Summer is the season of fiction, it is said — said here, now, at least. Susan Sontag may be best-known for her remarkable critical essays on. I, etcetera. By Susan Sontag. Download Pdf. Read Online. This article is available in PDF and Microfiche formats only. You are currently viewing this article as a. “Look at all this stuff I’ve got in my head: rockets and Venetian churches, David Bowie and Diderot, nuoc roam and Big Macs, sunglasses and.

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But egcetera the other stories, there’s naked pain lurking–deflected, straight to the heart sometimes, by whichever oblique format Sontag is using. Dec 01, Marianna Monaco rated it did not like it Shelves: Susan Sontag, the literary and social critic, is entirely at home in fiction, is exhilarated, even transfigured by it.

Susan Sontag is brilliant and the ideas and notions in this collection of stories are absolutely genius. Unique writing and definitely thought provoking.

In the recent, feverish “Unguided Tour,” the pain seeing beautiful things abroad doesn’t help is perhaps not deflected quite enough, while the allegorical markings in “American Spirits” may go too far in keeping ironic distance.

Susan Sontag is at this point so well known skntag her controversial political ideas and her works of criticism like Against Interpretation that her fiction goes suswn and unfortunately overlooked.


I, Etcetera

She hears everything–echoes of dead rhetoric; glorious cliches that deaden our response to castles, sunsets, bays–and hears everywhere an elevation of the daily commonplace in the grand tour that must never end.

Tough, sometimes even overwhelming stories which ironically show struggles in life, incompatibility, disappoints, doubts, uncertainty and in the end, this all mix of feelings and thoughts closed in hard words are surprisingly motivating. Theses stories are like a confused, emotional part of herself, one that she takes and uses creatively and seems at ease with at least on the page.

The Best Books of I’m thinking I’ll find her a bit like Joan Didion where the nonfiction is amazing and the fiction is not to my taste. Be the first to discover new talent! I appreciated the experimentation but most of it just didn’t work.

Trivia About I, etcetera. Don’t know if I will ever finish it though I just have to find the right Sontag fit for me. She’s clearly very smart, but this book isn’t as interesting as any one of her essays.

Jul 15, Eral rated it liked it. Looking for beautiful books?

I, etcetera by Susan Sontag

Sontag makes a wonderful stew of ssuan past, the life caught in memory and imagination, serves it all up lavishly laced with silences, and provides us with a gourmand’s series of short courses. I could just picture someone in the s being like “this would be a groovy way to deconstruct a narrative!

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. While I really enjoyed this collection, I found myself bored with some of the stories – namely Baby. Jewish American literary critic, theorist, novelist, and filmmaker. Jan etceyera, Clarissa rated it liked it.


I, etcetera

But I don’t think there were really stories here, in the sense of circumstances that evolved, that were affected by the passage of time. I, etcetera by Susan Sontag.

Apr 22, Maria rated it it was ok Shelves: Most of them take on some sort of innovative structure, so you have one, for sonag, that is one side of the daily visits parents make with a therapist about their misbehaved child. I loved Project for a Trip to China and was excited to see the rest, but none of the other stories really lived up to that first one. I read a short story called Debriefing sontzg Susan Sontag and for a moment I was in NY city, lonely and depressed, on edge.

I’m trying not to become hysterical. There is an abundance of those startling ironies and wry, quirky jokes that make Susan Sontag so tempting to quote.

Description In eight stories, this singular collection of short fiction written over the course of ten years explores the terrain of modern urban life.