Nur zu, mein Lieber! Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. Dazu bräuchte man links etwas mehr Fleisch. Erwin Puts, the author of Leica Lens Compendium book and TAO of Leica web- site allowed us to convert his book to html format and publish it on the. Leica Lens Saga. Limited Edition of pc! By Erwin Puts. evolution – optical design – evaaluation – future. Berek´s Legacy: the 50 mm lens for Leica.

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By jaapvAugust 19, in Customer Forum. Companies that work for other companies or for consumers need trust as a basis for transactions. Now that many companies are no longer trusted software to manipulate luts, sweatshops for cheap clothing, and so puhs and critical reviews and investigations are difficult to access, this topic is more important than ever.

The actual Leica company is no exception. In the past, it was an engineer-driven company and the information about its products was reliable and could be checked.

;uts by outsiders was taken seriously and even invited to make a better product. Most information was not readily and publicly available, but it was possible to access the responsible person within the company. This attitude has changed since the company has become product- and market-driven. Insightful technical information is hardly available and the marketing department does its best to generate confusion.

Every new sensor is claimed to have optimized shapes for the lenslets, but there is no technical information about the exact shape and its impact on the final image quality. The actual reliance on the reports by field testers for some of the practical consequences of the newly introduced technology is not sufficient as most reviewers do not use measurements to support their claims but only visual comparisons. We know how unreliable the human visual perception is: The M10 uses compression software to reduce the size of the files in order to increase the storage capacity of the buffer.

But there is no information about the type and quality of the software. The SL is assumed to have a very fast AF, but one needs numerical information to be sure that this claim is substantiated.

The fact that field and magazine testers say that the AF is very fast is not good enough for the inquiring mind who needs to base conclusions of facts. Every other product in the photographic market has leida claims. In the past putz Leitz technical bulletins were reliable sources of information and could be used for decision making. Now we have only diffuse marketing speak. This is of course the trend of the day and not different from what is available from other companies.


Leica buyers who pay a premium price, should be entitled to receive all technical information available, that helps to understand why Leica is what is claims to be.

My M10 is vastly better than my M I don’t really know why or how, but it is.

Erwin Puts disenchanted – Customer Forum – Leica Forum

I generally try to avoid ‘paralysis by analysis’. Erwin’s complaint crosses most industries these days. The industrial company I started with in was family-owned, and nearly all management came up through Engineering, and most employees worked there their entire careers. Their products were known to be always reliable and had top tech information available. They were sold to a large corporation a few months after I started, then sold again in the s to a larger holding company.

Pus were told they should consider themselves as contractors, and the company had no obligation to keep them on after a project was finished. Now it’s “chase the market” – and usually behind it. Did Leica say that the new versions of the Summarit-M lenses were fully redesigned? Looking into the announcement of the new Srwin in the Blog of this Forum I read the clear statement that there was no new optical design – information given at the very beginning, and I don’t think that the Blog had some secret sources which were hidden from Mr.

When he mentioned the new versions in his own blog, he also did not hint that there was a new optical design. When he talks about the good old times, he mentiones that “most information was not readily and publicly available”, but that it “was possible to access the responsible person within the company.

Does he rant against Leica, or just against some outs there who became shy of his writing style mixing up “philosophy” with unreliable details? Given the advances in manufacturing processes, glass composition and coating it is likely infeasible to replicate the original lenses; the Summarit-M is improved by necessary cost-effective manufacturing.

This article also appears as his latest blog post, and is only one of a series of articles expressing his dissatisfaction not just with the company, but most of its digital products He dislikes most everything except the film cameras. Funny that not long before this leiac vibe, he was commenting that lens reviews were becoming mostly repetitive and unnecessary, since quality was so consistently high and that distinctions were erwkn.

It seems that his Leica relationships have soured, and that perhaps affected his opinions about a broader range of issues.

Free Resources for Leica Fans

And to simplify things – “can Leica be trusted? Was Rolls-Royce untrustworthy in the time that the number of horsepower was given as: His complaint srwin most reviewers rely on ‘only visual comparisons’ is leicq as to where he’s coming from. If your primary interest in a camera or lens is photographic, then why would you care about anything other than the visually verifiable?


The numbers are irrelevant. So am I, with all sorts of things. My telly and hi-fi amplifiers not the one I built myself are riddled with crappy soldering and cheap components. Marilyn can’t get decently made clothes for any money. The electric kettle never worked properly and had to go purs. Clearly the whole world is falling apart. I’m using his book to learn about Leitz lenses. Giant and fundamental work with easy to understand descriptions and not so much technicalities.

Leiica never seen lens booklet with optical and build schema before. It is very open approach. Yes, where are some companies which tells how fast AF is in numbers. Yet, in real world situation, those numbers are something which exist only on paper. Sure, were are manufacturers with pages dedicated for some technicalities about sensor, yet, it has nothing to do with image taking in the real world.

Leica Lens Saga – Erwin Puts [PUTLENS]

I like Leica marketing approach. On their web site most of lenses and cameras are described with very primitive, yet, working in terms of sales words. leicq

What is the point of dumping all of the numbers and details if majority of Leica customers are not into it? From what I read here or at any forum with modern Leica users it is not what most of us are after with Leica. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

Sign up for a new account in our community. Already have an account? Customer Forum Search In. Posted August 19, On Facebook Can Leica be trusted? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Definitely a case for the application of the ‘need to know principle’. The thread title says it all.

I retired after 40 years – with relief. Posted August 19, edited. In his complaint Mr. Puts implies that Leica said something which just is not true: Edited August 19, by UliWer. Posted August 20, edited.

Jeff Edited August 20, by Jeff S. Posted August 20, When the original question s a non-sequitur, the subsequent argument fails. Edited August 20, by almoore. I would recommend to EP that he does what I do, and start enjoying being a grumpy old man. If need to know about lens on camera, I read users review.

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