Each day of Christmas corresponds to a plane of Eberron. the thirteenth day cannot reach the material plane because it is torn asunder as it. Siberys, Eberron, and Khyber, the first and greatest of dragonkind, ruled At last Khyber emerged victorious: Siberys was torn asunder, her. [Eberron] War-Torn novel submission update (but no answer yet). Quoted from a post on Heard from Your Submission to Torn Asunder? By AnthonyRoberson.

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Woe is the world! How dark the following days will be, as impenetrable walls of lifeless stone reaches forth murky hands to block the sweet, comforting rays of the sun.

This event that has transpired against us is horrific in eberorn scope, tragic in its reach, and dreadful in its execution. Let all who will hear my tale know that times of trial are upon us. As there are 3 Dragonshards on House Phiarlan by Keith Baker himself, I direct people to those for their information first. Brother against sister, parent against child, lovers turned forever into bitter foes.

Heart-wrenching drama beyond the imagination of storytellers. That is what it means to be a member of the Shadow Houses. Born from an organization older than civilized Khorvaire itself, something that survived the war of giants, displacement to a foreign land, and the extermination of those similar, it was brought low not by dangers from without, but by betrayal from within. There are no fence-sitters in this split.

Some are still stunned at the events that happened –to an elf’s mind– mere moments ebberron. But once the shock wears off, a family member must belong to one House or the other. No one outside the Houses really understands the reasons behind the split. While the Houses hurt, they still have asuhder to run.

New opportunities and darning innovative ways of expression have been ebetron from this tearing. Each House uses the success of its asunnder endeavours as a weapon to bloodlessly strike back at those kinfolk who chose a different path.

A Guild enclave asundrr a place of beauty. There are many examples of different pieces of art scattered around, with paintings, sculptures, fragrances, tapestries, decorative plants, contortionists, and the sound of songs filling rooms, halls, and chambers. With architecture another venue for artistic expression, it seems as tofn no two Guild buildings are ever the same. To enter such an enclave is to engage in a wondrous exploration of the senses.

These are places that exemplify the very best life has to offer. While such beauty exists in these enclaves, most also have darker areas asunrer behind secret compartments and magics. Not every enclave need have a wing filled with mystery and death, but many do.

The House behind each Guild themselves maintain exclusive estates and private enclaves for members ebrrron the House alone. While these are places of relaxation and aristocratic life, they also include many secret places the elves keep hidden from outside eyes.

Many rumours exist about a darker nature to the elves, and some ask why a family of artists use something called the Mark of Shadow? To answer this, the elves quote a great actor of their dberron who, in the ages even before Dargonmarks appeared stated:. Be it a novel, a sculpture, or a character in a play. To truly make something is to strive become it. But we are elves; not ink, not stone, not another person.

We can not freely become that which we emulate or create. But, with skill and determination, we can asknder a reflection of that thing we seek.

Both Houses primarily are entertainment establishments. Plays, songs, novels, paintings, sculpture, interior decoration, aroma exploration; there is no artistic endeavour that the Shadow Houses do not attempt. Some heirs are known throughout the lands, their followers legion; others are simple minstrels asunver painters, singing or sketching for their next desperately needed copper piece. Persons of any race can become members: Although that can be harder than expected if the recruiter holds certain biases.


Changelings are well represented, as are asuncer, elves, half-elves and halflings. Those few warforged and shifters in the Guilds are unique individuals indeed. Painters, singers, musicians, and writers are common, but the Guild and Network also have specialists that include debaters, illusionists, hair stylists, contortionists, enchanters, decorative fletchers, and professional escorts.

Anything that someone can consider an art form has a place in the Guilds, although some fields are relatively limited. A painter can be found in every Guild and Network enclave, but you may have to travel far to find that one specialist who can acid-etch an adamantine weapon without damaging it. As Thuranni is an offshoot of Phiarlan, both have many similarities in the way they do business.

Both maintain a number of smaller artistic guilds and troupes that operate under the auspices of the main Guilds, and it is possible to have a connection to the Guild or Network without even being a member. Talented individuals can receive coaching and assistance from the Guild or Network, but the elves do expect you to earn your own way.

So artists are expected to find paying customers —or better yet, a patron— as soon as possible.

Eberron Creation Mythology – D&Dee2

Many artists are travellers, moving from town to town trying to impress the right people to get noticed. Some move in packs, the Carnival of Shadows run by Phiarlan being the most recognized example. Border guards are often disdainful of allowing foreign artists in, so many attempt to sneak across borders to find new audiences appreciative to their misunderstood works.

