‘Install’ -> ‘Business Intelligence Architecture and Deployment Guide / software/data/cognos/documentation/docs/en// When you configure IBM Cognos BI gateways, you can list the universal For more information, see the Installation and Configuration Guide. Deprecated Features in Version Installing IBM Cognos Planning with IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Chapter4. For more information, see the IBM Cognos Planning Architecture and Deployment Guide.

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Job service Runs jobs by signaling the monitor service to run job steps in the background. Manages communication with the Contributor Administration Console.

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence documentation – United States

It provides information to help you plan an installation, improve performance, and secure a deployment. Index update service Provides write, update, delete, and administration functions. Manages communications with the Planning Job Server subsystem. When a problem occurs coggnos your IBM Cognos Business Intelligence installation or application, you must determine the scope of the problem, which components are involved, and how to solve the issue.

Product overview These documents provide a high-level introduction to the IBM Cognos Business Intelligence products, and some of the important new features and capabilities for version You deliver content from the IBM Cognos portal or other supported portals, and view information that has been saved to portals, or delivered by other mechanisms.

Reporting These documents provide the business report author delloyment and step-by-step procedures and background information to help explore and analyze data, build adhoc, standard, and complex reports, integrate with Microsoft Office, and manage business performance.

Annd also lists some common issues by functional area and steps to resolve the problem. Database connections are created in the Web administration interface, and are used ane modeling, for authoring, and for running the application. Index data service Provides basic full-text functions for storage and retrieval of terms and indexed summary documents.

Dispatcher | Architecture and Deployment

Provides the Metric Studio user interface for monitoring and entering performance information. The dispatcher can route requests to a local service, such as the report service, presentation service, job service, or monitor service.

Enables the creation and management of human tasks. Planning job service Manages communications with the Planning Job Server subsystem. Graphics can be generated in 4 different formats: Sends emails to an external SMTP server on behalf of other services, jbm as the report service, job service, agent service, or data integration service.


Steps include reports, other jobs, import, exports, and so on. Creates, schedules, and manages event objects that represent reports, jobs, agents, content store maintenance, deployment imports and exports, and metrics. These documents provide a high-level introduction to the IBM Cognos Business Intelligence products, and some of the important new features and capabilities for version Manages background requests to run reports and provides output on behalf of the monitor service.

Education IBM Cognos Business Intelligence offers technical training and education services designed to suit your ibmm, role, timeline and preferred learning format. The dispatcher is a multithreaded application that uses one or more threads per request.

If the conditions for an agent are met when the agent runs, the agent service asks the monitor service to run the tasks.

Installing and configuring After guid planning your system, you can begin installing the various prerequisites and components.

Intelliggence the overall system performance and Content Manager scalability by caching frequent query results in each dispatcher.

Guidelines for Modeling Metadata This document discusses fundamental IBM Cognos modeling concepts that you need to understand about modeling metadata for use in business reporting and analysis, and guidelines for building the relational model.

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence

There might be issues that were not known when the installation information was written. These comments persist across versions of the report.

A human task such as report approval can be assigned to individuals or groups on an ad hoc basis or by any of the other services. This document describes the upgrade process. Because of these improvements, upgrading may not be simple, and should be considered a process that you perform in stages. Before installing, review the supported environments to ensure your product works properly. Requests can be routed to specific dispatchers based on load-balancing needs, or package or user group requirements.

Business Intelligence Architecture and Deployment Guide 10.2.1

In a working application, the technical and security infrastructure and the portal are in place, as well as processes for change management, data control, and so on. For more information about routing requests based on packages or user groups, see inte,ligence Administration and Security Guide. Runs jobs by signaling the monitor service to run job steps in the background.


Provides search and drill-through functions, including lists of aliases and examples. Administration and Security – Troubleshooting This document describes some troubleshooting resources that can help you resolve problems.

This guide uses a fictional business scenario to gudie the capabilities of the product, and focuses on the buiness of the Advanced Business User, Professional Report Author, Modeler, Administrator, and IT Architect. The document provides information about changing application servers, and setting up samples. The samples are an introduction to key concepts you need edployment understand how to model your data, create, query and analyze reports IBM Cognos BI Getting Started The tutorial describes the IBM Cognos Business Intelligence architecture and provides examples to illustrate key functionality.

Assigns a target service to handle a scheduled task.

Cognos Business Intelligence Manages interactive requests to run reports and provides output for a user in IBM Cognos Connection or a studio. Content Manager service Performs object manipulation functions in the content store, such intdlligence add, query, update, delete, move, and copy Performs content store management functions, such as import and export Data movement service Manages the execution of data movement tasks in IBM Cognos BI.

When a dispatcher starts, it registers itself with Content Manager. Upgrading Create text for this section IBM Cognos BI Lifecycle Manager User Guide This document describes the proven practice upgrade process, from architfcture planning and status reporting to upgrade verification and identification of inteligence issues between releases. IBM Cognos – utility for checking the knowledge base technotes iibm help to resolve errors in the cogserver log file This utility shows the IBM Cognos technotes associated with an error code from the cogserver.

Report Studio reports and scorecards are usually prepared for a wider audience, published to IBM Cognos Connection or another portal, and scheduled there for bursting, distribution, and so on.