Get the digital subscription of Chitralekha Gujarati e-magazine in Gujarati by Chitralekha – News magazine. Read online and download magazine in app to read. Chitralekha is a weekly news magazine published in Gujarati and Marathi. History and profile[edit]. Chitralekha’s first issue was published in , under the . Chitralekha. likes · talking about this. Chitralekha Gujarati is the leading Gujarati magazine since It has a been a friend.

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Also, laws governing the tourists are strictly enforced and tourists are fined if they are found to be breaching the law.

Chitralekha Gujarati launching US edition this month

Chandrababu Naidu, Chief Minister, Andhra Pradesh, and V Narayanasamy, Gujaragi Minister, Puducherry setting the tone for the growing importance of their states both as a political and economic powerhouse.

Recently, two Canadians jumped into the Fountain for a bath for which they were fined Rs The regional media, especially, witnessed a sharp rise. Not only does it kill the tranquillity and ecology of the place, it often leads to cjitralekha higher cost of living for the locals.

TRAI gives 30 days for transition, but broadcasters all set for the show 4 days ago.

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A piece accompanying the story carries info on best tourist havens in the world with statistics of tourists visiting these countries annually. Scramble for selfies, pilfering sands from islands, tourists bathing in the historical fountains in a breach of rules, locals getting exasperated at very mention of tourists, all these are direct fallout of excess tourism better described as overtourism.


Kismat – Gujarati Magazine. Having limited money, I tell my team to focus on the page position rather than the size.

Gujarati e-magazine subscription | chitralekha

Who read this also read. In the film that deals with a love story developing in the backdrop of the cloudburst in that claimed thousands of lives, the hero voices his reservations over the proposed hotel coming up in a hilly area.

It also changes dramatically market-wise.

Enter your email address and password to login Besides a series of articles, investigations and videos, the campaign intends to empower Mumbaikars to create an information network via a WhatsApp numberwhere readers can share details about any abandoned vehicles in their vicinity along with photographs.

The new IRS reiterated the reach and strength of print in the digital age. This prompted advertisers and global MNCs to respect the value of print. Chitralekha Gujarati – July 23, Chitralekha. However, the order was rolled back eventually.

While the Indian Readership Survey results gave print media its biggest high inissues like fake news and paid news chltralekha its credibility at other times.

Overdevelopment at such a fragile place is often followed by a catastrophe of unimaginable proportions, he feels. This hujarati led to several tourist spots imposing what is called rationing.

Chitralekha Gujarati – August 06, 2018

How can one extract creative juices out of print? Chitralekha Gujarati – August 06, Chitralekha.

Gujarati Old Issues Magazines Gujarati Social Drama English summary- Chitralekha Gujarati issue dated 17 December Chitralekha Gujarati – December 31, Chitralekha. The platform has showcased the finest global minds, triggered heated debates and always made headlines.


With human development indices of the south higher than the rest of India, it gujarzti clear the higher the south rises, the better India will do. Edited excerpts of the conversation: South India-based English Daily The Hindu has climbed one spot, claiming the 9th position with 1, as compared to 1, during the same period in Hindi daily Hindustan came fourth with 2, The print media is growing because of regional. According to Anant Nath, Director, Delhi Press and Editor of The Caravan, the new IRS survey was one of the biggest highlights of and reiterated the reach and strength of the print media in the digital age.

The third edition of the India Today Conclave South chitralekhaa to be a power packed event with chief ministers, along with top ministers, industrialists, entertainers, and film stars, all on one platform deliberating on key issues the nation is facing. Meanwhile, the Hindi readership stood at The report had stated: IFABC is a voluntary federation established since to promote third party independent verification of digital and print measurement.

Also, today, digital does more and more selling part. Siddipet Mana Telangana Telugu Daily.