Uninterruptible Power supply. Digital Energy™. SitePro. 10 – 15 – 20 – 30 – 40 kVA. Vac CE / Series 8. GE Consumer & Industrial SA. SitePro, the most reliable Uninterruptible Power System available for data security and other demanding critical applications. GE Consumer & Industrial. Power Protection. Digital Energy™. SitePro. ®. Series UPS. Uninterruptible Power Supply 10 – kVA. GE imagination at work.

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The present publication and any other documentation supplied with the UPS system is not to be reproduced, either in part or in its entirety, without the prior written consent of GE.

The illustrations and plans describing the equipment are intended as general reference only and are not necessarily complete in every detail. Please carefully read the Operating Manual.

It contains all the necessary information about the installation of the UPS. Thank you for choosing GE! While every care has been taken to ensure the completeness and accuracy of this manual, GE assumes no responsibility or liability for any losses or damages resulting from the use of the information contained in this document.

To lift the cabinets, use a forklift or lifting belts with spreader bars. Full voltage and current are always present at the battery terminals. The battery used in this system can provide dangerous voltages, extremely high currents and a risk of electric shock. The non-observance of the warnings reminding hazardous situations could result in human injury and equipment damages.


Control system SitePro is designed with microprocessor-controlled signal processing circuits. The interface between the operator and the unit is provided by the monitoring system on the front panel.

The rectifier, powered by the mains, supplies the inverter and the battery-charger keeps the battery fully charged.

The inverter converts the DC voltage in a new AC sine wave voltage with constant amplitude and frequency independently from the gf The Inverter will maintain continuous AC power to the Load until the Battery Voltage reaches the lower limit of the Inverter operation capability. When the control system detects a fault in the Inverter, an overload condition or a short-circuit condition, the Automatic Bypass will transfer the critical Load to the Mains sitepr interruption.

When the Inverter sitepr, or the overload or short-circuit condition is corrected, the Load will be automatically transferred back to the The outputs of parallel units are connected gw a common power bus, and in normal operation the units connected on the parallel bus share the Load equally. Not only the Inverters but also the Bypass functions are redundant. When one UPS needs maintenance or service, the Load is powered by the other units. The redundant communication bus to which all units are connected keeps each unit informed about the status of all the other units.

A parallel system with a Common Battery for two or more UPS, requires a particular installation and adequate setting sitwpro some parameters, accessible only through passwordand can therefore only be done by a qualified GE engineer. This product has been designed to respect the environment, using materials components respecting eco-design rules.

Pay attention to the centre of gravity. The UPS must be moved in upright position. In case of any damage sustained during transport, immediately inform the carrier and contact your local Service Centre.


SitePro UPS 400Vac / CE GE Consumer & Industrial August 2004.

A detailed report of the damage is necessary for any insurance claim. A damaged UPS must never be installed or connected to mains or battery!

If optional cabinets and accessories are included with the UPS, please refer to those accompanying manuals for installation and operating instructions.

It is important to have a clean, dust-free place provided with proper ventilation or air-conditioning to keep the ambient within the specified operating range. The UPS cabinet is free standing and normally does not require bolting to the floor.

In any case the cabinet basement is suitable to be floor fixed, when requested by local standards. In case of te system, try to place the UPS modules in sequence of their numbers marked on the packing. Cooling air enters the cabinets through the air inlet grids located at the bottom and exhausted through the outlet on the roof.

For parallel systems, the delivery also includes the bus control cables for inter- connecting the UPS modules. Packing material recycling GE, in compliance with environment protection, use only environmentally friendly material. UPS packing materials must be recycled in compliance with all applicable regulations.

Exceptions are only allowed to suit local prescriptions. Sizing of circuit breakers, fuses and cables for input mains, output load and battery siteprp meet the requirements of local and national electrical codes. The AC power supply can be powered either by bypass mains input standard version, suitable in most sirepro or rectifier mains input.

In cases where the UPS needs to be powered down for maintenance purposes, the critical load must also be powered down during this time. This operation must be performed by trained personnel before the initial start-up ensure that the Sltepro installation is completely powered down.

This installation must be verified by trained personnel before the initial start-up. Access to the control bus connection. The control bus connection between parallel units must be made on the front of the electronic module fitted behind the front door Fig. General alarm condition It blinks when one or more alarm is activated. The internal buzzer is ON.

May be reset by a service technician only. While in this mode the LCD will display a series of screens containing metering information. In this mode the buttons perform the following functions: Bypass Mains data screen This screen refers to the AC source supplying the bypass.

Status load screen This screen displays: Miscellaneous screen This screen displays: The events displayed are the standard GE events as described in the Section 7. The information displayed includes: The LCD will display a series of screens containing the user parameters, accessible without password protection.

The buttons perform the following functions: The third screen is displayed. During this mode the LCD will display a special editing screen for the parameter being edited. The screen contents during Edit mode is: This first parameter level in not protected by password, therefore the user can freely adapt these parameters to their needs.

The meaning of the user parameters and their use is described below buttons performance is described to Section 7. Telephone numbers m e te rin g Tel1: Tel1 en ab led: Tel2 en ab led: N p a ra m e te rs Tel1 This parameter specifies a first telephone number to be used for modem dial-out.


The telephone number has a maximum 39 characters and cannot contain blanks. Printer Set-up The UPS is capable of communicating to a serial printer, to printout disparate information.

Please be sure to have a serial printer, that is a printer with a serial RS interface. This is the only printer-interface supported by the UPS. Means that on d4 – Tuesday the SEM mode is active between Weekday – Saturday – Sunday – Monday – Tuesday An equivalent set of parameters for Example 4 is. Due to the limitation of the number of characters the viewing of various screens is implemented by scrolling.

Alarms and Messages are differently specified because the alarms are indicating an abnormal functioning of the UPS which are additionally signalled with the LED alarm and acoustically with the buzzerwhile the messages indicate the various states of operation of the UPS stored in the events list, but not activating the LED alarm and the buzzer.

Inverter output fuses blown F5, F6, F7. In order to make the diagnosis easier from our Diagnostic Centre we suggest you make a copy of this page, fill it out with the requested data and send it by fax Unit No.: These steps are not applicable for single units. Only open the front door, do not remove any panels. Ensure that the output load distribution can be powered and all the output isolators are open. Close the output switch Q1.

The UPS output terminals must be supplied by the mains power through the automatic bypass. Now the control panel should indicate a normal situation No alarms.

GE Digital Energy SitePro 400 VAC CESeries 7 Operating Manual

For parallel systems perform the following procedure on each unit, starting from unit no. Switch ON the mains voltage — As for the single version. Check for correct phase rotation — As for the single version. Close the input switch Q4 — As for the single version.

UPS system xitepro been turned OFF following the maintenance shut down procedure and the load is still powered by the maintenance switches Q2. The load must be transferred back to the UPS system. Open istepro front door and make sure that: The safety screens are fixed in their position. If not already supplied separate mains inputsswitch-ON the mains power to the rectifier input. The load is still powered by the other units supplying the parallel bus. This unit will be powered on and connected to the parallel bus in order to share the load with each other’s.

This symbol refers to the operations of a parallel system. The UPS system and the critical load have to be completely powered down.

Follow this procedure only in case the UPS system and the load must be completely powered-down. The load is powered by the unit s supplying the parallel bus. The UPS parallel system must be completely powered down.