Advancing in the Guild or Network is both a matter of performance power and political ability. A talented playwright or masseuse or even a potter can become a guild master just as easily as a famous actor.

It all depends on how good the person is in their respective field, and how well they meet the goals of the House behind the guild. Both Phiarlan and Thuranni are quite pragmatic. If an outsider is an asset to the Guild or Network, he or she can rise high in the entertainment business the Houses run.

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It is only the quieter roles the Houses are involved torm that have much more selective entry requirements. The two Houses share many similar business practices, but differ mainly in their choice of artistic expressions. Phiarlan is the older House, and generally more pedestrian in the works done by the Artisans and Entertainers Guild. Some feel that since the split, this Guild does not have the same fire in their art as they once did.

Still, Phiarlan has millennia of experience and inspiration to draw upon, so they should not be counted out. And sometimes just plain weird.

[Eberron] War-Torn novel submission update (but no answer yet)

Their works are often bold, innovative, and many times controversial. An year old venerable changeling, Ellegerno specializes in using dominate person, enthral, and his suggestion abilities to get audience members to experience things in life they would never willingly do normally. If an audience member has a secret crush on someone, Ellegerno will uncover this, dominate the shy individual, and force them to tell the object of their affection.

Another who is afraid of heights is told under suggestion to get onto an airship and stand at the prow with arms spread wide. Ellegerno says that breaking people from their routines, getting them to face their limiting fears and truly experience life is what being an artist is all about.

While some complain about the morality of his act, none can deny the staggering rush of emotions that his audiences experience. Experts make up most of the staff in the Guild and Network. Well respected artists often pick up levels in aristocrat once they are recognized by high society. Skills concentrate on craft or perform depending on the artist in question. Most are subtlety encouraged to develop gather information as well and pass along interesting morsels of infomation to certain people in the organization.


Feat selection will include relevant skill focuses, as well as any non-combat ones run, agile, diligent, etc. Bards, rogues, illusionists, and enchanters make up the majority of the limited PC classes in the Guild and Network.

Even their Dragonmarks can be used in the service of the artist, although actors will probably get the most service out of them. Minor image and disguise self have use beyond measure to the actor. It is rumoured that some elves, through concentration, can control the amount of darkness produced, to create a range of moods with just the light from a single torch.

The lesser, greater and Siberys Marks of Shadow are less likely to be used for purely artistic purposes, and heirs who develop them are generally nudged into the more secretive businesses of the House. Still, there are some who use their shadow conjuration to entertain or create a spare set of hands, and a few well known actors specialize in starting a play, then activate their mislead Dragonmark ability and sit down behind the curtain while they direct their illusionary double to carry out their role.


The public Guild and Network bring in most of the money in House coffers, and it is possible that every Shadow Marked elf you met during your life may indeed be nothing more than an entertainer. But there is a asujder large gulf between House eberton guild for the elves. Being an artist asunderr a poet is a job, experiencing the vastness and richness that life has to offer; being a Phiarlan or a Thuranni is who you are, someone who knows that secrets and power support much adunder this world.

Both Houses use their guilds as cover for their sneaker activities. The guilds are for the arts, the Houses are for gathering information. A spy or assassin can enter town as part of an acting troupe, complete their assignment, and leave as the troupe moves on. A scryer can use the mansion of a famous poet as a base of operations to cast their spells from safety. And not to be forgotten, the star power of a famous artist can get people in places otherwise impenetrable.

When that hot elven actress wants a word with zsunder people would be surprised how often that opens arcane locked doors. Along with the magical spying, the two Houses do a lot of footwork. This darker business is the job of the Houses themselves. A lot of false information about the rorn House exists out there, mostly gossip. So who knows that the Shadow Asundee are doing more than just supporting artists? The rich, the powerful, the influential. Those who have their own intelligence organizations learn through them that there are silent players working the shadows; very talented players.

The elves prefer to work for powerful groups, as these are more likely to offer repeat business and maintain a certain level of decorum. At what level someone becomes a player worthy of Shadow House acknowledgement is left up to the DM, but a good rule of thumb is that the Shadow Houses only work for those they have enough information on to feel comfortable dealing with.

While the Houses work mostly with information, on occasion they also use that information to plan some kind of definitive action.

On a mission, a House strike team will only attack when they eberrkn they have the upper hand. As they are descended from people who fought giants, these elves firmly believe that victory, not honour, is what matters. If surprised or encountering unexpected opposition, the strike force will flee. Only under special circumstances will they stand their ground.