The problem with these cures, the British novelist Kingsley Amis () wrote in his now-classic book “On Drink,” is that they deal only. Review: Everyday Drinking by Kingsley AmisThese recipes belong to a vanished world, in which you had to think hard as to how to get as much. ‘I don’t really like wine. Gin is for pansies, and liqueurs are best left to patent- shoed Wops’.

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He died in at the age of He was the author of more than 20 novels, including the classic Lucky Jim. It is an excellent heartener and sustainer at the outset of a hard day: My primary observation is that drinking makes the daily grind of frinking with people so much easier.

evfryday Spirits prevail over the stuff that might soften their impact, as illustrated by the Lucky Jim, which consists of 12 to 15 parts vodka to one part vermouth and two parts cucumber juice, and there is a drink for just about every ordeal that Kingsley’s ordeal-filled life could be expected to present.

The one downside to drinking is that it can make you fat. The famous hangover scene in Lucky Jim is complemented here by a philosophical chapter on the hangover that is one of the great English essays of our time.

There are a great many drinks on the market – spirits, wines and beers – and I’ve probably drunk them all. If found this to be the most entertaining and informative part of the book.

You can unsubscribe from newsletters at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in any newsletter. It will not console you for the loss, but it will teach you how to be rude about it, with that inimitable rudeness that Kingsley perfected and which was the breast-plate across a warm, vulnerable and thoroughly decent heart. Account Options Sign in. Kingsley dismisses the run-of-the-mill cures that you can find in any newspaper, since they omit ‘all that vast, vague, awful, shimmering metaphysical superstructure that makes a hangover a [fortunately] unique route to self-knowledge and self-realisation’.


Compartilhe seus pensamentos com outros clientes. If you are sufiiciently aware, according to Kingsley Amis, to remember aspirin before going to sleep, then you obviously weren’t having a good time.

Along with a series of well-tested recipes including a cocktail called the Lucky Jim the book includes Amis’s musings on The Hangover, The Boozing Man’s Diet, The Mean Sod’s Guide, and presumably as a matter of speculation How Not to Get Drunk-all leavened with fun quizzes on the making and drinking of alcohol all over the world.

Visualizar ou modificar seus pedidos em sua conta. Have I mentioned that I’m partial to a Macallan? That said, I have found ways of coping with this metaphysical malaise.

Wine occasionally gets a look in, but it is clear that Kingsley despised the stuff, as representing an alcohol-to-price ratio far below the horizon of a real drinker’s need.

You’ve read Lucky Jim, now try drinking it

Mixing practical know-how and hilarious opinionation, this is a delightful cocktail of wry humor and distilled knowledge, served by one of our great gimlet wits. The first part is a guide to various types of alcohol, cocktails, wine a beer. You will usually find that everyone quickly avoids you, thereby relieving you of the need to make conversation.

For information on how we process your data, read our Privacy Policy. The handy quiz at the end is especially informative but really hard to use with kindle: I once tried not drinking for several hours and my wives and mistresses said how dull it was that I was conscious and they were spared removing my soiled trousers from my bloated legs.

My own sainted mother once worked her own way around “The Wine Problem,” when she realized that one of her guests A Wine Snob would drink only red wines — and, thirty minutes before dinner — she had only white wines. Usually in some kind of combination with one another.


You drink a pint of whisky and become the life and soul of the party. My advice is to offer them the cheapest tipple you can dixtilled my local off-licence does a ghastly Mosel at 70p a bottle. Topics Kingsley Amis The Observer.

This is pretty repetitive, a carelessly selected assortment of periodical pieces. Kingsley Amis did a stint as a Communist as a young man and with age matured into a faux Colonel Blimp. Not that I am an alcoholic. Fisher would be nodding her head from A Better World. Here is the beloved, bestselling compendium of Kingsley Amis’s wisdom on the cherished subject of drinking.

Mixing cocktails is one of my favourite hobbies. Experience Vintage International English Edition. And if you are seeking a requiem for the pub culture and all that it meant, then this is the book for you. Kingsley Amis was one of the great masters of comic prose, and no subject was dearer to him than the art and practice of imbibing.

Everyday Drinking Quotes by Kingsley Amis

And, for my two cents, he is funniest when he returns again and again to “The Kingley Problem. Anything by Kingsley Amis is entertaining and worth reading. Formas de pagamento aceitas: Here is the beloved, bestselling compendium of Kingsley Amis’s wisdom on the cherished subject of drinking. To the violence distille the brewers, however, has been added that of the politicians, who have banned the activity – smoking – that brought people from their homes of an evening, and which both conserved and overcame their shyness.

This new volume brings together the best of his three out-of-print works on the subject: Or would you enjoy your dinner much much more if it were accompanied by beer?