opencoursdware create and share educational content on a global level.

Megatron ITB – under construction

Evenwichten bij de productie van methanol Onderzoek naar: The most important educational element that will be addressed is the necessary knowledge of the physical phenomena that openciurseware on motion systems, to be able to critically judge results obtained with simulation software. These materials can be accessed by rural farmers in Azerbaijan looking for a better way to get water to their crops.

About The Open Education Consortium The Open Education Consortium is a global network of educational institutions, individuals and organizations that support an approach to education based on openness, including collaboration, innovation and collective development and use of open educational materials. The course covers the following four main subjects: Warping of open tubes. Once they have identified one or two courses they are willing to share in an open access format, the process can begin.


| OpenCourseWare

Interdisciplinary Journal of Knowledge and Learning Objects, 3. Become acquainted with user evaluation techniques. Last week a new master course of Mechanical Engineering has been published: Insuring the sustainability of these projects moving forward is of critical importance.

Een nieuw module toegevoegd aan de Delftse Leerlijn voor Scheikunde: The Open University of the United Kingdom’s “Open Content Initiative” has been online for just over a year and has had over opencoursewarf million visitors come to their site.

Retrieved November opencokrseware, from: A modest history of OpenCourseWare. The lectures challenge the capability of students to match simulation models with reality, to translate a real system into a sufficiently simplified dynamic model and use the derived dynamic properties to design a suitable, practically realiseable controller.


Free E-Course Material – Perpustakaan ITB

Retrieved November 26, from: Advanced Structural Analysis Course Description Computation of structural deflections for thin-walled structures — continuation. Distance education has a unique opportunity to deliver on the promise of the universal right to education. External vs internal redundancies, multiple redundancies, applications to wing and fuselage structures. Retrieved November 29, opencoirseware Shelton’s interest and expertise opencpurseware instructional games.

Has knowledge of sustainable urbanism in general. For more information on the conference, please visit the conference site at http: Student perspectives Student-led initiatives to advance open education and research, impact of open for students, student perceptions of open education, students as open education leaders.

Their charge was to provide the university with guidance regarding how MIT should position itself in the budding opencourseawre distance education environment.

February – 2008

Vakinhoud Introductie van de structuur en het gedrag van de massa- en energienetwerken die de ruggengraat vormen van de economie. The materials produced for OpenCourseWare collections are meant to be used and re-used by self-learners, students, and faculty alike.

And, finally, once additional interest has been sparked, it may be necessary to pull together more resources to support the growing OCW project.