These topics include IPv4 and IPv6 network configuration, managing TCP/IP 1. Oracle Solaris TCP/IP Protocol Suite (Overview) The default is 10 seconds. Oracle Solaris Administration: IP Services Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 Information An IPMP configuration typically consists of two or more physical interfaces on the . For IPMP configuration tasks, refer to Chapter 31, Administering IPMP (Tasks). Oracle Solaris IPMP involves the following software: You can configure one of the interfaces down to 10 megabits and still place the two interfaces into the.

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Planning an IPv6 Network Tasks. Administering Network Interfaces Tasks.

How to configure Solaris 10 IPMP ?

Configuring an IPv6 Network Tasks. Troubleshooting Network Problems Tasks. IP Security Architecture Overview.

IP Security Architecture Reference. Administering Mobile IP Tasks.


How to configure Solaris 10 Probe based IPMP – The Geek Diary

The Primary Administrator role includes the Primary Administrator profile. The default is 10 seconds. When the repair of a failed interface is detected, network access fails back to the repaired interface, as described in IPMP Failure Detection and Recovery Features.

This flag indicates that the interface is currently not to be used for data traffic. The interface can still be used for probe traffic.

IPMP Configuration – Solaris 10 vs Solaris 11

For example, suppose an IPMP group consists of two interfaces, ce0 and confivuration. If ce0 fails, its traffic fails over to ce1, as is the expected behavior of IPMP.

However, when a failure or repair is detected on an interface that is not configured into an IPMP group, no failover or failback occurs. Therefore, the no value is only useful for reporting failures and does not directly improve network availability. Introducing IPv6 Overview 4.


How to configure Solaris 10 IPMP ? – UnixArena

Planning an IPv6 Network Tasks 5. Administering Network Interfaces Tasks 7. Configuring an IPv6 Network Tasks 8. Troubleshooting Network Problems Tasks IP Security Architecture Overview Configuring IPsec Tasks IP Security Architecture Reference Internet Key Exchange Overview Configuring IKE Tasks Internet Key Exchange Reference Mobile IP Overview Administering Mobile IP Tasks Change the default value of one or more of the three parameters.