The Treasure of the Sierra Madre is a American dramatic adventurous neo- western written and directed by John Huston. It is an adaptation of B. Traven’s. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. LibraryThing Review. User Review – stef7sa – LibraryThing. Dont expect too much of psychology here, its mainly an adventure tale, or rather a series of those.

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Curtin is forced to remain awake at night to fend off an assault by Dobbs.

The movie has been one of favorites for many years, but I never read the book. During the shooting of the entire film, John Huston pulled pranks on Bennett, Bedoya along with Bogart and Bogart himself.

They cannot fathom that it could be a fortune in placer gold. The name refers mare Major Frank Burns, who requests a transfer after repeated abuse by Hawkeye and Trapper.

El tesoro de la sierra madre / The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

She reopens the mine, and makes generous donations to sierrra Church so as to insure they do not molest the operations.

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre film. Dobbs insults the boy, but finally consents to risk his last 20 centavos on the drawing.

Passing through a tiny village, they are detained by Mexican officials. Vincent Sherman was all set to direct a version of the story during the WWII years taven his script fell foul of the Motion Picture Production Code for being derogatory towards Mexicans.

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Worth reading if you aren’t expecting a real adventure story. Exhausted, he finally slips into sleep. I finally got around to reading Treasure. In local inhabitants launch a revolt, sierta the Spanish officials presiding over the slave laborers.

Miguel, the leader of the gang, quickly dispatches Dobbs with a machete. Tilton was one of a man expedition to the legendary mine, and the only one who survived taven carry away a sizeable fortune.

Another issue with the novel is Traven’s anti-clerical and anti-capitalist attitudes tend to crash in at times. Paperbackpages.

Traven was travsn a German then English would not have been his first language. John Huston and Blanke led him to believe that the film would be an easy picture to make and that they would be in and out of Mexico in a matter of weeks. Trivia About The Treasure of t This story line is exceptional.

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre by B. Traven

Bogart only knew two Spanish words, “Dos Equis”, a Mexican beer. In a number of violent confrontations, they pull their pistols and come close to shooting each other over trifles.

Despite possessing this fortune, she determines to amass enough to become the richest woman on Earth. The crews work hour shifts, seven days a week for the duration of the project and no overtime pay.


Aguila Bravo is good for his word. She cleverly poses as a madwoman who seeks atonement through hard work, rather than a besieged member of the discredited elites. Driven by entrepreneurial self-interest, Dobbs and Curtin work to the limits of their endurance.

Howard quietly takes the measure of Dobbs with a long look, then returns to his sermon. Traven initially disagreed with Huston’s decision to cast his father, Walter Hustonas Howard.

She assaults the bewildered mutineers, and they submit to her authority. Warner Bros’ publicity travdn released a statement that Humphrey Bogart was “disappointed the scene couldn’t be shown in all its graphic glory. However, if the mysterious Mr.

The mine proves to be rich in silver, less so in gold. With many oil fields beginning to shut down operation in Mexico and relocate to other countries, the two men are impelled to partner with Howard to seek gold.

What if you do? And here the faithless are made to suffer their faults with a finality few could fathom, let alone endure. Director Stanley Kubrick listed The Treasure of the Sierra Madre fesoro his 4th favorite film of all time in a edition of Cinema magazine.