Read the latest magazines about and discover magazines on soluciones casi automorficas de ecuaciones diferenciales y en. El objetivo de este seminario es divulgar periódicamente resultados de investigación en esta área y áreas afines. + operadores diferenciales de orden l > 1(transformación de Crum-Darboux). .. soluciones multi-paramétricas para diversas ecuaciones diferenciales no.

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We show the variational principle for topological pressure. This is the consequence of a result by M.

How does the determinantal property behave under conditioning? Natural examples arise from probability, geometry, quantum physics, phase transition theory and crystal dislocation dynamics. We will show that a new type of Hamilton-Jacobi equation, with constraints, naturally describes this asymptotic.

However, models studied in statistical physics obey to strong dynamical constraints and there is still hope to include them into a sub-class of subshifts of finite type for which the entropy is uniformly computable this means that there is an algorithm which can provide arbitrarily precise approximations of the entropy, provided the precision and the local rules of the subshift.

We will explain how topological emergence is bounded from above in terms of the dimension of the ambient space. They are diferencialse involved in statistical physics in the study of so-called lattice models. Determinantal point processes arise in a wide range of problems. Multidimensional subshifts of finite type are discrete dynamical systems as a set of colorings of dcuaciones infinite regular grid with elements of ecuaviones finite set A together with the shift action.


I’ll also present examples of dynamical systems where this bound is essentially attained. The difficulty is to evaluate the weight and position of the moving Dirac mass es that desribe the population.


We will talk about its properties such as convexity, continuity and discontinuity and mention its realization and finiteness properties. An automorphism is an homeomorphism of the space commuting with the shift map. This course is based on collaborations with G.

It consists of the implementation of Ecuacionds machines in hierarchical structures that emerge from the local rules. We will motivate this problem, and discuss what is new: Topological entropy is a way of quantifying the complexity of a dynamical system.

Joint work with Emmanuel Breuillard. For non-compact situations, the existence of equilibrium measures has been successfully studied over the last years. This is a joint work with Anibal Velozo. KAM theory reveals that non-ergodicity is somewhat typical among conservative dynamical systems, and metric emergence provides a way of measuring the complexity of the KAM picture.

A strategy to understand the limit between the general regime where Hochman and Meyerovitch’s result holds and this restricted block gluing class is diferencialex quantify this property. Moreover, regularity properties of the pressure map have been established in recent works by G.

This is joint work with Henk Bruin and Dalia Terhesiu. This is a joint work with A. This is joint work with Ian Morris from the University of Surrey. We will then consider the general case, where, in joint work with Yanqi Qiu and Alexander Shamov, ecuacionew is given of the Lyons-Peres conjecture on completeness of random diferenciiales.


Bifurcation analysis for a logistic elliptic problem having nonlinear boundary conditions with sign-definite weight Abstract: The set of colorings is defined by forbidding a finite set of patterns all over the grid also called local rules.


Finally, we will make connections with random products of matrices. En esta charla nos interesamos en estudiar conos que pueden ser descritos por un lenguaje regular i. Darwin, of population growth, selection and mutations. In these circumstances, is it possible to describe the dynamical evolution of the current trait? The aim of this talk would be, after a presentation of the problem, to give an insight on the obstacles to this property in the initial construction of Hochman and Meyerovitch, using a construction slightly simpler to present, and on the methods used to overcome the obstacles.

The ‘statistics’ of a dynamical system is the collection of statistical limit laws it satisfies. Although it is known that it is possible to compute the entropy of one-dimensional version of these models by computing the greatest eigenvalue of a matrix which derives from the description of the subshift, this is not possible for multidimensional subshifts. Enrico Valdinoci Weierstrass Institute Title: