by Alan Sokal and Jean Bricmont IMPOSTURAS INTELECTUALES .. tamos asombrados e inquietos por la evolución intelectual que han ex-. Wiki for Collaborative Studies of Arts, Media and Humanities. Scribd is the world’s largest social reading and publishing site.

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Both scientists by trade, specialists in mathematics and physics, they are in fact coming back on their now famous hoax the so-called ‘Sokal Affair’ to better expose how fallacious such philosophies ipmosturas.

Trivia About Fashionable Nonse With that said, on to the book itself. None of their criticisms are mere nitpicks, but many of them might sound like mere nitpicks to the uninitiated. He replied to leftist and postmodernist criticism of the deception by saying that his motivation had been to “defend the Left from a trendy segment of itself.

Stemming from the like of Lacan, Deleuze, Kristeva, Baudrillard, Irigaray, Latour, Virilio and co to name just the ones targeted here there One will never be grateful enough to Sokal and Bricmont for pointing fingers towards a imposturws emperor. There is thus no objective truth, allowing untelectuais to tell us what it really is.

Witty and closely reasoned, Fashionable Nonsense dispels the notion that scientific theories are mere “narratives” or social constructions, and explored the abilities and the limits of science to describe the conditions of existence. So it’s usually the soundness, logic, style, and originality of the philosopher’s body of work and thought that tends to be revered or questioned in the end.

Print Hardcover and Paperback.

They write ABOUT the sensation of encountering the arcane, the gaps between realms of knowledge, the incommensurability of intellectual infelectuais otherwise cultures. Often it feels, to someone who knows the math, like an absurd category mistake, roughly analogous to asserting without explanation or justification that “modern telephones communicate by sending Leibnizian monads” or “political solidarity is properly categorized as a particular flavor of ice cream.

The book has a peculiar format: Books by Alan Sokal. Marx’s tautological economic theories have gone the same way. Jul 08, J.

Fashionable Nonsense: Postmodern Intellectuals’ Abuse of Science

And to think we took them seriously. There is an afterword as appendix C. In it, the two run through the list of names, with fully researched analysis of writings illustrative of particular instances in which erroneous claims about science are imposturxs.


Claiming it to be outside of Latour’s dissection and inversion of it indicates an enclosed dogmatism as thorough of that he thinks he sees in postmodern theory.

Alan Sokal’s writings on science, philosophy and culture

Sokal’s was the only article written by a scientist, and he called it “Transgressing the Boundaries: I mean it felt like I was drowning in it—give me some air please. Refresh and try again. Additionally and above all, the book provides very important lessons and critical analysis of issues regarding epistomology, which I think will make an important read for students of philosophy and social sciences in general.

However, this book does have a tendency to over-quote, which he said he does because he doesn’t want to be accused of taking things out of context.

Imposturas Intelectuais, de Alan Sokal and Jean Bricmont

It was part of an elaborate hoax and parody that Sokal was perpetrating on those who subscribe inteoectuais “epistemic relativism,” i. I admit, I stopped reading when he started digging into Latour, a philosopher who has himself bridged the same gap, and sought to understand science in post-modern, intersubjective way, by moving from sociology of science through posthuman politics.

The underlying message is, of course, that po-mo theorists are intellectually dishonest insofar as they purport that a scientific theory is just another ‘text’ to be deconstructed. Although this is an important book, it is not a very enjoyable one to read, for the simple fact that the authors felt compelled to quote at length from some of the most disfigured and meaningless jumbles of words that I have ever seen sewn together in the guise of sentences.

In some ways, it’s a shame that Sokal became famous for the Hoax first, because this book would probably have made a bigger impact if it weren’t associated with an author already famous for contentious, partisan views. Then read the Epilogue, which is very engaging, beautifully written, and does a fabulous job at summarizing his points. As there was a point when I did not have enough knowledge to dismiss it and still had a sense that is was a frightful brew that does not make sense.

Oct 10, Mark rated it it was bricmpnt.

Carlos Veloso (Translator of Imposturas Intelectuais)

Click here for the link – https: If I had to predict, I’d say Chomsky is up next. Mar 04, nostalgebraist rated it liked it Shelves: The philosopher Thomas Nagel has supported Sokal and Bricmont, describing their book as consisting largely of “extensive quotations of scientific gibberish from name-brand French soakl, together with eerily patient explanations of why it is gibberish,” [11] and agreeing that “there does seem to be something about the Parisian scene that is particularly hospitable to reckless verbosity.


A person reading slkal passages who doesn’t understand the technical math and science concepts invoked may impoeturas think “wow, this is so profound that it goes over my head”, and that seems to be one of the motivations behind this inntelectuais of writing, to wow laypeople with superficial, pedantic intellectuality.

As for the prank itself – vanity is something that afflicts all of us, including scientists. Sokal and Bricmont main arguments against those French intellectuals are 1 on their Les grandes personnes sont decidement bien bizarres, se dit le petit prince. To describe it, let me first say that the mistakes catalogued here divide into two types. Postmodern Intellectuals’ Abuse of Science French: So the great edifice of modern physics goes up, and the majority of the cleverest people in the western world have about as much insight into it as their neolithic ancestors would have had.

From Jacques Lacan and Julia Kristeva to Luce Irigaray and Jean Baudrillard, the authors document the errors made by some postmodernists using science to bolster their arguments and theories. This is what this book means by postmodernism. It most likely will for some time. To the general public he is best known for his criticism of postmodernism, resulting in the Sokal affair in Sokal and Imposutras help the reader contextualise several relativist threads within the philosophy of science that are frequently used to undermine its authority, namely underdetermination, the work of Thomas Kuhn and Paul Feyerabend, and the strong programme of sociology.

Archived from the original on May 12, This is where Sokal and Bricmont step in, to offer sooal on misuses and explain the underlying concepts in layman’s terms the best they can zokal they see them.

Yet as a physicist, he struggled with the fact that the level of understanding displayed in the math and physics that these thinkers were employing alzn their respective philosophies was flat-out incorrect, when it wasn’t simply banal.