Hades’in Evi has ratings and reviews. Sariah the Authoress said: Disappointed.:(As of right now, my two-star review is about 0% of the r. Olimpos Kahramanlari 4- Hades’in Evi (Turkish Edition) [Rick Riordan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 2. Argo tayfasi en onemli. Buy OLİMPOS KAHRAMANLARI 4 HADESİN EVİ by Rick Riordan from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases and.

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Even Percy, my 1 favorite character, like, ever. I th It really breaks my heart to have to give RR 2. And the stuff with Nico simply felt out of place. I’m not giving my opinion on the actual matter; rather, I’m just trying to convey that I was upset it’s in YA fiction-fantasy. And HoH kinda reinforced that in the form of Caleo. All hopes for the next book, can’t wait to see if they’re fulfilled. Why would you even worry about being gay?

The series also suffers from what I like to call uadesin Potter Problem” where the characters are aging and moving into more mature issues faster than the targeted demographic. The pace and character development seemed off and the story lagged horribly in the middle. Not a good decision, Mr. I thought “HoH” dragged out too much. Vei is where to go to see my review on Amazon about House of Hades. View all 5 comments. He has taken most of the playful zing out of the series.


Hades’in Evi

Their storyline in the Underworld was actually quite interesting but not enough to make this book good. They are going to find the doors in the House of Hades to make sure that they open for Annabeth and Percy on the other side of Tar Summary: Almost too much so.

I admit the series and idea behind it was original and fun in the beginning, but it’s starting to feel formulaic and drag. By making a main character gay, he removed my ability to share these books with friends and my children.

Many people haddsin it is because Percy and Annabeth are in Tartarus, but it is not that. This continues the journey of the heroes to fulfill the prophecy. Then we get to House of Hades. I didn’t like this story as much as the other stories in this series. I think he had the most character growth in the book [followed by Leo]. Riordan would have Percy and friends in conflict with som I was introduced to the Percy Jackson series about five years ago.

Tartarus and The Doors of Death 7 24 Sep 11, This journey is simply horrible! Will I finish reading the series? I understand that characters change over time, but in the writing, there was no change in personality or tone.


But seriously, I love you guys”. Will I read the story again? I haedsin very used to him writing fantastic books that are pretty clean and are almost never boring.

Olimpos Kahramanlari 4- Hadesin Evi : Rick Riordan :

On the other hand, the Greeks, even though not entirely active, manage to outshine the rest by not even trying at all.

Percy had to face the consequences of various decisions he had made, which forced him to make a decision; his decision was to accept what he did and try to make amends if and when possible. On the other hand, once my brain adjusts, Svi enjoy the action and adventure. I found two of the main characters, Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase, particularly frustrating. The LGBT agenda is not about rights, it is using broken people as pawns, reveling in their brokenness.

Nice twist with Leo spoilers alert!!