The late Mike Mentzer won the Mr. Universe contest in , and he used Mentzer obviously thought high-intensity training a superior way to. The original high-intensity training system gets an update for today’s gym warrior. Duty training system, Mike Mentzer (–) had only one goal. This way the primary movers, the larger muscles of the group, will do. The principles behind Mike Mentzer’s high-intensity workout system. Rest- pause is another excellent method of transcending failure. Divide your body parts .

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Sometimes, a machine tthe it possible for you to cheat more than with a similar barbell exercise. Have to say the slow cadence definitely makes it alot more intense I had to drop the weight alot to manage it especially since im going to failure. May your legacy last. But he also pissed off perhaps even more of them.

As a result his body weight dropped to approximately pounds. When you walk into mebtzer room, do people think you’re riding a stork? It was great to be reminded that there were some very well built men in the s and s—all of which were drug-free. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Mar 05, Fred rated it it was amazing. They most likely did a standard wzy set per exercise protocol, with plenty of rest between sets, 3 […]. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Most athletes and coaches have completely missed the mark when it comes hivh functional or sport-specific strength. Mangan says July 9, Nick, your experience is similar to mine. It’ll help you greatly. He almost pulled it off with the Miami Dolphins in, andwhich Don Shula so expertly coached. When a muscle is subjected to kike intense enough to damage it, it takes a minimum of 4 days before its strength returns to baseline.


Throughout the conversation he stressed whole-body training, three times per week.

The Rebirth of HIT | T Nation

So far I am still just about managing to either increase the resistance by 0. Intennsity has long been known to be the way to build muscle mass.

Or is it just calories in, calories out? Yet all these people admitted they’ve never read any of the HIT books and have never actually tried this method of training. This system just does it in a compressed manner, with more intensity.

High-Intensity Training the Mike Mentzer Way

I had never done dead lifts before, so maybe all this increasing in strength and bulk had something to do with the new exercises. However, as we saw above, the scientific evidence supports mije training.

Can HIT satisfy those in the “functional” mindset? Let me go on record by stating that the unique, creatine-loading procedures—which Hudlow used—were probably responsible for percent of the gain.

I think this may be because many of the people writing articles and publishing books these days work with athletes, not bodybuilders. If dogma exists, it is purely in the mind of the beholder as time and time again, Mentzer gives explanation and reason to why SOME people are able to gain on high sets and most don’t.

It’s been more than ten years since Mike Mentzer passed away, and his ideas still spark heated debate among bodybuilders. Joel iintensity it really liked it Apr 24, Mar 05, Timmy rated it it was amazing. Read and learn from the master!


A few years ago, maybe 6 years back, I decided to give it a try traihing with my workout partner at the time. Books by Mike Mentzer.

High-Intensity Training the Mike Mentzer Way – Forums

To see what your friends thought trainong this book, please sign up. The book is available only in Italian; I see an opportunity in an English translation. They’ll never know unless they try NTF with gusto!

Most of today’s competitors aren’t worthy of freak-show attention. Benjamin Richardson says June 1, Are you guys confident that deadlifts are an appropriate exercise to take to failure?

Apr 24, Nick Maverick rated it it was ok. This system focuses around really taxing the muscle in 1 set, through very slow reps up and down versus the traditional way of larger volume.

Mentzer recommended lifting as little as once per week using his methods; we’ve since learned that you can effectively use High-Intens This book needs a revision to fulfill its potential. It will teach you about weight-lifting principles and work-outs, but it is so much more than that.

Universe contest lntensityand he used a high-intensity system. Aug 08, Jamessteeleii rated it it was amazing.

He is the author of three books: Ray says November 15, P. Now I understand I was chronically overtraining.

It just makes sense physiologically, to work the muscular system as a whole, briefly—and rest it as a whole, too. I’ve seen friends try it and the results were similar to mine.