hi there, got some time to spend for another build(and because weather is really crap for the moment to attempt flying), jepe mig 29!! the plan. Like all Version 3 RCPowers planes they have been designed for a quick build. This plane is no exception. Very simple and straightforward. Just be careful as. shipping 1 Piece 4CH rc plane MIG electric remote control fighter jet toy planes kt foam rc airplane with LED fast ship Enjoy ✓Free Shipping Worldwide!.

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At W total power the EDF’s will be able to exceed that 3. I want to keep it under 3. The stock FlyFly gear mounting blocks are a bit of a joke!! I made up some 2. Luckily I had left the Wing Spar to ‘later’, so that now with the main gear retracting the opposite direction I could put the Wing Spar right after the retract unit, and sort of close to between the half chord point and the CofG point.

May 31, In the centre body they will only be cooled if the Mig is moving, which in most cases of EDF use it will be – it will just not be as good as inside the ducting for most situations. Though that occurring is almost impossible now really anyway. I can epoxy other separate pieces across to the rails to form that ‘link’ anwyay. So that they LAST, and continue to allow reliable operation of aircraft! I will add a wing spar of course! You can even just do nothing but accelerate down a runway and it will lift off without ever needing to MAKE it rotate!

But, maybe I will take-off from grass too I didn’t get those, and a few people have posted they didn’t get any either. I have tested the motors on 8S for reasonable lengths of run time there, and they were not overly hot after 20 seconds.

Where do you have the struts from?! I made a pair of 2.

May 11, As previously mentioned, the PU glue will expand and totally fill the Wing Spar hole and that will also make it all become ‘spar’ too. If that is not done then the long exposed retract pin section could bend far easier.


As per Mig No.

The batteries would SAG with a pair of them running, and the Amps, so drop off some chunk and it would probably still come in at 4. But i Think this is the price to pay to get this one not boring And don t worry buddy i have some pretty efficient eyes!! I set it up for the Trailing Link type, but the looks do irk me Originally Posted by gianni sanchez so Mar 10, Images View all Images in thread Views: Return to Foamy EDFs. The Hobbyking Trailing Link landing gear set has quite short main gear.

For 7S 1x 4S and 1x 3S the 4S battery needs to go up the front end. This position has the battery tray front end under it and without that being “solid” – like a full bulkhead – there is not that much support above the battery tray, which is also the Nose Gear mounting plate and thus it could push upwards on a harsh landing. I considered mounting the retract to store the nose wheel rearwards, as per the full scale actually does! This is to give far greater access into the nose area, for battery placement and RC stuff etc.

mig 29 jepe fast foam scale mods – RC Groups

Then roughened up and put epoxy onto the Wing Root to glue each Wing piece onto the Fuselage. What are the yello pices in the background?? For the Wing spar hole I used screwdrivers of larger and larger size to form the hole – which reached about 6mm diameter and 80mm depth – then onto an 8mm threaded rod to ‘drill’ out fully to the mm.

For the main gear all I needed to do was turn the retract unit around to face the other way, making new ‘locator key’ holes for the PZ retracts, and then opening out the retract motor end and oleo channel.

Take-offs will be bungee or hand-launch, depending on the final AUW. Originally Posted by gianni sanchez finally found myself a way to get stabs works nice and strong enough to avoid “flueting” don’t know the exact words for it i glued a carbon rod into de stab and slip it into a brass tube witch is at the perfect size to get a tight movement this brass tube is itself glues in the stock but drilled stab bracket some screw or washer will avoid the rod to slip out the tube don’t have more time to spend on this build for the moment but i will keep on foamg here’s pics.


So all in all I was happen with this new layout! Another FlyFly Mig Fulcrum kit??

This thread is privately moderated by PeterVRCwho may elect to delete unwanted replies. And wont last even one flight from a grass flying field! Originally Posted by gianni sanchez. So for this one, it is Tailerons only Sep 11, The pivot blocks also get the plywood plates screwed onto them, so that it is not just foam holding them in!

Mig Fulcrum – FlyFly Twin 90mm EDF jet No.2 – RC Groups

The EDF mounts will be a part of the fuselage rear ‘side rails’ plywood laminations for strength. Thus the whole rear end will be a very strong ‘sub-frame’ sort of end result. And in practical terms, the way FlyFly set up the gear storage directions makes a more useful longer wheelbase, and also miy-29 no change in CofG for gear down or up.

They could also be easily added any time in the future anyway, if it seemed necessary for more rigidity in the Wings. Mainly because operating off a grass field makes it much harder to ROG, plus very punishing on landing gear.

HobbyKing Mig 29 – Glue-N-Go Series – Foamboard Kit

Once that underside nose portion and foaym main fuselage is all glued together I will probably add another 20mm or so of battery tray, to allow even more CofG range adjustment.

After some pondering and calculating I worked out I could reverse both the main gear and the nose gear quite easily.

Nov 18, There is a bit more stuff to do and probably about g more in total weight to go, so maybe it will end up about 3.