Ghostwalk contains everything needed to run a stand-alone campaign in and around the city of Manifest, or to integrate it into an existing world, including rules . I bought Ghostwalk when it came out and fell in love, but I’ve never been able to convince any of my gaming groups to let me run it and. Ghostwalk is setting and rules book written by Monte Cook and I in The long-awaited update that brings the book up to D&D and includes the map of .

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And who are these guys?

The scope of the setting covers a far smaller region than most settings, mostly due to the fact that it was designed to be dropped into any DM’s campaign rather than being a full-fledged ghotswalk all on its own. Submit a new text post. There are a few gems in the magic items. Now it is ruled by a council of vampires and its “inhabitants” are almost exclusively evil undead, with a few human slaves kept around for sport and sacrifice.

Is Ghostwalk any good? – Page 2

Once a simple camp established amidst the woods of the Elvish dead, ghostwslk as the Spirit Wood, it has become a thriving metropolis built on the trade of the Ghostwalk. These lead to the realm of the Deathwarden Dwarves who guard the Veil of Souls, the gate between the worlds of life and death. Archived from the original on April 15, Once you get past that, it’s pretty neat.


Whether currently living or dead, residents and visitors are assured of an eternity of action and intrigue. Monday, 9th June, Reynolds, Ghostwalk adds some interesting new concepts and classes to the standard Third Edition roster, while complicating things by allowing the transfer of levels between ghost and living states of being.

Xaphan was once a human kingdom set on a small archipelago just off the coast of the Hikirian Peninsula. Also included are a number of short adventures that take place in and around the city.

The Comprehensive Druid Handbook.

I keep forgetting it was the very last 3. You’ll need to update the rules for 5e No way man, 3.

Incorporeality is fantastic for a PC caster. Yeah, according to Sean K Reynolds it was the very last book published for 3. Wizards of the Coast. The primary thostwalk of Xaphan is slaves, and its primary export is undead.

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Here’s where the book can come into conflict with existing campaigns. Text and images are copyrighted by the original publisher. Want to add to the discussion? Dark Sun Dark Sun: Beyond the Well of Souls, in what is known as the True Afterlife, the spirits of the dead live a hollow existence reminiscent of their past lives. WotC had actually canceled the project, but two other companies had offered to buy it gjostwalk they published it.


This breaks my heart. You can create witchlight, a harmless faint light, on yourself Where’d they find these guys? Awesome avatar by Iron Penguin! Errors The following errors occurred gohstwalk your submission.


Is Ghostwalk any good? Additionally, I never got a complete sense of what a “ghost” character’s properties were until I looked at the ghost template in the monster section. This page was last modified on 29 Augustat Most apps include their own filtering systems.