All about Tribebook:Get of Fenris (Revised) by Bjørn T. Bøe. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. A list of all Rank 1 Get of Fenris tribe Gifts for Werewolf: the Apocalypse, compiled from all source books, using the revised edition of books when available. A list of all Get of Fenris tribe Gifts for Werewolf: the Apocalypse, compiled from all source books, using the revised edition of books when available. For Get of.

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Valkyria of Freya The Garou studies her foe, looking for the best place to strike.

Each success grants one extra die to all Physical dice pools. The Fenrir have spread far and wide, but their home is in the North. The player reflexively spends one Willpower point. This Gift is taught by a bear-spirit. The wolves are functionally identical to the wolves of the Fenrie Hunt.

The player spends a Gnosis point. This Gift allows the Fenrir to draw on the power of earth for protection, just as the legendary trolls and even Jotunn were able to do. After making a successful bite attack, the player may invoke this Gift by spending a Rage point. The number of wolves is equal to the number of points spent by the player. When Odin imprisoned Brunhilde in a ring of fire, it was Sigurd who dared the fires and rescued her. This Gift lasts for one scene. A spirit servant of Great Wendigo teaches this Gift.

Tribebook:Get of Fenris (Revised)

These extra soak dice cannot be used to soak silver damage; the Gift lasts for one scene, or until the Get chooses to dismiss it. In doing so, she sets herself up to land this devastating attack. Allies and peers affected by this Gift see the Get as impressive and noble -1 difficulty bonus to all Social rolls.

Call Great Fenris Rank 6 Get of Fenris Get As the ultimate expression of the pact between tribe and totem, the greatest Get heroes my summon the war-avatar of their tribal totem to aid them in their hour of need. Success drops the temperature to a bit below freezing in a five-mile radius, or even further below zero if it was already winter. Venom Blood Rank 3 Get of Fenris Gift The Garou may change her blood into a black, acidic bile that poisons anyone unlucky enough to come into contact with it.


This Gift is taught by an ancestor-spirit. The player rolls Willpower difficulty 8. During the casting of this Gift, he must carve the specific runes of his ancestors into his flesh. She can drop the frenzy earlier by spending a Willpower point. The effects last for a day.

Wounds inflicted with these terrible weapons turn black and fester, all the warmth and life driven out of them. Once the Gift has been activated, the Garou suffers no wound penalties whatsoever, and will not fall until her foe is dead, at which point she dies immediately.

Either a cat- or bear-spirit teaches this Gift. The Fenrir have spread far and wide, but their home is in the North. A wolf-spirit teaches this Gift. By raking his claws over stone, steel, or another hard surface, the Ahroun hones them to razor sharpness.

The Gift is taught by a fire spirit. A snow-spirit teaches this Gift. Fear is for cowards; Rage is for warriors. They remain for the entire scene. Visage of Fenris Rank 1 Get of Fenris Gift The Get appears larger and revisde fearsome, commanding respect from peers and cowing his foes. The player spends one Willpower point; his character may ignore all wound penalties for the rest of the scene.

The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Rage. Troll Skin is alas, quite disconcerting and unpleasantly pungent.

Foes pause for a moment to summon the resolve fnris to fight such a monster losing one from their initiative ratings. No true Get of Fenris fears death — only dying poorly.

The only exception to this is soaking damage. Get of Fenris Revised. Currently housing a searchable database of all Werewolf Gifts. Like Sigurd, Get of Fenris with this Gift need not fear flame. Also, the Garou may not be surprised, and all attacks are considered frontal.


It is taught by a mole spirit or earth elemental. As long as the Gift is in effect, the Garou may ignore wound penalties and the debilitating effects of her Battle Scars; even those that have lost a limb may fight as if whole. It is only used in dire situations, when the lives of more than one Garou are endangered.

Tribebook: Get of Fenris (Revised) (PDF version) | RPG Item Version | RPGGeek

The Fenrir who learns this Gift never enters fox frenzy; instead, he enters a berserk frenzy, regardless of the stimuli. Each success provides an automatic level of soak against fire damage for the rest of the scene. This Gfit has served them well in their homelands, allowing them to run over snow or ice as if it were solid ground without sinking in or leaving footprints. The Garou studies her foe, looking for the best place to strike. If the Storyteller believes this Gift has been used inappropriately, his hero-ancestors still give assistance, but then turn on their descendant, permanently removing a number of Attribute dots equal to those they granted.

In addition, the player can make a Willpower roll to resist any Gifts or other supernatural powers that incite fear, even if a resistance roll is normally not allowed. Wyrmfoe Werewolf the Apocalypse information source. For each success, he may add one dot to any Attribute; these dots may be split among different Attributes, or all applied to the same one.