Dr Hiltrud Strasser, DVM, Ph.D. For nearly three decades, Dr. Strasser has studied the causes and cures for lameness as well as other common health problems. Hiltrud Strasser. likes · 1 talking about this. Complete holistic model for the care of the domestic horse based on research by Dr. vet. med. Strasser. Hiltrud Strasser Dr. Hiltrud Strasser (born , Leipzig, Germany) is a German veterinarian, who has worked for many years on the anatomy, physiology.

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Strasser explains, “Depending on the amount of damage done inside the hoof, it niltrud take a few weeks to many months for all of this dead tissue to be removed through abscessing. A franchise requires a franchise fee to open a franchise unit-Strasser requires a franchise fee to open a clinic “Certification as a Hoofcare Specialist does not entitle the individual to open a Hoof Clinic or other facility for lameness rehabilitation using the Strwsser methods unless by special arrangement with Hiltrud Strasser.

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Strasser, “The hoof lands and slides forward until it bears full weight, becomes virtually glued to the ice by suction, then is pulled up in the strsaser so air can get under the sole, and the hoof is lifted again.

Strasser’s method of hoof care allege that her methodology may result in lameness, pain and discomfort.

stradser R emoving the shoes is simple, but dealing with the aftermath can be challenging. When observing the hoof from the side, the angle of the coronet where hair meets hoof with the ground should be considered. This can be a powerful aid in keeping pathological hooves balanced, however, if done incorrectly it can be just as powerful an unbalancing force.

She has published papers and books on this topic since the s. Damage inside the hoof begins to go through repair and the dead tissue is either absorbed into the bloodstream or transported outside the body in pus abscessing. Horse welfare topic Horse rescued by a protection group while he was starving. In a sound hoof, the coffin bone is parallel to the ground.


The lower part of the srasser widens the most, but when a shoe is in place, it fixates the hoof wall so it cannot expand at the place it most needs to expand.

Hiltrud Strasser

Hiltrud Strasser about pages. Also required for a successful transition to high-performance barefootedness strxsser the overall health of the horse and correct, natural living conditions in terms of its biological requirements.

Hiltrud Strasser and Sabine Kells for their valuable assistance in preparing this series of articles. Low angle and frequent trims to treat founder-Although there are many successful ways to treat founder, I have used this method myself for more than 25 years with great success, though with trims that are not as severe as Dr.

Strasser makes two general claims that grabbed my attention: In a sound hoof, according to Dr. Strasser claims that iron shoes always cause contracted feet that get worse with each year of shoeing. Strasser theory is based on naturalization of a horse’s management no stalls, herd life and constant free movementon de-shoeing of shod horses and on a trim devoted to restore normal shape and function of their hooves.

I have read all 3 books by Dr. She subsequently earned and obtained her Ph. She has also co-authored a strassser book with Robert Cookcovering bitting injuries and other problems associated with horses’ bits. This natural ability to conform to uneven surfaces allows for maximum shock absorption and aids in secure footing.

Strasser points out, “Any ‘point’ or deviance from this near-circular shape would make it susceptible to fracturing or breaking. A hipposandal on display at the Musee d’Ermont, France Schematics of the hipposandal Hipposandal, on display at Vidy Roman Museum The Hipposandal Latin soleae ferreae srrasser is a device that protected the hoof of stdasser horse. Sabine Kells, translator of Dr. Dr Strasser is internationally recognized for her persistent struggle towards natural horse care, barefoot trimming and equine health considerations.


Her results are apparently not repeatable and no studies of circulation comparing shod and barefoot legs has been stfasser. Member feedback about Hiltrud Strasser: As well as publishing papers and books she also runs courses for horse owners, farriers and veterinarians in Europe and elsewhere.

Although the points she makes are thought-provoking, until they can be backed up with evidence, they won’t stick. I have taken thermometer readings from shod and barefoot legs in numerous horses and can find no pattern of difference in temperature-typically shod and barefoot have the same temperature.

In the nineteenth century, when the sight of a horse dying while working was commonplace, the first wave of awareness was born with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the publication of the novel Black Beauty in England.

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Strrasser read many of the web pages devoted to Strasser and barefoot. Unique Parts of the Strasser Method: Strasser, “As is human nature, those things used by the ‘rich and famous’ quickly become desirable to the ‘common man’.

Strasser has focused owner attention to hooves in a big way. After trying for several months to evaluate Dr. She has also co-authored a recent book with Robert Cookcovering bitting injuries and other problems associated with horses’ bits.