Clean and Lean for Life: The Cookbook [James Duigan] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. If you want to eat well, you need to learn to cook. the gluten-free cakes I couldn’t eat while on their day clean and lean detox Australian founder James Duigan and his team have trained. Find out how to burn belly fat thanks to Elle MacPherson’s personal trainer, James Duigan.

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Forget the fad diets, forget the cycles of gut wrenching hunger, major binges and subsequent clran spirals — this diet concept is about to change your relationship with food forever.

When something sounds this good, we had to know more…. James Duigan, founder of the Clean and Lean diet and full time fitness trainer to the stars at Bodyismsays the trick to the diet is the fact there is no magic formula. Instead of depriving yourself clezn all carbs, juicing yourself into a liquid coma or counting ans to the brink of sanity, the Clean and Lean diet advocates the miracle of eating in moderation. It may not be groundbreaking to most of us, but in the world of diet plans, this one stands out.

Rather than just another crazy fad diet creeping into the already crammed world of diet plans, this is a lifestyle change that focuses on the key principles of healthy eating and weight loss. We just clezn you eating well so your body can manage the times when you need to eat something bad.

Clean and Lean Diet: James Duigan’s clean eating diet plan

Celebrity followers include Elle Macpherson, Hugh Grant, Anr Stone and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and you’ll barely go a day without seeing cleanandlean on some form of social media.


So why so successful? Not a body that is gym-honed to within an inch of its life, or scarily skinny…a body that is just the right side of athletic — the perfect mix of curvy, slim and healthy.

He believes that processed foods all hold toxins that prevent the body cldan working in the way that it is naturally intended and, as a result, becomes prone to storing fat.

A toxic body will find it difficult to digest or retain nutrients properly — to get to the point — you need to clear out your excretory system skin, liver and kidneys and get it working as efficiently as possible.

Clean and Lean Summer Body Plan. Week 4: James Duigan’s summer recipes

If the bodies of his celeb devotees are examples, then count us in right now. If you went into a restaurant and ordered ‘clean’ food then no-one would have a clue what you were talking about, so it qnd need some clarification. Clean food means food that is as close as possible to its natural state.

Things that have sugar such as glucose listed in their top three ingredients; contain artificial preservatives or flavours; or have a series of unrecognisable ingredients are all out. So things like chicken, fish, dark and light meats and eggs should be eaten with avocados, seeds, nuts, spinach, sweet potato, and broccoli.

Main point — no toxins allowed. That means sugar is out completely. Alcohol, caffeine and bad carbs like pasta and bread are also not recommended.

duifan The most sensible thing about this diet is that it’s not really a diet at all. As James says, it’s just about switching your diet radar from unhealthy to healthy for the rest of your life. So if you’ve struggled with losing weight in the past, or want a more healthy relationship with food then yes, you should definitely go for Clean and Lean.


A lot of lwan success of dieting comes from duigah your mind to think differently about good and bad food and this diet really helps with that. As with most long-lasting diets the results won’t be instantaneous but within two lewn you should be able to see and feel a difference in your body. You should wake up feeling rested and energised, ready to take on the day.

Your concentration will improve, along with your sex drive and your mood. But what do the experts say about it all? Well the Clean and Lean diet has received a pretty positive reception from the medical and health worlds. That being said, the clean and lean diet omits wholegrain foods and is fairly low in carbohydrateswhich could affect fibre and B vitamin intake.

The omission of processed foods, however, is positive for euigan and will likely result in weight loss and improved energy levels. Think you might try it or are you already a fan of the Clean and Lean diet?

Clean and Lean Summer Body Plan. Week 4: James Duigan’s summer recipes

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