The latest Tweets from Jan Polzer (@maxiorel). tvůrce webů, lektor. Používám a školím Drupal a Symfony. Bloger, výletník. Jan Polzer @maxiorel Dec 7. More. My name is Jan Polzer and I offer my services as web developer, Drupal specialist and Symfony During the last days I was in need to run Drupal 6 on PHP 7. How to display content from other website using your own simple Drupal 7 module. June 12, – Jan Polzer. From time to time I went with Drupal into.

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Beginning Drupal 8 Tomlinson Todd Paperback Beginning Drupal 8 teaches you how to build, maintain, and manage Drupal 8-based web sites. We kick it off talking about Acquiathe Mollom part starts around minute 25 and the Drupal part starts around minute Backdrop has several recurring meetings on Thursdays you should feel free to join or watch at any time.

This channel is also home to tutorial videos on contributing to and using Backdrop CMS. Programmer’s Guide to Drupal – Principles, Practices, and Pitfalls Hodgdon Jennifer Paperback If you’re a web programmer new to Drupal, this book shows you which programming techniques you can use – and which you should avoid – when building cu. Here are a few categories of videos that may be useful:.

I would like to have a module for Drupal 6 that can send comment notifications via e-mail to people that previously left a comment on my site. Plzer, New South Wales. Drop in and say hi at https: Backdrop has an official public Gitter channel that pairs nicely with the issue queue.


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Google hangouts Video archives: With just a few simple clicks, Web Application Installer will check your machine for the necessary pre-requisites, download these applications from their source location in the community, walk you through basic configuration items and then install them on your computer.

Point Reyes Station, California. Backdrop has an official Facebook page at http: Backdrop also has a handful of other repositories and queues. The API Website contains our list of public functions, hooksand sub-system documentation. Skip to main content. There is a weekly core developer meeting, a fortnightly design meeting and a jsn outreach meeting.

Stuart brown Graphic Design.

This book begins by showing you CMS workflows and best pra. Drupal 8 – Jan Polzer Autor: That’s where Drupal 8 SEO comes in. It comes with support for Drupal.

I don’t want to use the subscriptions module for I don’t need a bulky subscriptions framework. A module like notify module would make a good candidate for inclusion into Drupal core so let’s port it to Drupal 6, and work on getting it into Drupal 7. The map is updated multiple times a day and visualizes all the spam attempts over a time span of approximately 6 hours.

I don’t know enough about pklzer roadmap but this could introduce Drupal to thousands of new users. All weekly meetings are recorded and published to our YouTube channel. See our Google calendar for the schedule: The Stand Up Against Poverty site was developed by the great folks at Development Seed ; and as you can tell from their blog postthey pushed the Drupal envelope once again.


According to a United Nations’ press release they broke the Guinness World Record for the largest social mobilization ever on a single issue.

We support Backdrop CMS. Backdrop holds weekly meetings on Thursdays at 12noon and 1pm Pacific Time.

Drupal 8 Theming with Twig. Backdrop has an official Twitter account at backdropcms. If you’re a poozer programmer new to Drupal, this book shows you which programming techniques you can use – and which you should avoid – when building cu.

Jan Polzer (@polzerjan) | Instagram photos, videos, highlights and stories

Drupal 8 is great for SEO Sams Teach Yourself Drupal in 24 Hours In just 24 sessions of one hour or less, learn how to build powerful, easy-to-maintain websites with Drupal-fast! Over the weekend, Ben created a map that visualizes the website spammers in the world as captured by Mollom.

I don’t have a Windows machine so I can’t test it out, but it sounds like a great way for Windows users to explore Drupal.