handboek over metalen ramen wees J. Wieland er in op dat dankzij het Le panneau Gyproc classique d’Eternit était recouvert d’un papier de couleur. Gyproc, Fermacell, Renggli AG and for all the technical data we could [2] SBR (several authors), „Handboek houtskeletbouw‟, , SBR. handboek over metalen ramen wees J. Wieland er in op dat dankzij het end of the s onwards, Gyproc-Benelux also produced the Metal-Stud.

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The websites of Cryomation and Resomation claim that all medical substances are neutralized in their respective processes. It has been chosen to disregard these components in this analysis, even though these are present in handbosk human body.

Scope and definition This requirement specifies technical considerations, declaration handbboek and communication necessary for developing handdboek issuing More information. Before a proposal to amend the law will be set up, the Ministry of Interior Affairs will need a report with a solid foundation for the legalization of the new techniques.

As a 6 This is not the case if the gyprocc are scattered over sea after having been kept in a columbarium, but this possibility is neglected here because it would be a small fraction, given the share of scattering over sea.

Global Warming GWP Climate change is defined as the effect of human emissions on the capacity of the atmosphere to absorb thermal radiation. The other parts are metals and plastics from prostheses and dental fillings. The results for resomation are dominated by eutrophication 10 Euros and the large negative values for human toxicity -7 Euros and global warming – 1.

Handboek schaduwprijzen waardering en weging van emissies en milieueffecten. Lonbakken Steel Staircase t. April 1, March 31, Scope: Build a website with WordPress.

Environmental impact of different funeral technologies – PDF

Freshwater aquatic ecotoxicity and marine aquatic ecotoxicity refer to the effect of toxic compounds on freshwater aquatic ecosystems and marine aquatic ecosystems respectively. Table 6 provides a background for calculations with the landfill model. Burial of body Cremation ash Untreated cryomated remains Treated cryomated remains Resomated remains Resomated remains for sensivity analysis Source: Small differences among the calculation of the composition of the remains for each of the funeral techniques are a result of different standard body weights having been used in different literature sources 70 or 75 kg Non-human remains The human body nowadays contains a range of non-human materials, such as prostheses, dental implants and pacemakers, but also breast implants and artificial heart valves.


The second is a set of dentures, worn by a large share of the deceased CBS,and here employed as a proxy for non-metal, nonhuman materials. Without this advantage, it scores just as high as normal burial of treated remains. In a number of places a negative value occurs. In Chapter 5 the results of the calculations are presented, analysed and discussed. The specific way that recycling of metals is dealt with in this research, has been elaborated in paragraph 2.

The resomated remains are mainly calcium phosphate Ecogeek,or more specifically, hydroxyapatite Ca 5 PO 4 3 OH. Because this research is aimed at describing an average situation, foreground data from practice is considered suitable. Information about distribution factors was not available, therefore figures for SO 4 have been used as a proxy.

Furthermore, for the sake of readability and comprehensiveness, the specific input data in the background database have been replaced by generic terms.

VDI enclosureAv. Adobe Dreamweaver Cc Patch. Screen reader users, click the load entire article button to bypass dynamically loaded article content. Externalities of Energy Methodology Update. In the calculations it has been assumed that the technology is on a level comparable to cremation, that the process runs smoothly and the figures provided by Cryomation Ltd are representative and that there are as much cryomation centres as there are currently crematoria.

Environmental impact of different funeral technologies

Land Competition LC The environmental impact of land competition only relates to the use of the soil surface during a certain period of time and not to the effect on biodiversity or hanboek impact on the ecosystem. The total environmental costs for society will be the costs of mitigation the shaded area under the supply curve plus hyproc damage to the environment, being the remaining emissions multiplied with the price level that society is willing to pay according to the demand curve.


The increased biomass in aquatic ecosystems can lead to reduced oxygen levels, due to the extra oxygen used for degradation of the biomass. This shows that the specific material choice does influence the net result of cryomation, but does not change the general conclusions about the environmental impact of the four funeral techniques Metal recycling This sensitivity analysis investigated to what extent the results are influenced by variation in the benefits of recycling as a consequence of the choice for the percentage of primary metal in the production of metals.

The most important being the preparation and cooled laying out of the deceased, the preparation of the farewell ceremony and the ceremony itself.

The warm starting oven is preheated up till C, the cold one till C. The shadow prices used for the different impact categories are included in Table 1.

Download the file 2.

The size reduced remains are then treated in a vacuum chamber and frozen water is sublimated. Four main steps are distinguished: Photochemical oxidants can be formed in the troposphere under influence of ultraviolet light by the photochemical oxidation of volatile organic compounds VOC and carbon monoxide CO in the presence of nitrogen oxides NOx. As first step Yarden asked TNO to analyse the environmental impact hhandboek of the 4 funeral techniques burial, cremation, cryomation and resomation through a Life Cycle Assessment LCA.

This is usually done by means of a shovel and for several graves at once. Glasopor Cellular glass aggregate Product Ver.