José Míguez Bonino was born in Santa Fé, Argentina, in and began his theological studies twenty years later at the interdenominational. José Míguez Bonino (far right) at the WCC 9th Assembly in Porto for the life and work of renowned liberation theologian José Míguez Bonino. José Miguez‐Bonino. Rev. Dr. J. Miguez‐Bonino is President of Union Theological Seminary, Buenos Aires, Argentina. This article first appeared in Spanish in.

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Again, Miguez Bonino’s indebtedness to Bonhoeffer, this time in his polarity of the ultimate and penultimate is acknowledged. Therefore the community needs to pray and work for peace.

The Hebrew Psalmist expresses it poetically: This page was last edited on 17 Mayat And this is the basic premise for the possibility of finding alternatives.

He sought to link the biblical theological conception of the Gospel with social concern in the cultural sphere.

Chapter 13: The Struggle for Justice and Peace, by Jose Miguez Bonino

Justice is essentially a concept of relation, referring to “the real relation between two. Besides, theologians and ethicists have to recognize that most of us do not naturally have the perspective of the poor.

Love and loyalty met together, justice and peace have kissed each other Ps. Bonino is considered one of the founders of Latin American Liberation theology[3] [5] and he was committed to a political ethic focused on the poor and the defense of human rights.


Faces of Latin American Protestantism – Jose Miguez Bonino : Eerdmans

What Does God Ask of Us? Bonino was raised in the Methodist Churchand participated actively in this denomination since his youth. In the Guarani indigenous tradition, in Brazil and Paraguay, it was seen as the pilgrimage to “a land without evils. For the poor it is the only God that counts. Retrieved from ” https: Biblical Reflections on Shalom, migeuz, p.

It can only be perceived jpse the technical instruments today at our disposal.

He has advocated for community interpretation of the Bible against individualism. We will look in vain for universal laws or definitions of an ideal justice that can then be applied to concrete cases.

It has to be recognized that the deterioration of conditions and the process of mass marginalization produced by the globalization of the economic model is producing a certain amount of demoralization in certain Third World areas and that some too sanguine expectations of the Sixties and Seventies have to be reassessed.

Reflections on Commentary Writing by Gordon D.

The issue, however, is by no means irrelevant. An organization of society which fails to provide for the needs of the vast majority “where there is no room for all”, can hardly be considered rational. However, he also criticized the social gospel migusz its theological weakness and utopian idealism that held that the kingdom of God is brewing in human history.

Sometimes the vision has taken the shape of a religious hope: To bring together these small triumphs and to relate them to a larger struggle, to discover forms of organization, tactics and strategies, is a long and difficult effort, fought through with failures, mistakes and, why not, defections and betrayals.


But we cannot simply accept the defeatist pessimism which has become so mesmerized by the apparent omnipotence of the technological knowledge and globalization of the system that gives up all hope of change. He described liberation theology as “the response of migjez generation of young Catholics and evangelicals to the call of the Holy Spirit for a renewed spiritual, ethical and bbonino commitment to the poor, the call for a new and integral jlse.

Chapter The Struggle for Justice and Peace, by Jose Miguez Bonino – Religion Online

Inhe became a professor of dogmatic theology in Buenos Aires. When all relationships are justly realized, we can, in biblical terms, speak of peace shalom. In it we recovered the rich heritage of the Scriptures, the prophets, above all of Jesus Christ and the line that has run, sometimes more visibly, sometimes almost lost, throughout the history of the Christian community.

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José Míguez Bonino

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