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OUTPUT Control,Alarm or Logic Output. Universal Process Input. 0 to 50 mV Z. 0 to 20 mA Z. 0 to 10 V Z. Pt CAT II. Y c. ESM MODULE – 2. NC. is done with it ‘s selectable ON-OFF, P, PI, PD, PID,. AutoTune and Self Tune PID properties. ESM, ESM ESM, ESM ESM eng esm 02 v04 07_14_ Home; eng esm 02 v04 07_14_ Anterior. eng esm 02 v04 07_14_

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It is your responsibility if this equipment is used in a manner not specified in this instruction manual. This parameter is visible if one of the analogue input modules is plugged in Module-2 socket Alarm on delay time 0, Seconds It is active if logic output function of Module-1 is an alarm output Alarm off delay time 0, Seconds Alarm off delay time. In multi point display adjustment operation, defined scale is divided into 16 adjustment points.

The unit normal to return to work, the device energy cut-off and Analog Input one of the modules must be removed. Use a cloth dampened in ethyl alcohol or water to clean the external plastic case.

When tune operation finishes, it can be changed by the device. Motorized valve runs with cooling PID function.

eng esm 02 v04 07_14_ – Disai Automatic Systems

It can be changed according to analogue input type and scale. When in top display and in bottom display are seen, if user presses SET button without entering Password For observing the parameters: TC input type selection. Defines maximum value for selectable dual point calibration. During the equipment is putted in hole on the metal panel while mechanical installation some metal burrs can cause injury on hands, you must be careful. If you have any of these parameters is observed While the motor is completely off the valve fully open While the fully open or fully closed for the pass time required.


If the condition is not true, integral value is not calculated and last calculated integral value is used. Do not do the montage of the device with inappropriate fixing clamps. New control output 49500 is measured in automatic control is applied to process output.

Maximum process input value in Pt and Tc inputs. Defines minimum value for selectable dual point calibration.

Configuration of digital input in Module-1 socket. If this parameter 0. Emko Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret A. Configuration of analogue output module in odule-1 It is active if output function of Module-1 is heating or cooling. The unit is normally supplied without a power switch or a fuse. Warranty EMKO Elektronik warrants that 495 equipment delivered is free from defects in material and workmanship.

If the mounting clamps are on the unit, put out them before inserting the unit to the panel.

Real time is stopped Motorized valve control is deactive Motorized valve runs with heating PID function. Please refer to Table-1 for selection of input type and scala. This parameter is visible if point position and unit parameters are same for process input and analogue input module. Sensor Set Point Low Limit.


This warranty is in force if duty and responsibilities which are determined in warranty document and instruction manual performs by the customer completely.

Process Control Devices

It is active if process input of Module-1 is TC input. In normal operation, it controls the dsm conditions in Auto Tune selection which explained below.

This parameter is used for shifting the proportional band. Process output value in manual control is not taken into consideration while passing from manual control to automatic control. User defined process set value is not considered Current transfer ratio for Module This value is added to the process value.

Emko Elektronik

It can be adjusted from 1 to Be sure to use the rated power supply voltage to protect the unit against damage and to prevent failure. Sensor connection is wrong or there is no sensor connection. Display adjustment low point value is fixed todisplay adjustment high point value is fixed to It means alarm latching output is selected. It determines logic output function of Output Alarm off delay time 0, Seconds When the value is thanis seen on the display. If heating and cooling PID control functions operate together, this parameter is not considered.