INTRODUCTION: FRIEDRICH KITTLER’S LIGHT SHOWS John Durham Peters Optical Media may be Friedrich Kittler’s best book for the uniniti- ated. It is breezy . Optical Media provides an accessible introduction to the media theory of Kittler’s middle period as it applies primar¬ ily to the optical realm. (Kittler’s chief interest. Optical Media by Friedrich A. Kittler, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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To smell in imagination the fumes of sulfur and the stench of filth and corruption.

Friedrich Adolf Kittler was born in in Rochlitz in Saxony. Kittier is an altogether cooler and more ironic sort. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. That may be the reason why earlier historians’ attributed its invention to the same Renaissance researchers to whom the camera obscura can also be traced back.

Opfical begins by looking at European painting since the Renaissance in order to discern the principles according to which modern optical perception But this eye, which can still be seen today on any dollar bill, does not belong to any human, but father to God himself. Kittler June 12, — October 18, was a literary scholar and a media theorist. In modern language, such functions are transcendent: This clarifies the connection between perspective representation, the camera obscura, and Gutenberg technology.

Optical Media

Ignatius caught a glimpse of total hell through the art of meditation in his tiny cell in the cloister, and the Counter-Reformation of optical deception was under way, such simplicity was no longer enough.


Thus, the question was on the table as to which tools philosophers could actually employ. At some point, the eyes of the founder of the Order or the eyes of those students who, according to him, were supposed to endure his spiritual exercises surely came across the letters of a religious book and noted, for example, what was written about hell. I was astonished at the ingenuity of the idea.

The distance between the mirror and the other hand [holding the panel] was such that, counting small braccia for real braccia [i.

Full text of “Kittler, Friedrich A. Optical Media Berlin Lectures Polity ( )”

He is not interested in audiences or effects, resistance or hegemony, stars or genres; he spends no time on subcultures, postcoloniality, gender, race, sexuality, ethnicity, or class.

Then there is the question of gender. It was the unique medium that set other media free.

kithler Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of medai posts by email. Sola scriptura, sola fidei – solely from writing and solely from belief. Dato must have answered – no one knows vriedrich sure – that in spite of all the Gutenbergs of this world, cryptanalytic encoding, his own profession, unfortunately is and remains a lengthy process.

But there is still plenty left to discuss: Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. Clearly, Kittler scores better on some of these than others. And Kittler is a techno-determinist, right?

I will later return to this combination of painting and architecture, like the baroque trompe Poeil. That is all I will say about theater studies for the time being, but I will return to this topic when the introduction of new technical light sources comes up. Like all of the fortresses that Brunelleschi built as head engineer, the technically incredible dome that adorns the Santa Maria del Fiore, otherwise kittlee as Florence Cathedral, was based on precise mathematics.


He was going to paint an altar in apparent relief, and in order to get a correct enlargement of the small drawing he had, in the usual way, to put a net both over the sketch and over the surface on which the ,ittler was to be reproduced.

Writing should be understood in the expanded sense of inscription – a notion Kittler got equally from the French obsession with the practice of ecriture as from computer lingo about writable and readable storage. In other words, Alberti transferred the coldness of numbers to the sacred realm of everyday grammatical sense or semantics, 2. Only McLuhan, who was originally a literary critic, understood more about perception than electronics, and therefore he attempted to think about technology in terms of bodies instead of the other way around.

Friedrich Kittler

Scholars, like all people, measure others by their own size. But this also provides a transition to the third point to be dealt with today: That great apotheosis had to await the digital moment. What was the optical implementation of 6, 8, 14, or 36 Stations of the Cross about?

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